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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take each on in a battle of rookies vs. veterans in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore GSNN

Host: TJ Lavin
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim & Jon Murray
EP: Jon Murray
Packager: Bunim/Murray Productions for MTV
Origin: Panama
Airs: 10p ET Wednesdays on MTV


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Leaning Tower
September 10

It's time for the 16th season of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, this time it takes The Island. As with previous seasons of the challenge, we have cast members from various past seasons of "The Real World" and "Road Rules".

This season will feature the group being stranded on an island off the coast of Panama, where the cast will compete for a buried treasure chest filled with $300,000.00 USD in gold. However, unlike in previous Challenges, the cast will not be housed in a luxurious dwelling, but will be forced to improvise and work for the basic necessities of food and shelter. Hmmm...this sounds sort of familiar. And while we're on the subject of that, there are no predetermined teams as in previous Challenges, but instead, the cast members will have to forge their own alliances. As the season progresses, the twenty cast members will be reduced to only four winners.

Here is the cast taking part in the Island...

Abram - RR: South Pacific
Ashli - RW: Sydney
Cohutta Lee - RW: Sydney
Colie - RW: Denver
Dan - RR: 2007 Viewers' Revenge
Dave - RW: Hollywood
Derrick - RR: X-treme
Dunbar - RW: Sydney
Evelyn - Fresh Meat
Jennifer - RW: Denver
Johanna - RW: Austin
Johnny - RW: Key West
KellyAnne - RW: Sydney
Kenny - Fresh Meat
Paula - RW: Key West
Rachel - RR: Campus Crawl
Robin - RW: San Diego
Ryan - Fresh Meat
Tonya - RW: Chicago Female
Tyrie - RW: Denver

As you might have noticed some of them have been challenge veterans. And while we're on the subject, we have a host veteran and his name is TJ Lavin. He's back to welcome 20 Real World, Road Rules and Fresh Meat vets to a challenge like no other, which starts on a boat. Then T.J. dumps them off to shore so they can swim to their new home, which is a "Swiss Family" type house built on a deserted beach in Panama with only rice, meat and fish to eat. Then the group goes stir crazy as T.J. reveals none of the rules other than the island across the way contains a treasure chest and only four people will use a boat they'll build along the challenge to get to it. The US Army Air Drops will happen ever so often to drop off more pieces to the boat as well as supplies for their camp. The cast go through two days of partying, fighting and flirting, then T.J. finally returns to let them in on how the game will be played. The group will have to decide on three people to go into a "face-off" challenge where one person will win and earn a key while the other two will have to beg and plead their case to the group to choose them to stay and win a key while the other goes home with nothing. Abram and Kenny volunteer to go in and they feel that a girl should go in with them but no one volunteers. So the group votes and they choose Tonya followed too closely by Ashli.

Abram, Kenny, and Tonya now take part in their first face-off challenge of the season called "Leaning Tower". The contestants must swim out to retrieve 12 pegs that will help them climb a telephone pole with a bell at the top. The first to ring their bell at the top wins a key.

At the end the Abram completed the task first winning his first key and also a prize, a Zune Media Player. Tonya and Kenny now face the voting panel, and the vote ends up being 14 to 3 sending Tonya home giving the other key Kenny.

The season has just begun, however, we'll have to wait until September 24th for the next episode of the Island.