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Twenty of the game's greatest players -- 10 heroes, 10 villains -- seek for return, revenge, and redemption in the game that they helped make famous.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
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Charlie Parsons
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Banana Etiquette

This episode is entitled "Banana Etiquette." Some people may read this and say, "That's disgusting!"

I, however, am here to inform you that this is the most epic episode of Survivor to ever grace the television airwaves.

In fact, I'll go one step further and say that this episode is "Exhibit A" of why only smart and active players should ever be cast to play Survivor, as opposed to people who are simply models or floaters.

And now to the episode. Rob is trying to smooth things over with Rob (falsely), the Heroes are trying to find resolve after voting out Tom (again, false) and in the morning, regardless of who wins the immunity challenge, both tribes will be going to Tribal Council.


This week is about individual immunity. Each tribe with compete amongst themselves first. They will be tethered by rope and ring to a cord that has been weaved around, over and through wooden obstacles. The first person to follow the cord to its end will win individual immunity. So 2 people, 1 from each tribe, will win immunity. Then the 2 winners will face off in a second round for reward. The prize? hot dogs for you tribe and the right to watch the losing tribe's tribal council.

Heroes go first. JT and Candace lead the pack. Candace ends up beating JT winning immunity. JT points out that Candace was the only person that had a chance of going home before Colby. (See Colby, should have cut Tina and taken the Million Dollars when you had the chance.)

More interestingly, James, with a bum leg outperforms the Australian superstar. Colby should be ashamed.

The Villains go at it with Boston Rob and Tyson as the main frontrunners. Tyson has competed in this challenge previously and actually won it. But today is not his day. Boston Rob wins immunity for the Villains.

So now it is Boston Rob vs. Candace for the hot dogs. It's a much tougher challenge than the first course and it seems that Rob is using his strength advantage quite well. Rob grabs the leads and refuses to relinquish it winning Reward for the Villains!

Now for those of you who like scrambling, here's the juicy stuff.

Parvati is freaking that she did not win immunity. She understandably feels that she is the target. Rob takes advantage of his safety and leads the tribe in a vote against Russell and Parvati. His goal is to make Russell think he is the target and get him to use the idol, but then vote out Parvati for a Daily Double.

Russell believe Rob is setting him up and tells Parvati that he wants to vote for Tyson and give Parvati the Idol.

Can you smell the possibilities?

Over with the heroes. Colby falls on the sword. Not in the way Michael Skupin fell on the fire (Ouch!) but he announces to his tribe that he doesn't want any scrambling to happen. He says he knows he is the target and that with the Villains watching their tribal they should keep this a simple vote and not give up any information.

What?! Is the mighty Colby in essence quitting? James is as incredulous as the rest of us and in a chat with Colby says (in many words) that Colby has been a disappointment this season and that if Colby wants to stay he needs to start kicking arse like the Colby of old, because this new Colby is the suxxorz.

And now for some Banana Etiquette sponsored by Chiquita (ok, not really, after all this isn't Biggest Loser)

Amanda tries to let James know that he is aggravating some tribe members by taking bananas without offering bananas to everyone. Umm... Really? Get your own dang bananas people!

The banana issue does play into a bigger question though of whether it is wiser to keep an injured (and apparently banana glutton) James or an underperforming Colby. Decisions, decisions...

But didn't they make this decision last week when they voted out tom over and injured James, and Tom was a much better challenge competitor than James or Colby.

So, the Heroes are set for Tribal, but the drama with the Villains has yet to crystallize.

As Tyson explains, Boston Rob has implemented an insurance policy. He has realized they can force a 3-3 tie between Russell and Parvati, making sure that even if Russell were to pass the Idol to Parvati, that one of the 2 of them would go as opposed to someone from Rob's 6.


Rob, Tyson, Sandra are to vote for Russell...

and Courtney, Coach, Jerri are to vote for Parvati

Tyson loves this situation as it actually gives him more power. You see, Tyson talked to Russell earlier and Russell "informed" him that he was planning on voting for Parvati as a means of saving his own hide. This means that Tyson could flip his planned vote for Russell toward Parvati and guarantee that Parvati, who Tyson has a vendetta against, will go home this week. Could Tyson really choose to do this against the will of his alliance?

Let head to Tribal Council and find out.

The villains go first and Jeff asks them what has changed since Survivor first began. Jerri points out that the game is on from moment 1. Everyone immediately worries about getting an alliance and doesn't care as much about food and shelter.

Rob mentions the Hidden Immunity Idol. Russell feigns that he doesn't have the Idol. Sandra calls out everyone saying that Russell has the Idol and if he doesn't he better pack his bags.

Well, there isn't much talking that can be done after that. Let's vote.

Once the votes have been cast. Jeff asks if anyone would like to play the hidden Immunity Idol.

Russell stands up. He walks to Jeff. Then he turns around saying it can't be like this. He tells Coach that he is loyal and that his next action may cost him but validates his honor.

His next action is to call up Parvati and give her the Idol. Parvati plays the Hidden Immunity Idol and is safe. Let's read the votes.

...Neither Vote Counts

...2 Votes Russell

...doesn't count

a 4th vote for Parvati!
...doesn't count!

Tyson... the tribe has spoken!

So, to translate. Tyson violated the insurance policy. Russell played him like a fiddle and the result is a win for Danielle, Parvati and Russell in the form of Tyson kiss his own arse goodbye.

Rob is fuming. Everyone is dumbstruck.

Now the Villains will eat hot dogs while the Heroes commence Tribal.

James admits to racing JT down the beach (Pretty stupid when you are injured if you ask me). James lost handily and other players have to acknowledge that if the next challenge involves running that they are screwed if they keep James.

James defends himself by pointing out early on Coach killed Colby and today Colby was beat by both James and Rupert in the tether challenge. He lessens the impact of this statement by bringing up banana etiquette, but the comparison of the night is that Colby is competing this season as if he were Superman in a fat suit.

Shall we vote? We shall. Remember, Candace is immune.

And by a vote of 5-1... James, the tribe has spoken! (Really!?!?) James, as he exits, says that he will be drunk very soon. Good for him. But excuse me! How do you get to all but quit in the way that Colby did and stay in the game? He IS Superman! And there is NO fat suit.

And with that we bid the Survivors adieu until next week. Can they top this epic installment? Let's hope so.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.