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Vh1 is hitting the road in search of the next members of the world-renowned strip troupe, Thunder from Down Under.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Billy Cross & Rachel Perry
Billy Cross
EP: Billy Cross, Craig Piligian
Packager: Pilgrim Films, Distraction Formats, VH1
Airs: Thursdays at 10p ET on Vh1

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"The O-Towns and the Britneys" - June 16

No one wanted to see Johnny stick around, so...Steve left. Well, no one wanted to see Steve stick around either, and I have a feeling that Johnny will soon be following him. Could this be the episode?

Bryce hopes that it's not him leaving as Day 6 approaches. He talks about hoe he's not only doing the moves, he's also seeing a dietician to try to lose the weight. He claims that he will pay for liposuction, but instead he's watching Sean work out. Watching someone work out is not going to help you lose your own weight, son.

Tony wakes up his crew, which includes Terry, Marcus and Brian. After whining about how much they hurt during breakfast, Billy calls them all upstairs to select numbers.

Group 1 - Josh, Terry, Blake, Marco, Chris, Rick, and David

Group 2 - Tony, Johnny, Sean, Ryan, Brian, Adam and Bryce

The captains are Terry and Johnny. Neither team is happy about the captains. Tony - 'Knowing how bad of a dancer is, I think we're screwed.' Rachel explains that each team will have 48 hours to learn the choreography of a music video, and the winning team will get a 'special' treat. Look back up at Tony's quote and I have a feeling that we know who isn't going to be winning this challenge.

Speaking of which, Johnny selected a video featuring O-Town. Terry's team gets, by default, Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time'. The guys start to chuckle, but Billy warns them that they better take it seriously. They will be judged on both dancing and teamwork, since the winning 7 will have to bond with each other.

Billy also says that this is not to interfere with their normal choreography, although Sharon probably hopes that they did, as she is getting frustrated with Johnny. Johnny is also frustrated, because he's very competitive and he's getting annoyed that everyone else is getting the moves faster than he is. Sharon is getting frustrated too, because she feels that Johnny is taking too much of her time and not enough time with the rest of the people. You have the feeling that Johnny is going bye-bye next?

Tony notes that Terry and Johnny have been at each other for the past few days. It doesn't help Terry that Tony wins a 'how many fingers behind my back' game to get the shot at the dancing space. Team captain Johnny asks who is the best dancer. Ryan says that he is - and Johnny...agrees. Hence, Ryan is now the choreographer. Ryan gets to be the teacher for...around 10 minutes, before the guys starts to squabble amongst each other. Terry comes up to see what the other guys are doing - and when he sees that they aren't getting along, he comes down to report that news to his team, smiling like a Cheshire Cat as he does.

Brian thinks that Johnny means well, but he's acting weird. Cut to Johnny, who is talking incessantly. He needs to take lessons from the other team, who choose Blake and Marco to watch the moves on the video and teach said moves to the rest of the group. They do so, and they are working as a team. Ryan - 'We are going to kick their team's ass, because we are working as a team and the other team isn't.

Fade to Johnny, who is telling Ryan the moves. Uhh...Johnny...Ryan is the person teaching the moves. Sean accuses of Johnny not being a team player, while Ryan is complaining that Johnny is practicing by himself, getting it wrong, and not being a team player. Also not being a team player? Bryce, who decides to put off his cardio until the next day, fully knowing that he has to lose pounds. Ryan - 'Oh well, it shows you who really wants think girls really want to see him run around and shake that keg?' The only question here may be which person goes off this week and which one goes off next week.

While Adam and David continue to bond, and while Adam tries to convince David to hang around (why, if he may be doing it at your expense? Dumbass.), We get to see more working out on Day 7. We also see Johnny continue to make mistakes and we see David continue to be homesick, adding that he thinks his depression is affecting his performance. You've been away for 7 days, for crying out loud. Bryce continues to complain - while he's laying down. Bryce says that it will all be worth it, but he's not making the effort to try.

Sharon comes down to visit the troops. She wants the guys to get back up, but they are all eating as she realizes that there are 14 guys and 1 kitchen. While she gets something to eat, Johnny's O-Town goes back to rehearsing. Johnny tries to pull rank on Ryan and that's annoying the rest of the team. Noting that Johnny is still not getting the choreography, they try to stick him in the back, but he says that he's the team captain and he wants to go in the front. When Ryan attempts to do it again, Johnny walks away from the practice. Wha? Ryan runs the group without him - and it seems to gel much better when he's not there.

Johnny comes back up while the group is doing the moves, and Johnny is still pacing. He wants to run it again, but Ryan says that practice is over and they finish up. Johnny then complains that he should be giving the order because he's the captain, but the group says that Ryan is the new captain and the only reason why Johnny was the captain is that he won a coin flip. They are officially reflipping the coin. Ouch.

We continue day 7 as we see what happens when no one cares about anything else besides dancing. The kitchen turns into a disaster area and Terry and Johnny argue about it. Terry escalates it by calling Johnny a Jackass and adding that his team will kick theirs. We see a split scene between Britney's Team adding spark to their rehearsals and O-Town yelling at Johnny for changing the moves. Ryan yells at Johnny for being difficult and he threatens to fire Ryan. After more squabbling, he does fire Ryan as the rest of the group leaves with Ryan. 'I didn't come here to make friends, I came here to win' says Johnny. 2 problems here, Johnny - 1. There isn't just 1 winner and 2. In order to win, you need to make friends, because you have to work with each other. As they leave, they all talk smack about Johnny. Rick - 'Johnny thinks he can be the best dancer in the house. Johnny thinks he's the hardest worker in the house. Johnny's wrong - because Johnny's a douchebag.'

Outside the apartment, Johnny comes down to talk to Ryan, who says that he's going to have to deal with Johnny so he can stay in the house. He tells Johnny to relax, cool off, enjoy himself and sit back and enjoy the show. Johnny apologizes, but everyone else walks back in the apartment, and leaves him outside alone with Adam, who says that the sky looks nice out. Heh.

After another montage of rehearsing and Johnny screwing up (gee, can they telegraph what's going to happen?), it's time for the dance-off. Billy, who likes what he sees when the guys come in, says that they are judging choreography, originality, and teamwork. Terry the captain starts off with his hair in Britney pigtails and a mini-skirt. Heh. The challenge is cute, but easy, and O-Town thinks they can nail it...

...and 6 of them do, but it's plainly evident that Johnny is not only behind, but wrong. When it comes to the team group, Johnny is doing something completely different. At the finale, the 6 guys pour water on themselves, but Johnny doesn't even take the water out of the bottle. The 6 of them should win this easily, and Rachel agrees - but Billy notes that Johnny was doing his own thing that that brought the team down. He also said that it may not be Johnny's fault and the group may have just been picking on him. To figure out what happened, Billy decides to speak to each group individually and find out from them how they think they did.

We start with Team Britney. They said that there was no leader and they all worked as a team. Then it's O-Towns turn, and the guys were all united - against Johnny, as Ryan says that Johnny turned the group and the house against him. Johnny says that Ryan deliberately changed the moves on him to throw him off, but Ryan says that 6 people worked as a team and one of them chose not to.

Billy calls them all and tells them that part of the assignment was the team effort. He says one team brought out the team spirit, but the other group, regardless of who was to blame, didn't work as a team. He says that it doesn't matter who was to blame - Team Britney wins. Ryan was pissed, because he thought that Johnny cost them all the win - and maybe he did.

Team Britney's reward is a dinner out via stretch limo - and a bonus prize waiting for them upstairs. The other team discuss what happened and to iron out their issues, because they have to get it together if they want to sick around.

The Britneys go upstairs and see - a set of massage tables. The reward is a massage by some lovely female masseuses. Oooh la-la. Johnny, on the other hand, is facing the music. He asks how he can help, and he is told to listen and to not lead. Johnny immediately then interrupts and then tells Ryan that his soul is dark. He then asks Brian what his problem is, which sparks Brian to get up in Johnny's grill. Johnny is sort of failing that listening thing.

Brian asks why Johnny is thinking that Ryan sabotaging everything, and Johnny says that it's in Ryan's eyes. That does it for the guys, who scream when Ryan screams and bulges his eyes out. Brian shrugs his shoulders in resignation as they all realize that Johnny has gone off the deep end.

Team Britney, on the other hand, is enjoying themselves at Pinot in Hollywood as they each rap while waiting for dinner. They are also entertaining Sharon, who is joining them. Terry says that back at the apartment, there's a lot of fireworks going on.

The fireworks are continuing as the group tries to get Johnny to relax and to work with people in the house. This is Johnny' I'm not here to make friends' we're talking about, and Ryan and Johnny accuse the other of bringing everyone into it. Ryan is trying to tell him that Johnny is being the problem, and they all decide that Johnny is crazy. Johnny storms off while everyone watches him sulk by.

Back to Pinot as the guys continue to talk to Sharon. David says that he wants to leave. This shocks Adam, because he's been using David as his rock and he doesn't know what he's going to do if David leaves.

With that, the episode ends - with no one eliminated. I have a feeling next week is going to rectify that, with a number of candidates there to be let go. Will it be psychotic Johnny? Flabby Bryce? Homesick David? Almost homesick Adam? Someone else? More than 1 person? Tune in next week to see the answers to these questions...maybe.

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