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Today is

"The Lost Million Dollar Spectacular" - February 14

Alrighty.  This Million Dollar Spectacular has been HELD OVER since they all taped last March.  The first two aired last April.  Let's see if this one was worth the wait.

Wesley Santos, Nicole Holmes, Katelyn Campbell, and Anthony Hawkley make the First Four cut on this night.  They take their first shot at a 52" DLP rear projection TV.  Katelyn walks away with this $3499 prize, and has a shot at a Triple Play.  Her first car: a Chrysler Sebring sedan.  $18,105 or $26,991?  The wide discrepancy doesn't fool her, and she goes with the low end.  She gets her first YES (ARP: $20,265).  Her second car: a Ford Explorer XLT 4x2.  Three choices this time: $25,620 or $30,150 or $34,950.  She initially picks $34,950 but is swayed one up by the audience.  Do we get a YES?  NO.  ARP: $35,615 and she should have stayed with her first option.  The third car, a lovely orange convertible, goes back to the garage.

Next, Tyrone Fulton captures a Howard Miller Trieste floor clock, valued at $4555.  His game: the $100,000 Plinko event!  He sweeps thru all four swag prizes (a $90 jukebox CD player, a $39 rechargeable shaver, a $50 Hummer bank, and a $35 desktop skeeball game) to get all five chips.  Hitting each $500 with his first two, he managed to split the difference and hit the big $20,000 with his third.  His final two go for $1000 and a goose egg, to round out his total at $22,000.

Anthony of the First Four takes the stage after capturing a Toro Timecutter Z lawn tractor and trimmers, valued at $3345 altogether.  With the "Price" theme in his shirt, he plays Most Expensive for three trips; one to Mexico, one to Ireland, and one to Hong Kong.  Picking Hong Kong, we go to Mexico first: $3402.  Ireland: $4813.  Hong Kong has to be more than that, right?  It is, at $5695.

Katelyn, however, makes it thru to the Showdown with 75.  No Million Dollar Spin yet.

Halftime comes right after Margaret Bella claims an Elmira Stove Works retro stove, valued at $4295.  Her game: the classic Double Prices for Double the Snowmobile...two Yamaha RS Vector Snowmobiles to be precise.  $16,828 or $14,050?  She goes the low route, and won't be snowmobiling in San Diego.

First Four alum Nicole comes to the stage after snagging a Space Invaders/Qix arcade cabinet worth $3195.  This "poor college student" has a chance at $20,000 in Grand Game, with a target of $6.00.  She immediately picks Mrs. Dash ($2.79), the scrub brush ($4.89), and Hunt's diced tomatoes (99).  She goes on and hesitantly takes General Foods International Coffees French Vanilla.  Is it good?  $3.59 and she's on the floor, TWENTY GRAND RICHER!!

Finally, William Grob picks up an Aico Tresor canopy bed (complete with King Koil bedding by Jaclyn Smith), worth $4298.  He takes to the Rangefinder for a Ford Five Hundred SE.  With the bottom of the Range at $22,500; the Range Finder creeps up to be stopped with the top limit at $22,870.  ARP of the car: $22,795 and a WIN!  4 outta 6 for an MDS, and breaking $100,000 pre-Showcase isn't bad.

Margaret makes it thru the Showdown with 95.  Still no Million Dollar Spin.

OK, before we get to the Showcases, we have a bit of a rules change.  We all remember the MDS a couple of years ago in which there was a Double Overbid.  They pulled a 10th contestant to take the spin, which didn't win him any money.  NOW, if there is a Double Overbid, the one who is less over will take the Spin.

Now, on to the Showcases.  Top Winner: Margaret.  Runner-Up: Katelyn.  Showcase #1 features our audience in line.  Matilda (Shane) brought her Dell laptop.  Crystal (Natasha) wants to win an Impression satin and tulle ball gown for her senior prom.  Gertrude (Gabby) slept all night in her Sea Pine Golden camping trailer.  Loretta-Sue (Lanisha) wants to win a Cadillac Deville to get back home.  Margaret PASSES this Showcase, on which Katelyn bid $60,611.

Showcase #2 puts some new entries in the "Price World Record Book."  First, Brandi plays the Minute Waltz in 30 seconds on a Wm. Knabe grand piano from Samick.  Rachel models the most expensive bracelet, a Hubert 2.2 karat diamond bracelet with 18kt. gold.  Finally, they put all 6 models on an Eliminator 260 Eagle ski boat.  Margaret hesitantly bid $65,000; seemingly wanting to change her bid as Bob threw to break.

Margaret, perhaps, should have changed her bid.  Her Showcase: $91,783 for a difference of $26,783.  Katelyn's Showcase: $61,312 for an unbelievable difference of $701!!  Now, she gets to take a MILLION DOLLAR SPIN!!

However, her spin only makes 1.5 revs to stop on 50.  Her final total: $64,811.

STATS: 4/6; $163,418


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