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The buzz is back, and just like before, you don't have to sing it well, you just have to sing it right in CMT's take on musical chairs...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Melissa Peterman
Musical Director Steve Dorff
Creator Bob Horowitz
EP Bob Horowitz
Phil Gurin
Bob Kusbit
Claire McCabe
John Hamlin
Packager Juma Entertainment & the Gurin Company for CMT
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 10p Sat, CMT

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Episode 3
July 4

Today on the Bee, "Mountain Music" could lead one of six people to $10,000! Let's pick four!

ROUND 1: Pick Four.

- 1986, Dwight Yoakam, "Honky Tonk Man"
BAND: Well I'm a honky tonk man...

Grace: "I'm a honky tonk man..." Nope...
Scott: "And I'm a honky tonk man..." Wasn't right the first time, why would it be right now?
Taylore: "An' I can't seem to stop." You are so in!

- 1992, Vince Gill, "One More Last Chance
BAND: Just some good ol' boys / Makin' noise / I ain't runnin' round' on you / Gimme just one more last chance...

Mark: "Before you say we're through!" Good!

- 2007, Kenny Chesney, "Don't Blink"
BAND: Don't blink, just like that / You're six years old / and you take a nap / And you wake up / And you're twenty-five...

Jeremy: "And your high school..." Close.
Barbi: "I don't know if I'm still alive." Not even.
Jeremy: "And then you try to stay alive..." No.
Scott: "And you realize the years have passed..." Wipeout. It was "And your high school sweetheart becomes your wife. NEW SONG...

- 1974, Linda Ronstadt, "When Will I Be Loved"
BAND: When I find a new man / That I want for mine / He always breaks my heart in two...

Jeremy: "It happens every time!" You're in!

One more...

- 1985, Katrina & the Waves, "Walking on Sunshine"
BAND: "I used to think maybe you loved me / Now baby I'm sure / And I just can't wait 'til the day...

Barbi: "Walk through my door." You're ALMOST there...
Grace: "When you walk through that door." YOU'RE almost there...
Scott: "When you walk through the door." YOU'RE almost there... It was "When you knock on my door."

- 1995, Collective Soul, "December"
BAND: Don't speak about / Don't scream aloud / Turn your head now baby...

Barbi: "Just spit me out." And we have four!

Now that we're ready to play the Bee, let's meet the players.

George Strait fan
soon-to-be godfather
Portland, OR
music teacher

Rivalry forming...

ROUND 2: Random Shuffle (5 points per lyric)

- 1991, Martina McBride, "Blessed" (been so much I more deserve have I with than blessed)
Taylore: "I have been blessed with so much more than I deserve." DING!

- 1971, Janis Joplin, "Me & Bobby McGee" (enough me Bobby and Good for my McGee)
Mark: "Good enough for Me & Bobby McGee". DING!

- 1977, Steve Miller Band, "Jet Airliner" (get I rich busted known might I you get might)
Jeremy: "I know you might get busted..." Nope, it was "I might get rich, you know I might get busted.

- 1993, Faith Hill, "Piece of My Heart" (if got know makes it you you feel good it you 'Cause)
Barbi: "Cause you know you've got it if it makes you feel good." Added a word. Otherwise fine.

After round 2:
Taylore: 5
Mark: 5
Jeremy: 0
Barbi: 0

ROUND 3: Singing With the Enemy (5 points per lyric)

First up is Taylore & Mark.

- 1987, George Strait... Taylore... "All My Ex's (Live in Texas)"

BAND: All my ex's live in Texas / and Texas is the place
Taylore: I'd dearly love to be. (CORRECT)
BAND: But all my ex's live in Texas
Mark: That's why I hang my hat in Tennessee (CORRECT)
BAND: Rosanna's down in Texarkana
Taylore: "She wanted me to pull her through." (Correct: Wanted me to push her broom)
BAND: Sweet Eileen's in Abilene
Mark: She forgot I hung the moon (CORRECT)
BAND: And Allison's in Galveston
Taylore: "Lord I go there every night." (Correct: Somehow lost her sanity)
BAND: And Dimple's who now lives in Temple's
Mark: Got the law looking for me (CORRECT)

Mark sweeps for 15, Taylore gets one for 5.

Next is Jeremy & Barbi.

- 1991, Garth Brooks, "Shameless"

BAND: Well I'm shameless when it comes to loving you / I'll do anything you want me to
Jeremy: I'll do anything at all. (CORRECT)
BAND: And I'm standing here for all the world to see / Oh baby that's what's left of me
Barbi: "Get down on my knees" (Correct: Don't have very far to fall)
BAND: You know now I'm not a man who's ever been / Insecure about the world I've been living in / I don't break easy, I have my pride
Jeremy: But if you need to be satisfied (CORRECT)
BAND: I'm shameless, oh honey, I don't have a prayer / Every time I see you standin' there
Barbi: "I get down on my knees" (Correct: I go down upon my knees.)
BAND: And I'm changing, swore I'd never compromise / Oh, but you convinced me otherwise
Jeremy: I'll do anything you please. (CORRECT)
BAND: You see in all my life I've never found / What I couldn't resist, what I couldn't turn down / I could walk away from anyone I ever knew
Barbi: But I cant walk away from you. (CORRECT)

The guys are running away with this with Jeremy sweeping and Barbi getting one.

After round 3:
Taylore: 10
Mark: 20
Jeremy: 15
Barbi: 5

ROUND 4: Karaoke Challenge (2 points per missing word)

Barbi's first.

- 2004, Montgomery Gentry, "Gone"

Barbi gets two, and with 9 points, she's gone.

Taylore tries to avoid the same fate with...

- 1973, Elton John, "Bennie and the Jets"

Taylore gets four for 8, giving her 18.

Next is Jeremy, hoping to knock Taylore out with...

- 1999, Toby Keith, "How Do You Like Me Now?"

SWEEP! That gives him 45. And that gives Taylore a ticket home...

This is for control of the Chorus Showdown.

- 2007, Brooks & Dunn feat. Reba McEntire, "Cowgirls Don't Cry"

Mark gets seven for 14, giving him 34, which means that Jeremy will have control in...

ROUND 5: Chorus Showdown.

Because Jeremy scored the highest, he will get control over a song by Johnny Cash from 1963. He plays.

- 1963, Johnny Cash, "Ring of Fire"
Jeremy: "I fell into a burning ring of fire / it went down down down..." It was "I went down".

Mark can win here...

- 1994, Alan Jackson, "Gone Country"
Mark: She's gone country / look at them boots / She's gone country / back to her roots / She's gone country / ??? on her shoes." Not it. It was "a new kind of suit"

Back to Jeremy...

- 1987, Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again"
Jeremy: "Here I go again on my own / goin' down the only road I've ever known / Like a drifter I was born to walk alone / .. made up my mind."  "And I've made up my mind."

- 1975, KC & the Sunshine Band, "Get Down Tonight"
Mark: "Do a little dance / make a little love / Get down tonight / Get down tonight / Do a little dance / make a little love / Get down tonight / Get down tonight."

.... WINNER!

And now that you're a winner, Mark, it's time to play for cash money. You have seven songs. Every correct song will give you $500. Get five before you get three strikes, and you win $10,000! But get three strikes, and you leave with whatever money you made.

It's time... for the FINAL COUNTDOWN!

Song #1: Well there's gone for the day / and gone for the night / an' gone for the rest of your dog-gone life / Is it whiskey night / or just a couple of beers / I mean what kinda gone...

Mark: "Are ya gonna be". It was "Are we talkin' 'bout here".

(2007, Chris Cagle, What Kinda Gone)

$0 X    
Song #2: You can't count your money / when you're sittin' at the table / there'll be time enough for countin'...

Mark: "When the dealin's done." COUNT IT!

(1978, Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler")

$500 X    
Song #3: Hit me with your best shot / Why don't you hit me with your best shot / Hit me with your best shot... .

Mark: "Fire away." GOT IT!

(1980, Pat Benatar, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot")

$1000 X    
Song #4: Whole world could change in a minute / Just one kiss could stop it spinnin' / We could think it through / But I don't want to...

Mark: "Go back home." Correct: "If you don't want to...."

(2006, Sugarland, "Want To")

$1000 X X  
Song #5: And all you ever hear me say / is how I picture me with you / That's all you'd ever hear me say / But since you been gone / I can breathe...

Mark: "At night." Say good night, Gracie. It was "for the first time."

(2004, Kelly Clarkson, "Since U Been Gone")

$1000 X X X

But Mark goes get $500 for evey song he got right. That's two songs for $1000!

More great music next week. Remember, you don't have to sing it well, just as long as you sing it right. Take us home, Steve.

For lyrics from the songs featured in tonight's show, go to, keyword "Singing Bee".