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Twenty of the game's greatest players -- 10 heroes, 10 villains -- seek for return, revenge, and redemption in the game that they helped make famous.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
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Survivor History

Here's what you need to know. Merge... Hasn't happened. Villains... Didn't win. Dragon slayer... slain. Villains... scrambling. Left on the block... Eleven souls.

NIGHT 21: "Coach was gonna vote with him."

Jerri had NO IDEA that that was coming, thinking that Coach was truly on her side. Now all she has is Danielle and Parvati. And Russell? That was his doing.

DAY 22: Treemail!

"The next Reward Challenge requires endurance and a threshold for pain. You would have seen this challenge on Survivor Tocantins. Each Survivor will position themselves between two narrow walls, their feet perched on a small foothold. This time, you will be paired against a member of the other tribe. Rank your competitors from strongest to weakest. This will determine who you match up against, the person with the same ranking from the other tribe."

R-CHALLENGE: Footloose (a feast from Outback Steakhouse, Russell sits out)

The challenge is shown as presented in the Treemail. Each level of three will last for 10 minutes. First to three points wins Reward.

The matchups:
1) Danielle vs. Candice
2) Courtney vs. Amanda
3) Parvati vs. JT
4) Jerri vs. Colby
5) Sandra vs. Rupert

Should be noted that JT won this.

Should also be noted that Amanda has now played Survivor for 100 days, the first tribesman to do so.

OUT: Colby (Villains lead, 1-0), Rupert (Villains lead, 2-0)... and Amanda (Villains win, 3-0).

And now, a word from our sponsor... Bloomin' Onion. Okay, that's two words.

Parvati notices that something is hidden in her napkin... She knows it's a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol, so she hides it. Meanwhile, the tribe is laughing its collective butt off of the idea of an all-female alliance. There isn't any. Just so happens that Russell likes ladies.

Parvati shows the clue to Danielle. Danielle sticks it in her right boob. I'm not kidding.

Back at the Heroes Camp... No steak for you. But JT has a plan. Uh-oh. Meanwhile, Amanda and Candice are hoping that they can get in with Russell to get her grubby hands on the Idol.

DAY 23: Rainbow.

"Cross over the bridge to the dancing trees." Where would you find dancing trees? Ah, there we are. Parvati and Danielle start searching. Meanwhile, Russell is closing in. And... too late, the girls find the Idol. She wants to see the gamemaster squirm a little, so she's going to keep the info to herself for a moment.

At the other tribe, JT hopes to make a power move, writing a letter to Russell, hoping that he will send Parvati home and getting to the merge with them. You know it's big when JT writes up top: "Read in complete privacy." But is Russell really on the outs? Heh. Not likely.

I-CHALLENGE: Totem Rope (Sandra sits out)

Five bags of totem pole puzzle pieces are tethered by a rope. Get all five back to shore before assembly. The first tribe to finish the puzzle wins.

In the course of the challenge, Russell and Colby cement the agreement: Parvati is the target tonight. To seal the deal, JT hands Russell his pocket idol in the midst of the HEROES celebrating victory.

"You don't hand the enemy your idol. Especially when his name is Russell Hantz. That's a no-no."

DAY 24: "Read in Complete Privacy."

Russell... totally doesn't. He and Parvati have a laugh. Russell's answer: "No, I don't like you and thanks for handing me a million dollars. Dork."

Sandra and Courtney are worried that they are on the block. Russell wants Courtney gone, thinking that she'll flip. Courtney is thinking about flipping, and shares her plans with Parvati. They involve Amanda. Parvati wants to keep herself low-key on this move.

Meanwhile, Russell busts out the idol as Parvati shares her plan to save Courtney.

NIGHT 24: Tribal

It's either Sandra or Courtney. Russell says that it goes back to "Who can I trust the most?" Danielle sees how Sandra can manipulate the game. Sandra argues that that is not the case, saying that Parvati is the boss of Danielle. Parvati... totally doesn't deny that. Russell says that trust can get you far in the game, as he, Danielle, and Parvati are still in the game. Courtney says that Sandra and her didn't flip soon enough, and that's why they're in danger tonight.

The vote...

Danielle: COURTNEY
Courtney: JERRI

By a vote of 5-1... Courtney... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

And by surviving tonight's vote, Parvati will become the second player to survive 100 days in the game.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.