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Vh1 is hitting the road in search of the next members of the world-renowned strip troupe, Thunder from Down Under.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Billy Cross & Rachel Perry
Billy Cross
EP: Billy Cross, Craig Piligian
Packager: Pilgrim Films, Distraction Formats, VH1
Airs: Thursdays at 10p ET on Vh1

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"I Feel Like a Gay Ninja" - June 9

We have our final 15! Anyone want a quick refresher course on who they are? Sure you do...

Johnny (30, Waiter, Las Vegas) - The first of the maybe to get in. Is he too intense?

Rick (21, Industrial Refrigeration Repair, Bristol, PA) - He's the guy who had a rock band. Is his rebel image too strong?

Chris (28, Network Technician, Oklahoma City, OK) - Body is good, dancing is rough, He needs to smooth it out.

Josh (21, College Student, Lascassas, TN) - He is one of the people who needs to beef up to be a beefcake.

Ryan (20, Loan Officer,Independence, OH) - He's got the muscles, but he has an ego to go with it.

Blake (23, Unemployed, Conway, AR) - He had a good auditioned, but he has to be more serious.

Steve (19, Credit Advisor, Ludlow, KY) - He also needs to add beef to his cake and also has to show some maturity.

Marco (25, Hospital Staff Assistant, Newark, NJ) - Less sleaze, More personality.

Brian (28, Cable Technician, Louisville, KY) - The only 'No' to get in. The face needs to be less menacing. The moves eed to be better.

Adam (21, Fitness Sales, Fairview, TN) - He's also a maybe. The reason why? He needs to be noticed and have more of a personality - but to not let that be confused with ego.

Sean (23, Cosmetology Student, Philadelphia, PA) - Nice body. Attitude the size of the liberty bell. Oh yeah - buy Rachel a cheesesteak.

Bryce (20, Construction Worker, Pampa, TX) - He's the first one to get in - and he's pudgy.

David (22, Bartender, Dallas, TX) - The last of the 'Maybes'. Can he get through this without being homesick?

Tony (26. Personal Trainer/Bartender, Chicago, IL) - He's the shy, but better looking twin,. He needs to get a personality.

Terry (26, Bartender, Iowa City, IA) - He's outgoing, but has to curb it down and he needs to curb the pounds.

It's Day 1 of the 25 day competition. Alex is stunned by the size of the house. He says that the competition better be ready for him. Johnny is concerned that there is no TV or Radio, but he is driven to perform and be on stage, adding that he deserves to be in the final 7. Rick seems eager to greet everyone, while Josh, who looks waify, says that he's going to sneak up on the buffer competitors. Brian is serious, because he wants to live his life loving his job. 'I love my body, and I love to take my clothes off.'

As they all file into their new house, Billy welcomes them and invites them upstairs, where he gives the usual lecture, He reminds them all that only 7 of them will be selected for his group. Those 7 will be performing at the Las Vegas Hilton - and they only have 25 days to get everything together. The choreographer is Sharon Ruely, who will be teaching them the show as the series progresses.

Rick thinks that Sharon is going to be rough - and he's probably right as she tells them all to be up in 5 minutes with their rehearsal gear. Terry is stunned by the quickness of how everything is going as she starts the guys off with their new technique. Sharon's first impression was the same as what Rachel's impression was as she is getting the guys warmed up. 'Billy, what were you thinking? This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.'

As Billy watches, Sharon is putting them through their first exercises. Billy is the one who's going to be tough, as he goes after everyone for bad posture, or movement, or walking like women. Tony best describes what I'm thinking. 'If this was the best 15 that he hand-picked, I hate to see the people that he didn't, because this first rehearsal was horrible.' He rips into Brian and Johnny, claiming that they can't dance. Billy is appalled that these people can't even clap in time, let alone dance together.

Day 2 - The guys start their breakfast with eggs, toast, sausage and the works. Bryce, who admits that he has the worst body, knows that he has to kill it to get in the group. Ryan told Bryce that he would help him out with his diet. They both need help with the choreography, as Billy tells them all that they need to understand the basics of dancing. Hence, Billy takes them all to...ballet school. At the Brentwood Academy of Dance, the men are greeted with their own thongs, tank tops and ballet shoes. Rachel is wondering why Billy is spying on them taking off their clothes and putting on their thongs. Billy's response is to see how they react to it. Suuuuuuure it is, Billy, that's why you are spying on them and looking at their naked bodies. Look! A flying Cow!

Rick feels like a 'gay ninja' I sense he'll feel even gayer when they see their fellow students - teenage (and younger) women. The instructor comes out and yells at them to pay attention, which some do and some don't. Certain people are trying to take this seriously, while other ones aren't are chatting with the kids and are being silly. The teacher finally can't take any of this and leaves.

Billy is taking notes, and when the instructor leaves, he lets them have it. He explains that the reason why they are all here is for discipline, and the little girls are more disciplined than they are. He tells tem to all be serious, adding that he is taking notes. When the teacher comes back, the room is silent and everyone is now paying attention, to the approval of Billy, who just nods and smiles.

That night, Rick talks that he knows who's going to be eliminated and he knows he'll be gone before some of the others, but they will be out too. Nice attitude, Rick. Bryce says that he is putting his body through hell to try to make the squad and Terry says that it's hard. They complain that it's going to be really hard to transform to strippers. Johnny knows that he needs to get the dance moves better, and Bryce respects him, but knows that Johnny isn't getting the dance moves quick enough. Now we know why he didn't get into Blue Man Group.

Rick is doing some dance moves and Marco comes in. They trade dance moves and both make fun of Johnny, who says that the only thing that he lacks is the choreography. Uhhh...Johnny...that's sort of important. Johnny's not the only one who has issues - David is starting to miss his kids. He talks to Adam, who says that they will bond and by trusting in each other, they can get through it together. They will be each other's barriers of strength, adding that if he makes it to the top 7, that he can do a lot for his kids. AwwwBarf.

Day 3 - Billy walks into the rehearsal and we don't know if he's smiling or wincing. Billy calls Rachel and says that he has no clue who to eliminate (I do). Him and Rachel discuss the people on who they are going to eliminate and why:

Terry - He needs to watch his weight. Bryce - He's worse than Terry and he isn't losing the weight fast enough. Johnny - Intense and professional, but 10 steps behind everyone else. Rachel is standing up for him, but Billy says, 'Do I want to have a show with 7 people who want it or do I want to have a show with 7 people who are going to get it?' Steve - He's gamey and nervous, but he's going to get it. Josh - He still has no butt.

We go back to Sharon, and she's looking for people who can flip. We see a flipping montage, and many of them can flip. Steve flips everyone out, as he comes back up wearing nothing but a thong. A blushing Sharon has to leave and I can see this really hurting Steve (who is already on Billy's bad list) down the line.

During down time, the guys compare abs. Sean goes through all of the guys abs while Rick assumes that Sean is a shoo-in to make the top 7. Sean, meanwhile is wondering if he is too laid-back to make the group and maybe he needs to get some personality. Bryce says that they all think that Sean is the golden boy, adding that if he doesn't get better and it's down to him and 7 other chiseled guys, then he's gone. It's amazing how people perceive each other...

Day 4 - The guys meet Alyma the trainer, who's job is to get the guys in shape. She tells the guys to take their shirts off and their shorts up. Alyma picks the bottom 6 to work out with and sends the rest off. The 6 people - Bryce (of course), Rick, Josh, Steve, Terry, and Chris. Chris thinks that Alyma is hot, but maybe he thinks a little less of her as they have to do suicide sprints. 'Come on, I'm fat and sexy. Why would I have to work out?' Well, Chris, that fat part doesn't make you look sexy. She's happy with their training, but the guys all want to collapse on the floor when it's over.

Steve is upset that he's falling behind, physically. His ego that gives him an edge on the moves is disappearing, and he's homesick. He's thinking about quitting, but Rick tells him that he is going to regret it if he quits. Rick asks his group who they would eliminate. Johnny calls Adam out for being a brown-noser, and he is offended by it. Johnny is continues to spread discord and says that the weaker people can't build up the muscle in 25 days. Tony breaks up the mood saying that if they are the final 15, then there were tons of shi!s that auditioned and everyone had a good laugh.

Josh is noting that Johnny is sizing up his competition - and now he calls out Sean. It's midnight and Sean wants to go to bed. Johnny continues to yap and Sean thinks that he is jealous of everyone else, adding that he wants to go to bed. Terry tells Johnny that he's acting like a 4 year old and now he and Johnny is getting into it. Johnny says that everyone in the house is lacking his energy as he continues to work out while everyone else retires for the night. Someone feels threatened, don't they?

Day 5 - The kids come over to see Billy for his decision. There are many reasons in the world to get rid of a number of people. It's obviously one of the bottom 5, as each of them have either physique or attitude issues. The decision is that one person has both - Steve, who has to beef up, and yet shows up wearing only a thong. He gets the heave-ho from Billy, leaving Johnny (who no one wants to see still there) around.

Well, that's the first cut. Join us in 7 days to see who gets cut next.

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