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Eleven beautiful singers with troubled pasts get one last chance at rock'n'roll stardom. Society has judged them... Now it's our turn.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Chris Jericho
Judges: Mauli B., Ron Fair
Announcer/VO: Zac Fine
Creator: Richard Drew
EP: Richard Drew, Nicole DeFusco
Packager: Zig Zag Productions for Fuse
Airs: Wednesdays at 11pm ET on Fuse


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November 19

Last time, it was a less than amazing race to the rooftop of a building to work on performing as a team. Choreography was not spared one inch as Elisa, the stalker chick from Cobra Starship, was dropped from the label.

Now eight women remain on the road to redemption.

We start this round... with some singing. Everyone has their demons. Everyone has their styles. Today, they're going to accentuate their styles. First up, some shopping to do to accentuate that look.  And here to help... two Penthouse Pets, Justine Joli and Taya Parker. They split the group into groups based on genre and assign a photographer to sexy them up. Best photos win.

HIP HOP: Mixi & Kendra
PUNK: Farah & Esther
METAL: Jazmin & Kededra
ROCK: Angelica & Joie

Thirty minutes... Go shopping.

And of course, no one but Angelica could relate to their given genre... But call Farah fortunate, because Esther apparently knew a lot about the punk aesthetic. Mixi and Kendra are going for something classy, but while Kendra goes with the classy route, Mixi wants to be Run-DMC.

Of course it wouldn't be a contest without a bit of controversy. Angelica had a belt that she was going to buy, but out of nowhere comes Jazmin with it ready to buy it.

Now to meet Bradford Rogne, who'll do the photography. The shoots will happen right outside with assorted props and backdrops.

Kededra & Jazmin... were not metal. Mixi & Kendra... were true to themselves. Farah & Esther were separate. Angelica & Joie... were rather naughty.

And after Bradford picked the best four, we get a winner... Mixi & Kendra! They get an advantage going into the elimination challenge.

Now let's go to dinner in a limo. While we're riding, we say one word about everyone. Jazmin gets "misunderstood." She goes into a spiel at dinner about having a single mom, getting beat up, and being raped. The rest of the group... don't really buy it. Uncomfortable moment... Dinner ruined. Wonderful.

And Angelica somehow makes it about her.

Next day, it's time to vocalize... This week, it's your favorite songs...

- Kendra: "I'll Be There" by the Jackson 5ive. Sang it in a sixth grade talent show, blew out a mic.
- Farah: "Outside" by Staind. How she feels with other people.
- Kededra: "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige
- Mixi: "What I Like About You" by the Romantics
- Esther: "She Talks to Angels" by the Black Crowes
- Jazmin: "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder
- Joie & Angelica: "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge. This was done to make a point as to who's better.

In Joie's case, she goes back to an ex... They always tried to dig into each other.

Note! "It's time for another elimination challenge! This will test you on your individuality." And judging... MYA! Grammy-award winning ghetto supastar. Apparently Chris Jericho was out of town, so they got her.

Challenge: "Who's That Girl". Create an onstage persona using wardrobe and props.

Kededra gets an idea to dress up for the audience she's performing for. Meanwhile, Mixi & Kendra get their advantage... one-on-one coaching with Mya. Mixi says she's ready to try and win this. Kendra, on the other hand... loses it.... gets really nervous. Tip: think about what you're feeling, then choose an object and focus on it.

Showtime. Also judging: Dave Tomberlin (media relations, Geffen Records) and Mauli B.

First up, Esther with "She Talks to Angels". She says she's a gypsy rock & roll girl. She sounds like she's been in a traveling circus or two. But she's naturally stylish, so let's see how that pans out.

Jazmin's jazzy with "Superstition". She doesn't get into it until the bridge, though.

Mixi gets "What I Like About You". Her style... weird. Her vocal... even weirder. She makes the performance her own, though. Still to early to say whether or not that's a good thing.

Kendra's next. She's been in the bottom three. She's determined to free herself on "I'll Be There". First, the good news... you didn't blow out the mic. Now the vocal wasn't that bad to start, but it degenerated. We'll see where it goes.

Kededra goes with the no-more-drama look with "No More Drama". The vocal's all her, but the style doesn't step outside of her comfort zone. She doesn't take any risks. Did she need to? Not with this song. She says she killed it at the end.

Angelica's first with "I'm the Only One"... Angelica's gritty and heavier. Joie's... well, she's herself. But she hits a few sours at the end.

And finally, Farah with "Outside". This is distinctively hers.

So who wins this challenge? Joie. She joins Mya on a girls' night on the town. She also gets to pick two people to go with her, Farah and Mixi. Angelica thought that they were tight. Apparently not so anymore.

As for the bottom three, the performances were so that that until they hear otherwise, they're all on the block.

On the girls' night out, Mya gives them this advice: "You are a product and a business, and you are marketable."

And as soon as the girls come back, we hear about Angelica's incessant rambling on why she didn't get to go have drinky-winkies with Angelica. Jazmin tried to warn everybody. And now true colors spill. Angelica, meanwhile, thinks that, again, it's all about her. She thinks she did better than her, and she can't take it that someone has knocked her off her pedestal.

Time for an elimination. Joie was easily the strongest performer of the group. But all of the girls are to be commended for upping their games. All of a sudden, it's real now.

Still, though, there has to be a bottom three... Kededra, Kendra, and Esther are it. Joie can save one of them, BUT... there's a twist. TWO people will be eliminated this week. So now Joie holds ALL the cards.

The judges' critique. Esther walked into it a star, but it did not grow. Kendra didn't show off who she was. She compares herself to Amy Winehouse. Nothing doing. Kededra didn't take any risks.

Esther thinks she stepped it up. Kendra thought she found her voice. Kededra didn't deserve to be up there. Then all hell breaks loose as Kendra decides that she's had enough of hearing people talk down to her about who or what she is. Bottom line, if she was going to go down, she was going down with a bang.

.... and there's the bang. She breaks her own record. DONE.


Back to business. Joie cites two different ways that both Esther and Kededra are competition, but she ends up saving Esther. Kededra is now dropped. Everyone's sad to see her leave, but next week, you may not be lucky.

Six singers left... every performance has to count and it's time to take it up to the next level.