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The buzz is back, and just like before, you don't have to sing it well, you just have to sing it right in CMT's take on musical chairs...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Melissa Peterman
Musical Director Steve Dorff
Creator Bob Horowitz
EP Bob Horowitz
Phil Gurin
Bob Kusbit
Claire McCabe
John Hamlin
Packager Juma Entertainment & the Gurin Company for CMT
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 10p Sat, CMT

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Episode 7
August 1

Ten large and six players wanting to lay claim to it. Will they do the "Boot Scootin' Boogie" to it or will they get stung by the Singing Bee?

ROUND 1: Pick Four.

- 2004, Sugarland, "Something More"
BAND: There's gotta be somethin' more / Gotta be more than this / I need a little less hard time...
Luke: "I need a little kiss." Here's a little kiss. NO.
Michael: "I need a little more bliss." DING!

- 2004, Joe Nichols, "What's a Guy Gotta Do?"
BAND: What's a guy gotta do / to get a girl in this town / Don't wanna be alone / when the sun goes down / Just a sweet little somethin'
Sam: "to wrap my arms around" CLOSE.
Jennifer: "A gotta getta lovin'." No...
Tarita: "To put my arms around." Bingo!

- 1983, ZZ Top, "Legs"
BAND: She's got legs / She knows how to use them / She never begs..
Erin: "Long beautiful legs". Incorrect... and perhaps obscene.
Luke: "She knows how to choose them." Luke's in!

One more.

- 1980, Eddie Rabbitt, "Drivin' My Life Away"
BAND: Oooh, I'm drivin' my life away / Lookin' for a better way for me / Oooh, I'm drivin' my life away...
Sam: "Gonna get away..." Nope.
Jennifer: "Lookin' for a sunny day." We have four!

And now that we have four, let's play a game show! And this is going to BEE a hot one. Your players tonight...

can do over 30 accents
almost knocked unconscious during a rowdy karaoke performance
Gillette, WY
karaoke DJ
her skirt once fell off during a stage performance

ROUND 2: Lyric Auction (5 points)

We're bidding on how many words they can sing correctly.

- 2003, Gary Allan, "Nothing on But the Radio" (27 max)

Tarita wins the bid at 20 words...

Tarita: "And with nothing but the radio..."  Wrong.

Next lowest bid was 15 from Michael.

Michael: "With nothin' on but the radio, music's playin' baby soft..."  Sorry...

Next lowest was Luke... 10 words.

Luke: "Nothing's on but the ra..." Sorry...

Jennifer has it with five...

Jennifer: "With nothin' on but the..." That's enough!

After round 2:
Michael: 0
Tarita: 0
Luke: 0
Jennifer: 5

ROUND 3: Singing With the Enemy (5 points per line)

First up is Michael & Tarita...

- 2008, Zac Brown Band, "Chicken Fried"

BAND: It's funny how itís the little things in life that mean the most / Not where you live, what you drive...
Michael: "Or where if you live on the coast" (or the price tag on your clothes)
BAND: Thereís no dollar sign on a piece of mind this Iíve come to know / So if you agree have a drink with me
Tarita: "And some chicken fried chicken" (Raise you glasses for a toast)
BAND: To a little bit of chicken fried.
Michael: "Cold beer on a Friday night" (CORRECT!)
BAND: A pair of jeans that fit just right
Tarita: "And some chicken fried steak." (And the radio up)
BAND: I like to see the sunrise
Michael: "And the light in my woman's eyes" (See the love in my womanís eyes)
BAND: Feel the touch of a precious child
Tarita: "And that wanting in your eyes" (And know a motherís love)

You guys sucked. Michael gets one for five. Let's see if Luke & Jennifer can do any better.

- 1975, Glen Campbell, "Rhinestone Cowboy"

BAND: I've been walkin' these streets so long
Luke: "Singin' a song" (Singin' the same old song)
BAND: I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway
Jennifer: "Strummin' my guitar alone" (Where hustle's the name of the game)
BAND: And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain
Luke: "Aaaaaand.... something." (There's been a load of compromisin')
BAND: On the road to my horizon
Jennifer: "Gotta get on my ride" (But I'm gonna be where the lights are shinin' on me)
BAND: Like a rhinestone cowboy
Luke: "Ridin' on a horse..." (Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo)
BAND: Like a rhinestone cowboy
Jennifer: Getting cards and letters from people I don't even know (CORRECT!)
BAND: And offers comin' over the phone.

And... couldn't do worse could you, Luke! Jennifer gets another one for 5.

After round 3:
Michael: 5
Tarita: 0
Luke: 0
Jennifer: 10

ROUND 4: Karaoke Challenge (2 points per word)

First up is Tarita. She needs all the help she can get.

- 2008, Montgomery Gentry, "One In Every Crowd".

Tarita gets... three for 6. She's on the board in second.

Next is Luke. He needs three to tie Tarita.

- 1983, Madonna, "Borderline"

Luke gets four words for 8, pushing Tarita over the ledge.

Michael only needs two words to survive...

- 2001, Train, "Drops of Jupiter"

Michael... SWEEPS IT! That's 30 points for 35 total.

Jennifer is already in the final round, so let's just play for fun here...

- 1968, Tammy Wynette, "Stand By Your Man"

She gets 14 for 28, 38 total.

ROUND 5: Chorus Showdown

Jennifer gets control of a song from Toby Keith from 2002. She... passes. So for Michael, it's...

- 2002, Toby Keith, "Who's Your Daddy"
Michael: "Who's your daddy / Who's your baby / Who's your mother." It was "buddy", not mother.


- 2003, Dierks Bentley, "What Was I Thinking?"
Jennifer: "Hey now, here we go." "'Cause I was thinking about a little white tank top." That's what he was thinking of.

Michael's back in it...

- 2006, Taylor Swift, "Tim McGraw"
Michael: "When you think Tim McGraw / I hope you think my favorite song / The one we danced to all night long / In my old faded jeans." Close, it was "the moon like a spotlight on the lake."

Jennifer can win it here...

- 2007, Brad Paisley, "Letter To Me"
Jennifer: "If I could write a letter to me." Nope... We're going to Sudden Death!

The Sudden Death song is from 2007... and the artist is Jason Aldean. Michael's in... and he passes.

- 2007, Jason Aldean, "Johnny Cash".
BAND: Throw your suitcase in the back / Done gassed up the Pontiac / Blastin' out to Johnny Cash / Headin' out the highway...
Jennifer: "Everything is going my way". No, it was "Baby we ain't ever coming back", and Michael's the Singing Bee Champion!

Can he seal the deal, though? Seven songs, each one worth $500. Get five before you get three strikes, and you're $10,000 richer.

It's time... for the FINAL COUNTDOWN!

Song #1: I've been workin' all week / and I'm tired and I don't wanna sleep / and I wanna have fun...

Michael: "Time for a good time." YES IT IS!

(2008, Alan Jackson, "Good Time")

Song #2: Closing time one last call for alcohol / So finish your whiskey or beer / Closing time you don't have to go home...

Michael: "But you can't stay here." GOOD!

(1998, Semisonic, "Closing Time")

Song #3: Anytime you feel danger of fear / Then instantly I will appear / 'Cause I'm every woman / It's all in me / Anything you want done, baby...

Michael: "... do it naturally" You forgot the I.

(1992, Whitney Houston, "I'm Every Woman")

$1000 X    
Song #4: I go out walking after midnight / Out in the moonlight / Just like we used to do / I go out walking after midnight...

Michael: "Searching for you." FOUND IT!

(1957, Patsy Cline, "Walkin' After Midnight")

$1500 X    
Song #5: Then your innocent distractions / Hit me so hard / My emotional reaction / caught me off guard / It was nothin' at all...

Michael: "When I saw you." Nope, "It's like anything I felt before".

(1985, Heart, "Nothin' At All")

$1500 X X  
Song #6: Burn out the day burn out the night / I can't see no reason to put up a fight..

Michael: "I've been living for giving the devil his due". GAME OVER. Added the "I've been" when it should've been I'm

(1981, Blue Oyster Cult, "Burnin' For You")

$1500 X X X

But at least Michael gets $1500 and all the accents he can muster.

More great music next week. Remember, you don't have to sing it well, just as long as you sing it right. Take us home, Steve.

For lyrics from the songs featured in tonight's show, go to, keyword "Singing Bee".