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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take each on in a battle of rookies vs. veterans in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host: TJ Lavin
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim & Jon Murray
EP: Jon Murray
Packager: Bunim/Murray Productions for MTV
Origin: Panama
Airs: 10p ET Wednesdays on MTV

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Bridge It
October 8

All eight keys have been given out, in this episode of the Island, we'll find out what comes next.

In the Island's homebase, there isn't a lot of ways to entertain. So the participants did a little something called "Dirty Scalawag Theater". Then there was laughter at Robin and Dan's dysfunctional relationship. And then we see a bucket full of maggot sticks, in which John takes one of them and points it to Paula who's taking a nap. She then wakes up to the smell and the scare of that stick and runs around. While the action was happening, the stick landed on Evelyn, waking up from her bed upset. Ev then approaches John with a telescope in her hand. John then attacks Ev on a personal level, which he's been doing so since they've been in the game. Ev and KellyAnne are picked on the most, because they are the only ones who stand up those a-holes. This makes Ev want to get Johnny into a face-off more.

The next day, we see Tyrie not withstanding any more rice and wanting some meat. Then a plane drops another supply box and this time it contains margarine, sugar, eggs, et al. Sadly, there wasn't any meat to be found. This makes Dunbar want to contemplate suicide. Also inside the box are clues for a scavenger hunt and this gets the team very excited. They eventually find the first box buried in the sand, but they decide not to open in until they get the second one. After that, the team reveals to find some useful information on their outrigger canoe. It's learning how to operate those that's the key to getting off the island and eventually getting to the $300K prize pool.

Back at homebase, we see Dunbar arguing with the females over the protein and the food. This argument lead to nobody having any food, which makes Tyrie want to whip Dunbar's butt, which he should have done a long time ago. The team is hungry and they are not healthy.

John then takes a second look and sees three exits. Then he and Kenny find a crate buried in the sand without the other people knowing about it, although it took them until night fell. However the crate's contents were not what John and Kenny expected, not even any snack cakes. Then Dunbar shows up as they look at the outrigger building instructions. Then they show the maps to Dan, Tyrie, and Robin.

The next day, Josh sets up a plan with Johanna and Paula to get rid of KellyAnne and Evelyn. Then T.J. steps and tells the team about their next nominations, but he does not mention their expected new rules yet. Tyrie doesn't want any more girls in those challenges. Ev can do nothing else but throw her name out there. When T.J. returns, the team nominates Tyrie, Ev, and Dan to go into the face-off.

Then T.J. finally explains the new rule, the winner of the face-off gets a key to be taken from another participant who has at least one or more. And that's not all, one of the two face-off runners-up who survives elimination will still stay in the running for the $300K prize pool. However, from this point forward, no more keys will be awarded in the vote-offs.

After the new rules have been announced, the alliances freak and now have to revise their strategies. Which leads to John and his alliance wanting Ev to take KellyAnne's key if she wins the face-off. But if Ev takes any of John's alliance member's group's keys, then they'll make sure her key(s) will not be safe in the next three face-offs. However, this is an offer Ev may have to refuse as taking KellyAnne's key would also destroy their friendship. This situation didn't come as a surprise to KellyAnne, although she understood what was going on, she was disappointed eventually.

The next face-off challenge is called "Bridge It". Tyrie, Evelyn, and Dan will be on a bridge over the water with 35 removable planks. They'll all start on one end of the bridge, each of them will take turns making their way to the other end. The playing order will be randomly selected, and when a participant goes across the bridge, they must remove one of the planks. This process repeats until a person is unable to advance or falls in the water, at which point that person is out of the face-off. And they also aren't allowed to use the planks to support themselves.

Dan gets eliminated first, then Tyrie dogged it by touching the rails. Evelyn wins the face-off, a home theater system, and pizza with two of her chosen participants. The other participants had to watch those proceedings and Kenny was hoping they would choke on that pizza and die. John's visualizing dog crap in a pizza box.

Ev then tells John and Kenny that she does not want KellyAnne's key, but instead wants Dunbar's. Then John and Kenny tells Ev they want her to take Jennifer's key in order for them to leave her alone. According to Kenny, if Ev doesn't do it, then out comes the consequences and reprocussions. Even with those possibly on the horizon, Ev still does not trust Kenny and John and is looking at the big picture.

It's now elimination time with Tyrie and Dan on the chopping block. After they have both pled their cases, the other teammates voted 10-2 to send Tyrie home. Then Evelyn decides to take a key from John. And he knows that she's making a big mistake that will come back to bite her.

Will Ev taking John's key lead to her downfall in this game? Find out next time on the Island.