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The buzz is back, and just like before, you don't have to sing it well, you just have to sing it right in CMT's take on musical chairs...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Melissa Peterman
Musical Director Steve Dorff
Creator Bob Horowitz
EP Bob Horowitz
Phil Gurin
Bob Kusbit
Claire McCabe
John Hamlin
Packager Juma Entertainment & the Gurin Company for CMT
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 10p Sat, CMT

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Episode 5
July 18

From "Sweet Home Alabama" to Wyoming, people love to sing for their supper, and in this case, we're talking about a salad with extra lettuce.

ROUND 1: Pick Four.

- 2006, Rascal Flatts, "Me and My Gang"
BAND: Me and my gang / We live to ride, we ride to live / Me and my gang / Jump on that train / Grab a hold of them reins...
John: "We gonna rock this thang, cock this thang." That's right!

- 2003, Brooks & Dunn, "You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl"
BAND: Just in time for the rehearsal dinner / That crazy Connie / wasn't wearin any shoes / Yeah she lives in LA / she flies to New York City...
Jacqueline: "That woman's been around the world." Got it!

- 1967, Glen Campbell, "Gentle On My Mind"
BAND: And it's knowin' I'm not shackled / By forgotten words and bonds / And the ink stains / That are dried upon some line / That keeps you in the back roads...
Cathy: "Somewhere out in Texas" Somewhere out in... no.
Mike: "In a beat-up, old Ford pickup" Could happen, but no.
Christy: "Just drivin' along solo" NO!
Jeremy: "Just pickin' that guitar" ... NEW SONG. It was "By the rivers of my memory."

- 1984, Bryan Adams, "Somebody"
BAND: "I need somebody somebody like you"
Cathy: "I need somebody" D'oh!
Mike: "Do you need somebody" We do, but no.
Christy: "Yeah need somebody" Closer...
Jeremy: "I want somebody" ... NEW SONG! Correct "Everybody needs somebody".

- 1975, KISS, "Rock & Roll All Nite"
BAND: You keep on shoutin' / You keep on shoutin' / I wanna rock and roll all nite...
Cathy: "...and party everyday" FINALLY!

- 1999, Ricky Martin, "Livin' La Vida Loca"
BAND: Upside inside out / She's livin' la vida loca / She'll push and pull you down / Livin' la vida loca / Her lips are devil red...
Mike: "...and her skin's the color of mocha." That's four!

We're finally ready to "BEE" on a game show, and since we're on game show, let's meet game show players.

"the handiest man alive"
recent newlywed
fitness club operations director
Mike Apple
bartender who claims to be related to Johnny Appleseed

ROUND 2: Random Shuffle (5 points per lyric)

- 2007, Josh Turner, "Firecracker" (like packs a she and a candle Roman punch)
John: "She goin' down like a Roman candle" It was "And she packs a punch like a Roman candle."

- 2003, Gavin deGraw, "I Don't Want To Be"  (I to don't other anything be me than want)
Jacqueline: "I don't want to be anything other than me" BINGO!

- 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Proud Mary" (on a ride riverboat I hitched 'Til a queen)
Cathy: "'Til I hitched a ride on a riverboat ride." So close. It was "'Til I hitched a ride on a riverboat queen".

- 1993, Faith Hill, "Wild One" (want anything you He said be be to can you)
Mike: "He said you can be anything you want to be" THAT'S 5!

After round 2:
John: 0
Jacqueline: 5
Cathy: 0
Mike: 5

ROUND 3: Singing with the Enemy (5 points per line)

First is John & Jacqueline...

- 1999, Kenny Chesney, "How Forever Feels"

BAND: Big, orange ball sinkin' in the water / toes in the sand...
John: couldn't get much hotter (CORRECT)
BAND: Little umbrella-shaded margaritas / coconut oil tannin' senoritas
Jacqueline: I wanna know how... (oh now I know how Jimmy Buffet feels)
BAND: Hands on the wheel...
John: Cruisin' down the interstate (CORRECT)
BAND: Gas pedal sticks...
Jacqueline: Carries my car away (CORRECT)
BAND: I was goin' as fast as a rambler goes / I could feel the speed from my head to my toes
John: Now I know how forever feels (oh now I know how Richard Petty feels)
BAND: I've been around the block a time or two / done almost everything a boy can do / I've done some livin', yeah, I've had fun
Jacqueline: But there is one thing I haven't done (CORRECT)

Two a piece, 10 points a piece.

Next is Cathy & Mike.

- 1992, Wynonna Judd, "No One Else On Earth"

BAND: I've been a rock and I've got my fences
Cathy: I've been around the way (I never let them down)
BAND: When it comes to love / I keep my senses.
Mike: And I've been around (I don't get kicked around)
BAND: I shivered once you broke into my soul /The damage is done now I'm out of control
Cathy: How did you get to me? (CORRECT)
BAND: No one else on earth
Mike: Could get to me like you do (could ever hurt me)
BAND: Break my heart the way you do / No one else on earth
Cathy: was ever worth it (CORRECT)
BAND: No one can love me like
Mike: You do (No one can love me like you)

Two for Cathy puts her at 10. Zero for Mike puts him at zero.

After round 2:
John: 10
Jacqueline: 15
Cathy: 10
Mike: 5

ROUND 3: Karaoke Challenge (2 points per line)

First is Mike.

- 2005, Toby Keith, "As Good As I Once Was"

Mike gets five for 10 points, giving him 15. ... "I ain't as good as I get yeah"?

John will try to beat that...

- 1975, ABBA, "Mamma Mia"

John picks up four for 8, giving him 18.

Can Cathy beat that with...

- 1977, the Commodores, "Brick House"

Cathy gets 13 for 26, giving her 36 and the lead! She'll move on.

But who'll join her... Jacqueline or John? That's up to Jacqueline...

- 2007, Alan Jackson, "Small Town Southern Man"

She needs two. She gets... 10 for 20 (and even throws a robot in), giving him 35, so we're going to a girl-on-girl showdown...

ROUND 5: Chorus Showdown

First up... 1995, Tim McGraw... Cathy leads, so she gets the advantage. She'll... Play.

- 1995, Tim McGraw, "I Like It, I Love It".

Cathy: But I like it, I love it
I want some more of it,
I try so hard
I cant rise above it.
Dont know what it is
bout that little gals lovin,
But I like it, I love it,
I want some more of it.

The gauntlet, she is thrown... Jacqueline needs to get the next chorus down to stick around...

- 1987, Starship, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"

Jacqueline: "Nothing can stop..." Yes, please stop. It was "And we can build this dream together". CATHY WINS!

Can she seal the deal, though? Seven songs, each one worth $500. Get five before you get three strikes, and you're $10,000 richer.

It's time... for the FINAL COUNTDOWN!

Song #1: I gotta get ready / Make everything alright / 'Cause all my rowdy friends are / comin' over tonight / Do you wanna drink hey...

Cathy: "Do you wanna party" GET YOUR PARTY ON!

(2008, Hank Williams Jr., "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight")

Song #2: Hey baby won't you take a little / ride with me / Have a look around see what we can see / I got the paddle I've got the boat / Come on baby...

Cathy: "Let's float." Close, it's "I know she'll float."

(2008, George Strait, "River of Love")

$500 X    
Song #3: It's a honky tonk women / Gimme gimme gimme...

Cathy: "Honky tonk sound" Uh oh... It was "The honky tonk blues"

(1969, Rolling Stones, "Honky Tonk Women")

$500 X X  
Song #4: Spent my dollar parked in a holler / 'neath the mountain moonlight / Hold her up tight make a little lovin'...

Cathy: "With a little lovin'" Game over. It was "A little turtle dovin' on a Mason-Dixon night.

(1983, Alabama, "Dixieland Delight")

$500 X X X

Cathy does leave with the title and $500.

More great music next week. Remember, you don't have to sing it well, just as long as you sing it right. Take us home, Steve.

For lyrics from the songs featured in tonight's show, go to, keyword "Singing Bee".