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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take each on in a battle of rookies vs. veterans in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host: TJ Lavin
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim & Jon Murray
EP: Jon Murray
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Origin: Panama
Airs: 10p ET Wednesdays on MTV

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Rat in a Cage
October 15

The boat race and the $300,000 prize pool are rapidly approaching. The battle of the keys has already intensified. Evelyn has already taken John's key, but he's ready to take it back from her. Ev has already made her bed, but will she reap what she sows? Let's find out in this episode of the Island.

We start the show with Johnny commenting Evelyn taking his key in the last elimination. Johnny said that Ev did a stupid thing and that the majority of the particpants wanting and needing him to have a key. Johnny's now back with an alliance that's more solidified than ever. Next we see Cohutta and KellyAnne toghether, but only as friends as they've decided to be. The former didn't come here just to play, he came here to get to the Island and win the money. Dan then drinks (again) and does more stupid stunts, and according to Robin, he's not the Dan she knows.

Ev then tries to form an alliance with KellyAnne, Colie, Cohutta, and Jennifer to break up Johnny's alliance. This leaves Derrick, Robin, and Dan in the middle. However according to Robin, allances mean nothing on the island. Ev looks at her and she's basically trying to play on all sides and riding someones coattails to the finish line.

According to Johnny, in this game, as long as you control the votes, you control the game. And his alliance has control of this game at this stage. Johnny is amped up for the next face-off and he'll be nominating himself in due course.

Robin then talks to Dan about his drinking that's not only affecting himself, but others too. Robin tells Dan that he just can't handle drinking and to just not do that anymore. Dan is going to have to deal with Sober Dan and like Sober Dan, because Robin likes him better that way.

Ev considers Derrick to have an untouchable reputation for being so steadfast in this challenge. She also considers him to be the "swing vote". Derrick then feels like he's playing the game from both sides.

And after Dan does some drinkies, he fools around with Robin a bit, but that was as far as it went. Dan was trying to be nice while denying he ever attempted to make whoopie with Robin and that he was limp. And after a semi-heated conversation with her, Dan decides that Robin is dead to him. Colie thinks that alcohol is the cause of a lot of Dan and Robin's problems. And it was also the cause of the reason for why they were toghether in the first place. Dan and Robin stay away from each other for the time being.

The next day, an airplane drops another box and Paula is hoping there isn't more rice inside. This box has got meat and cell phones with basically ten minutes of talk time. We see a few of the participants letting their friends and family know they're okay. Then it's nomination time the moment host T.J. comes in. Ryan, Cohutta, and Johnny raise their hands first, followed by KellyAnne, Collie, and Derrick. The latter's nomination throws Evelyn completely by surprise. Derrick wants to compete in the face-off for food and prizes. But Johnny believes it's an untrue story Derrick's trying to sell and is coming into this to support Johnny Bananas himself. And this was something his alliance had basically set up to give Mr. Bananas to get the best option to win someone else's key. Eventually, the team decides on Cohutta, Derrick, and Johnny going to the face-off.

The next face-off challenge is called "Rat in a Cage". There are Cohutta, Derrick, and Johnny will be locked inside their bamboo cages. Their goal is to obtain four different-colored keys to unlock the four locks of the same colors inside their cages holding them shut. But it isn't going to be easy as each of the keys are attached to a different object. Those objects being...

-...a chain of different knots.
-...a steel spiral corkscrew.
-...a coconut.
-...a bamboo pole.

The first person to figure all this out, unlock their cage, and escape wins this face-off. The winner there also geta a mini-notebook computer with an external mini-hard drive, and a choice of a participant who gets their key taken from.

In the end, Johnny Bananas won this face-off, much to the disappointment of Evelyn and the delight of Paula. This leaves Derrick and Cohutta on the chopping block.

After the face-off Johnny and KellyAnne haved buried the hatchet, but Ev still have issues with Johnny Bananas. Cohutta felt that he should have won the face-off.

In the elimination, Derrick and Cohutta pled their cases. After that the other participants voted 10-1 eliminating Cohutta from further participation. Johnny, then gives a speech which, in Ev's opinion, is one biggest crocs of crap to come out of his mouth on this challenge. Ev didn't believe Johnny when he said they haven't played the game dirty. But that didn't prevent him from taking her key.

Back at home base, Johnny's feeling pretty good so far. However, it's a different story for Evelyn, who's now serving a proverbial death sentence in this game. Ev has now got to make peace with the reality that she'll probably going to be sitting around this beach for the rest of this challenge.

I'll now end this episode recap with the first and latest key count of the remaining participants.

Colie - 0 keys
Dan - 0 keys
Derrick - 1 key
Dunbar - 1 key
Evelyn - 0 keys
Jennifer - 1 key
Johanna - 0 keys
Johnny - 1 key
KellyAnne - 1 key
Kenny - 1 key
Paula - 1 key
Robin - 1 key
Ryan - 0 keys

NOTE: When I've posted the cast list in the recap of the first episode, I may have neglected Robin in there. My apologies about that.

That's it for this recap, I'll do it again with the next episode next time.