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October 29

Eleven beautiful singers with troubled pasts get one last chance at rock'n'roll stardom. Society has judged them... Now it's our turn.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Chris Jericho
Judges: Mauli B., Ron Fair
Announcer/VO: Zac Fine
Creator: Richard Drew
EP: Richard Drew, Nicole DeFusco
Packager: Zig Zag Productions for Fuse
Airs: Wednesdays at 11pm ET on Fuse


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Paying Your Dues
November 5

Last time, we met eleven beautiful, talented, and troubled women who had dreams of rock'n'roll stardom. Now they have one last chance to get their time in the limelight, as they realize what's at stake by witnessing the first one of them, Toni, go home in a heartwrenching elimination.

Now 10 women remain on the road to redemption.

Joie basically said that the first elimination was a wakeup call. Meanwhile the rest of the house is working on one thing... rubbing out the current front runner Jazmin, who sees Angelica as her biggest competition. The feeling... more than mutual. She does however point out that she's the only "blonde, blue-eyed bitch" who can belt. Joie thinks that she's a bit offensive.

Next morning, Chris enters saying it's time to make the donuts. Out front in five minutes. Let's go. Hustle, hustle!

They start their morning... with a run. At this time, Esther relates this to a moment in her life when she was in a bad bike accident and couldn't walk for a while. She sees this as a reaffirmation. The rest of the girls... wouldn't stop complaining. Wait. It gets better. "Since it took you so long to get that done, you have to do one more lap." Which Nyia calls "some (^_^)ing bull(^_^)." For that, Nyia has to drop and give us 20.

Sob story time. Nyia's mom is a crack addict. She blames her for a hard upbringing. To win this is important. She wants a foundation for her children.

Music note! "It takes hard work to get from the bottom of the music world to the top, and you all need to pay your dues." That takes them to a catering hall, where they will have to do some event planning with an event planner. And by "planning" we mean the grunt work AND providing entertainment for a birthday bash.

But first, you have to set up the party. Elisa and Kendra are captains tonight.

Elisa's Team: Angelica, Mixi, Farah, Esther
Kendra's Team: Jazmin, Kededra, Nyia, Joie

You have one hour to set up... and it starts now.

And it's good to know that the leaders can't even do the simplest tasks like blow balloons, make champagne fountains, or go one task without crying.

Angelica thinks that from an aesthetical standpoint, her team wins. But it's not up to her, it's up to the party's host... some chick who's throwing her super sweet 16. "This is MY sweet 16, so it's all about me... and me ONLY." I don't remember sweet 16s like her growing up. I blame that other music television network. You know....

And surely enough, Candace was your stereotypical brat. But she does award the W to Elisa's team.

Time to go see Mauli B. He's got a music note. Mauli B will be coaching the winners while the losers cook dinner. The losing team will get to rehearse with him ONLY when the winners AND the chores are done.

Tonight's numbers:

- Elisa's Team: "Pocketful of Sunshine", Natasha Bedingfield
- Kendra's Team: "Too Little, Too Late", JoJo

Aside from teaching the songs, he's going to teach them how to use their voices, how to preserve them. Farah comes off as overbearing... which goes against EVERYTHING the song stands for. Angelica is the only one in the group to hit the notes.

Angelica says it's fun to be, in her words, "bitches". Farah says that it was funny to a point, but we could see the tension between her and Jazmin.

That night, Mauli B. comes and Jazmin has a mocktail for him... Can he take it to go? The others needed  more time.

Winners go to the hot tub and drink. Losers clean. And it seems that the hubris finally gets the better of the teams, as Nyia goes off on Kendra for taking a piece of her sandwich. Being away from her kids is really starting to take a toll on her.

Fleeting expletive from Nyia, as she says, she's tired. The rest of the girls focus on that. Meanwhile, Jazmin is quick to note that Angelica and Nyia weren't getting along... Angelica and Kededra weren't getting along... and Angelica is quick to note that the two "black girls" she stays with all the time constantly bitch about everything.

Angelica admits in a confessional that she's once called a friend's Mexican kid an... N-word, because apparently he did something "n-word"-ish.  "This would make me sound terribly racist, by the way." Don't worry, it's only because you are, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We're heading to the sweet 16 party, and the losers are busy squeezing in some practice.

Challenge 2: It's My Party (Sweet 16 Performance)

Judging tonight's performances are Mauli B., Geffen's Dennis Dennehy & Julie Hovsepian, and a special guest judge... 'Nsync's Chris Kirkpatrick. Oh, and Candace and her friends, they'll be judging as well. They'll have to choose their favorite singer. They're being judged as individuals, though they are on a team.

First is Elisa's team with "Pocketful of Sunshine". Farah has completely the wrong tone for the song (she admits to being "the guy with the glasses from Boyz II Men"... you mean Nathan Morris?). Esther... also had the completely wrong tone for the song. She admits to "eating it." In fact, the only one who killed tonight was Angelica (a case could've been made for Mixi, except she flubbed a lyric).

Next is Kendra's team with "Too Little Too Late". Kendra was shaky. Sounds like she's holding herself back. Joie just does something to stand out. Nyia gave it her best.. and it showed. It seemed like the second group was a lot better than the first, but what do the judges say?

Candace's favorite tonight was... Angelica. She's this week's winner. Angelica... still can't believe it.

The bottom three tonight are... Kendra (second time in a row), Esther (she didn't feel it, she didn't own it), and Jazmin (wasn't happy with her performance).

Back at the house, Nyia was strained and distraught about being away from her kids. She just wants to hear their voices... once.

Meanwhile, Jazmin has to swallow her pride and prove her case to Angelica. Angelica... pretty much rebuffs her offer.

Time for an elimination. We start by removing Jazmin's record off the wall and replacing it with Angelica's.

Esther was weak (and she forgot a lyric) and perhaps not ready for this competition. She hasn't been able to prove herself. Jazmin had a lot of potential, but she lacked confidence. She's strong competition. Kendra conformed to her group and decided against being herself. She doesn't want to go home. She wants Angelica to go home... and so does Jazmin, who calls out Angelica as being a racist.

Kededra agrees with her. Farah... not so much. "I don't think Angelica is racist at all. Racism, to me, is behavioural, not what comes out of somebody's mouth."

Needless to say, she says that she's not a racist. She keeps Jazmin around if only to have someone to kick around.

Leaving tonight... is... wait a second, Nyia wants to say something. She breaks down in front of everyone, saying that she needs to be home with her children. She's willing to forfeit her record to do so

Chris asks Nyia twice if this is what she wants... This is what she wants.... Mauli says that it's not about Nyia... it's about her... but it's too late. She breaks her own record. And Kendra is VERY lucky because she was the one who was going home this week.

So that's what she wrote as she tells her kids that she's coming home. Moral of the story... never second-guess yourself for ANYTHING. If you're sure of yourself, you go for it... If not... don't bother. That's your redemption this week. Back next week for more.