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Eleven beautiful singers with troubled pasts get one last chance at rock'n'roll stardom. Society has judged them... Now it's our turn.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Chris Jericho
Judges: Mauli B., Ron Fair
Announcer/VO: Zac Fine
Creator: Richard Drew
EP: Richard Drew, Nicole DeFusco
Packager: Zig Zag Productions for Fuse
Airs: Wednesdays at 11pm ET on Fuse


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November 12

Last time, tension in the house led to a startling revelation of racism on the part of one of the singers. The accuser: Jazmin, was one of the bottom. The accused: Angelica, is the new frontrunner. But in another shocking turn of events, Nyia, who was in no danger of elimination, but eager to get back home to her family, dropped herself from the show.

Now nine women remain on the road to redemption.

Jazmin says she's not a big fighter... though she has thrown a woman out of a window once. Meanwhile, everyone is reflecting on Jazmin's allegations of racism toward Angelica, who's now feeling confused about it all. So who's right here? Let's go... to the video tape.

(Angelica's audition tape)
"I'm not racist... at all... BUT I've definitely met a lot of people that personify their stereotypes."

Angelica thinks she's scared of her. Or just mean. Or something.

Next morning... more tension. Farah tells Angelica not to let anyone tell her that she's a racist if she knows that not to be true.

Meanwhile, Mixi has a music note: "Despite the myth that rockers like a 24/7 party lifestyle, to be a star you have to maintain a rockin' body too. Get changed for a workout and be outside in 10 minutes." If it's anything like what happened last episode, you can expect a lot of complaining.

Today's challenge is about fitness... and dancing. Assisting is Joe Slaughter, an expert choreographer. Because Angelica won the last challenge, she gets to sit out while picking two teams of four...

Team 1: Kededra (a former stripper), Mixi, Jazmin, Farah
Team 2: Joie, Esther, Elisa, Kendra

Also helping are a couple of Chris' friends, WWE divas Mickie James & Candice Michelle. Winner of this challenge gets an advantage in the next elimination challenge.

And it seems that the girls have no problem without music. Meanwhile, when you play Paula Abdul, it gets... "retarded". Joe's words, not mine.

From there, they have to head upstairs to perform... on the roof. Seventeen flights of stairs. Running.

Challenge 1: Stairway to Heaven (Dance choreography)

It's a race. First team there gets a breather AND an advantage.

Joie isn't a runner... Kededra runs like a horse. Her team... wins by a hair. Meaning it's time for team #2, the pink team, to get to work. RIGHT NOW. And because Kendra is out of shape and tired... she basically tries to mail it in. Kededra on the other hand thought her team's choreography is better. Except for Farah.

The judges... are not amused. Joe was looking for quality, though. His picks: Kededra and Esther.  However, overall quality goes to Kededra. She won it for the blue team.

Another note! "Fitness is important, but you got to know when to cut loose and to help some of Sunset's best rockers." Enter... the rockers... and debauchery ensues. Elisa goes over the story of how she was kicked out of Cobra Starship. Apparently stalking a bandmate... bad.

And... next morning... Another note. "Performing is a tough business, but you must always deliver a stunning performance, and your vocals cannot suffer. Today's tracks are on the piano. Keep practicing up until showtime, because tonight, someone goes home. And tonight, no heels."

Kededra, Jazmin, and Angelica get the same song... "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood. Kendra, Mixi, and Esther get "One Way or Another" by Blondie. Farah complains that she would NEVER sing the song she's given, "The Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani & Akon... I don't think Farah would sing ANYTHING.

First song ("Before He Cheats")... interesting. Second song ("The Sweet Escape")... like a twelve-year-old singing in front of a mirror. Farah says she doesn't want to go home right now, but she doesn't know where she is as a performer. One thing she knows is that she can't go back to her old life.

Going to the performance at the El Portal Theater.

Challenge 2: "The Show Must Go On" (putting on a performance)

There are eight different places on the stage where you can perform your set. You're going to have to sing while hitting each and every one of these marks. Mixi, Kededra, Farah, and Jazmin, because they won, they'll have time with Joe from yesterday.

Judging will be Mauli B, Joe, Nicole Ehrlich (video commissioner & Geffen executive), and Andrew Flad (product manager, Geffen Records).

First up, Kendra with "One Way or Another". She hits the marks, but looks like crap in the transitions. Will Esther be cleaner? She... uhh... no.

Next is Joie with "The Sweet Escape"... who messes up the lyrics all over the place, but at least owns the stage. Same thing with Elisa, who also missed her marks. Mauli says it best... "Elisa... is not good."

Meanwhile, Kededra hopes to be a harbinger of peace between Angelica and Jazmin. Angelica basically called Jazmin a bitch. Jazmin called Angelica a racist. Kededra's waiting for someone to throw down. It's just crazy.

Angelica, fired up after the fight with Jazmin, is ready to sing "Before He Cheats". She owns the stage. Will Jazmin do the same? Umm... No. No she doesn't. She nails the points, but once again, nerves get the best of her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls tear it up on stage. Then mend it... then tear it up again. Mixi had no idea what she was doing... Kededra had no idea where she was going. Or saying for that matter. Farah.... well, the less said about her the better.

But what do the judges say? The winner with the most stage presence was... Angelica! She was the strongest performer of the lot. Her album remains on the wall. In the bottom three... Elisa, for not finishing all eight marks, Kededra for just meandering.... and Farah... for sucking out loud.

And hey! Kendra isn't up there!

Farah was thought to be "worse than karaoke". She tried to combine everything and it didn't work. Elisa was sexy and confident, but as soon as she opened her mouth, it all crumbled. Kededra... was just embarrassing.

But Angelica can save one of them. They all think they deserve to be here because they have the love and the drive and the competition. Angelica saves... "Kededra, but I won't save you again unless you keep your vulnerability."

Going home tonight is... Elisa. She thinks a big weight has been lifted. She's going to have to make sure that she goes about it the proper way. Maybe she'll write a redemption song of her own...

Next week, a rather famous singer gets to judge.