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September 10

Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take each on in a battle of rookies vs. veterans in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host: TJ Lavin
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim & Jon Murray
EP: Jon Murray
Packager: Bunim/Murray Productions for MTV
Origin: Panama
Airs: 10p ET Wednesdays on MTV


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Ring Wrestle
September 17

In the end of the last recap, I mentioned that we'll have to wait until September 24th for the next episode of the Island. It turns out that my Dish Network on-screen guide was wrong, my apologies for that error. Anyways, here's what happened in the second episode of "The Island".

We start it off with the remaining cast members coming loose at the hinges. David mentions that he had injured a few of his own body parts, but he still continued playing lacrosse and also said he can do this. Johnny then felt like there was one element to the situation to keep the lid from blowing off. And that element was to keep the cast fed with food. Then we see Dan talking about how when he gets drunk, he does his business...whatever that is. However, Dave is planning to capitalize on Dan's drinking weakness.

The next day, Abram and a few other guys had built crab traps. They have managed to catch a few of them in the water. Abram goes up to get fruit up in a tree, when all of a sudden a swarm of wasps start attacking him as he runs all over the place to get rid of them. He was stung just about all over his body. Dunbar has so much respect for Abram saying he's the guy you want to have on your side.

Back at homebase, Johnny insulted a lot of the girls. He said it was a joke, but the girls weren't laughing. Hey Johnny, there's a thing called karma, it may come back to bite you later on.

As night fell, Dan drank and eventually let the secret of eliminating the challenge newbies first out of the bag on Dave. However, he's no idiot as this is his first challenge, but he has seen all the other ones. This is going to get rough and nasty with more backstabbing and dishonesty. Dan has been shown to have a drinking problem, which leads to Dave calling him a weak player. To have Dan come at Dave like that definitely riled him up, but he doesn't want to make the situation worse.

The next day one of the girls talked to Dan about last night's events. Then he says that he wants to fix his drinking problem, but there are no Betty Ford Clinics on The Island. This means Dan's chances of getting clean and sober are slim and none.

The US Army then drops off some more supplies and another piece of the raft for the final challenge. Inside the crates are cell phones, but like everything else in this game, there's always a catch. Their phones have 10 minutes of talk time, so there'll be some short conversations. Abram mentions that he's out of contact with his company. It turns out that he's been completely out of contact at a crucial time. And at that point Wes learns that his company had made an expensive mistake. Then we see Dave feeling sluggish and coming to more terms with having a nice life back at home. But Derrick thinks Dave leaving the game is an absolute cop out. He thinks Dave's willpower has been worn down despite everything he says.

Back at homebase we see Dave drinking, dancing, running around, and vomiting. Then Dave decides that he wants out of this game and he has a better life at home. Dave eventually decides to stay for a while longer after some convincing from Jenn.

Host Lavin is now here for the nominations, but he's heard of a little rumor that somebody was going to quit. In a probably sarcastic tone, T.J. likes quitters. Then Dave raises his hand saying he's out and over it. T.J. then says the truth is the challenges aren't for everyone and it ain't for the soft. Kenny thought Dave was an idiot and saying that leaving the game for his girlfriend was bullcrap. Instead of being voted-out, Dave quit on his own terms and could not handle The Island. Paula considered if he would have been voted-out, that would have been the manly thing to do. The rest of the team now has 45 minutes to nominate three people for the next challenge. After some of the minutes have passed, Derrick, Johnny, and Abram have decided to take part.

The Face-Off for this episode is called "Ring Wrestle". Derrick, Johnny, and Abram will be inside a giant rope circle with two steel rings. They'll all hold onto the big ring with their palms face down. The participants will try to pull and wrestle away the ring from their opponents. If anyone steps on and/or out of the rope ring or lets go of the steel ring, they'll be assessed a single point against them. Two points eliminates a participant from the face-off. The two remaining after that will compete with only the small steel ring, but the same rules still apply.

At the end of an intense first round Abram gets two points first leaving Derrick and Johnny to play the final round. They compete with the small ring and Johnny gets eliminated himself after making a big mistake. Derrick wins the face-off, his first key, and a Vudu Box 100.

If KellyAnne had a chance to eliminate Johnny, she would have taken her clothes off, dance around the island and let everyone realize how happy she is. But deep down, she's pretty sure that everyone wants that pompous jerk gone. If Johnny wants his team to send him home, so be it. Johnny then calls his team cowards and is hoping the four finalists will have their boats sink.

In the elimination, Abram pleaded his case to vote him out due to his company having trouble at home. However, many still voted for Johnny because he insulted a lot of the girls on The Island, and wanted Abram there in the end. But sadly it wasn't the case as Abram was eliminated 9-6. And he gave up the key that he won in the first face-off to Dunbar. Abram feels that he can carry a team to The Island.

Things are continuing to get ugly in the Island, and we may see more of that in the next episode.