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February 11

Twenty of the game's greatest players -- 10 heroes, 10 villains -- seek for return, revenge, and redemption in the game that they helped make famous.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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It's Getting the Best of Me
February 18

Sugar has been ousted and surely somewhere she is crying over that, but must her tears fuel the rains that pelt the Hero and Villain camps?

Right of the top of the episode, Rob complains about being on a tribe of buffoons. Sure, Rob, you may be the only player who is working to build a better camp, but Survivor has changed since you last played. Many players strategically forego comfort and focus on alliances and scheming. The lack of comfort tenderizes the minds of weaker players making them more suggestible. Russell executed this to a T last season. To bad this season taped before you got the chance to see that…

Meanwhile on “Coach Loves Jerri” the dragon slayer an his concubine seem pleased with the Villains effort thus far. As long as there relationship doesn’t take a turn for “The Bachelor” I’m fine with it.

Courtney in an aside fears that Boston Rob might drop dead leaving them all helpless. Oh the wonders of allusion. We remember the promos, but Rob hasn’t passed out yet.

The Heroes continue to be the Swiss Family Robinson of Survivor. Living wise, life is grand. Game wise, Rupert wants Stephenie gone and Stephenie isn’t feeling the Rupert vibe herself. I’d put $5 on America’s favorite pirate in a wrestling match, but the Jersey girl has her wits about her and rightfully should be considered dangerous.

Rob is questioning his choice to be a diplomat rather than a dictator and let’s just say Rob has taken a turn toward Mussolini. Rob has decided to take charge, he’s working harder than before.

Now he’s walking along the beach.

And then he walks into the woods

And then THUD!

Rob passes out and Jerri is left doing her best Florence Nightingale impression. The medics are with Jeff Probst in tow. (Isn’t that like the news arriving before the ambulance to the scene of an accident?)

In the end, it’s a false alarm and Rob just has to nut up and continue. He thinks he got sick because he internally could not stomach being the good guy. Should make the next couple of days interesting…

Wonder how many villains were hoping secretly that Boston Rob was kaput? (I would have begged for it.)

This week it is straight to immunity, no piddling reward for these all-stars.

It’s a dice game of sorts. Each team will have to roll large crates toward a staircase and stack their cubes so as to spell out their tribe name. First team to stack their cubes and get to the top wins immunity and what’s this? A tarp, nails and rope? That smells a lot like a reward… I think the audience is getting robbed of a second challenge. Anyways…

After a brief History lesson (JT, Coach and Tyson have played this challenge before) it’s game time.

Survivors ready, GO!

The survivors start pushing the crates in pairs and the Heroes are crushing the villains much like the last immunity challenge. But will they be able to hold that lead this time?

They puzzle portion commences and time-wise the heroes have a full cube lead.

All I can say is Deja vu…

The villains retake the lead with some solid puzzle solving. The Heroes bicker amongst each other. James gets mega-frustrated with Stephenie and the Villains win immunity again.

So James believes he has learned something today. He says Stephenie is the only person on the Heroes tribe who lost every person of her tribe leaving her as the last one left, so she must be the problem. Given, Stephenie has a bad history when it comes to winning immunity challenges in the first half of Survivor.

But with both James and Rupert targeting her, can she avoid the heroes second brush with Tribal Council?

Early hope comes from James spouting off righteously at the rest of the tribe about how the team should function during challenges. Some, like JT, agree with him but Tom in particular feels like James is acting like a loser, but wisely Tom bites his tongue.

Life is grand with the villains. The only gripe comes from King Russell of Samoa who doesn’t like all the attention Rob is getting as the leader of the tribe. Russell catches a chicken and makes a few inroads, but ego is a forbearer of demise on Survivor.

And now I bring you Survivor math. 9 Heroes remain. The easy vote, Sugar, was used up last week. Add it up what do you have?

You have lots of scrambling and people realizing that they have to solidify an alliance of 5 right now if they want to have control for the next 3-4 votes.

The swing votes seem to be Cirie, Amanda and Candice. Stephenie, Colby and Tom are united. JT is worried that he is going to have to take a stand at tribal breaking prior agreements. (Thus why you don’t make promises until you have to.) So here is the deal put on the table prior to Tribal. Tom offer this deal to Candice and Stephenie offers the same deal to Cirie:

Stephenie is the first target, then it will be either Cirie or Candice and third gone will be the remaining lady. If Cirie and Candice want to stay alive they have to join Tom, Colby and Stephenie. They will then vote for Amanda and both will be guaranteed to stay until JT, James & Rupert.

Believe what you wants, but the deal makes sense.

At Tribal, James continue his attack of Stephenie, but Colby and Tom both speak up in her defense. No one feels safe heading into the vote and past relationships seems to be both assets and detriments.

The votes are cast, Jeff tallies the parchments…

And the Jersey girl bites the dust, Stephenie is voted out with 6 votes to 3 for Amanda.

Stephenie as she exits tells the tribe to not yell at each other post challenge and James tells her to stuff it. Blood is definitely boiling in the Heroes camp.

And the preview suggests James may have been placed on the wrong team as he spiral downward into villainous ways. Hmmm…

Survivor HV continues to exceed expectations.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.