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February 22
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Tonight, one person in one night could win a million dollars if they know when... the Price is Right!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Drew Carey
Models: Lanisha Cole, Phire Dawson, Amber Lancaster, Tamiko Nash, Rachel Reynolds, Brandi Sherwood, Gabrielle Tuite
Announcer: Rich Fields
Creator: Bob Stewart (based upon "The Price Is Right")
EP: Syd Vinnedge
Packagers: Price Is Right Productions for FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Fridays at 8p ET on CBS
Origin: Bob Barker Studio, CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA

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Episode 2-8
May 7

The game is on again, as nine players from this Bob Barker Studio audience have TWO shots at $1 million... Let's call our first four...
Those are Lindsay Dykstra, Jeremy Carroll, Dewey Creighton,  and Brenda Moss Klepton. Their first item... a trip to Puerto Vallarta.
Brenda Dewey Jeremy Lindsay
$3901 $2800 $3600 $3000

Actual price: $4100. Brenda from just up the road in Angier, NC gets to play for THREE Mini Coopers in One Wrong Price...

Mini Cooper Hatchback - $17,051
Mini Cooper S Convertible - $27,800
Mini Cooper S Clubman Wagon - $33,600
One of those is wrong. She goes with the Convertible... $27,800. Ouch. Should've gone with the Hatchback, it's $20,750. And the kicker is... she had it.
Next up to play is Rita Roseman. Next up for bidding is a fridge/freezer.
Rita Dewey Jeremy Lindsay
$2400 $2600 $2479 $2601
Actual price: $5065. Lindsay wins it and a shot at $100,000 in PLINKO!
... or maybe ten times that. Plinko is tonight's MILLION DOLLAR GAME! Which means that three down the middle, and Drew gets the break out the Golden Plinko chip.
With chips from Drew, a $39 popcorn maker, a $20 car wash kit, an $82 buffet range, and a $12 Space Bag, she wins... $41,000. No million, but a lot of money nonetheless.
We play on with Christopher Goper and an HDTV.
Rita Dewey Jeremy Christopher
$4600 $3800 $3900 $2800
Actual price... $4298, and Jeremy plays for a Lincoln MKZ in Pocket Change.
The numbers: 1 2 3 5 7 9. We get rid of the 3 right away, because that's the first number. It's a 3. Next number is not 2 or 7, but it's 5. Next number's not 9 or 7.... it's 2. Then the 7 and 9. So we have a price on the car of $35,279. The cost on TPIR tonight is... $1.25. Four mistakes. He's got a quarter... a nickel... a dime... bupkiss... and another dime. That's 50c, and he's about three quarters short. Darn.
If you like TPIR now, you'll love TPIR in the morning. And if you love that... well, I can't guarantee anything about Password, only that it airs in a couple of weeks and we'll have it here.
Lindsay gets the first spot in the Showcase. Will Vance Sewell join her? It should be noted, though, that Vance is deaf, so he has an interpreter in Amber helping out (not the model, another player). He starts action with a bed and sleep set.
Rita Dewey Vance Christopher
$4500 $1 $5600 $5100
Actual price: 4897. Rita gets the five number Pushover for a pair of motorcycles. The lineup...
9 8 0 1 3 7 9 8 3.
The push is just to $13,798... Winner!
Next up is Megan Boyd and a shuffleboard arcade game.
Megan Dewey Vance Christopher
$2100 $4200 $3100 $3101
Price: $3895. Winner.. Christopher. He gets to play for some small electrics... or a Ford Expedition... or up to 1000... pennies (okay, maybe up to 987). The game is any number.
SUV: $3 - - - -
Appliances: $- - -
Piggy Bank: $-.- -
First number is 3. The 7... Appliances. The 6... SUV. The 2... Pig. The 5... Appliances. The 9... SUV! The 4... Pig. The 0... Pig. He wins $4.02 on a Million Dollar show.
Last chance for Dewey to get on stage, but he'll have to get through Raymond Hunt and a couple of exercise bikes. One's a spinner. The other's just a recumbent.
Megan Dewey Vance Raymond
$3200 $3800 $3100 $1357
Actual price: $3644. Winner... Megan. She gets to Pick-a-Pair for a party boat. The products:
Midol caplets
Pompeiian olive oil
CLR bath/kitchen cleaner
Spike Santa Fe salsa con queso
Old Spice High Endurance deodorant
Citracal Petites
First, the salsa... $2.99. The deodorant... $4.19. She keeps the salsa and goes with the cleaner... $4.19. Should've kept the deodorant.
Christopher makes it to the Showcase...
... but Lindsay's your top winner.  Remember: the magic number is 500.

First up, the country girl meets the city girl and gets an evening gown, a 14k white gold bracelet, a handbag, a CD jukebox, and a Chevrolet Corvette. Top winner Lindsay bids $72,000.

Now the city girl is taken back to the country, where she gets a riding lawn mower, four Stetson hats, a home theatre system, a dining room with dinnerware, and a motorhome. Christopher bids $58,000.
Actual price of Christopher's Showcase... $77,727, a difference of $19,727. Actual price of Lindsay's Showcase... $74,415. She wins with a difference of $2415! She takes home $120,633!
We're still looking for the next millionaire, though. Will it come next week? Stay tuned, America...
Record today: 2-4
Record this week: 9-15
Record this season: 405-451-15
Total today: $202,477
Total this week: $385,646
Total this season: $13,603,988
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 3/5
DSWs/DOBs: 8/10
$1,000,000 Winners: 3