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Hundreds of determined athletes have come to Los Angeles for their chance at total victory atop Mt. Midoriyama.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Jimmy Smith
Alison Haislip
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Holly M. Wofford
Vittoria Cacciatore
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions, Lake Paradise Entertainment & Tokyo Broadcasting System for G4 Media
Origins Los Angeles
Web g4tv.com/anw
Airs 9p & 10p ET Sun, G4

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Part 5: Boot Camp Day 1
August 14

Last week, the semifinals at the beach whittled down thousands to the top 15. Now they're going from the beach to the mountains in an attempt to train for Mt. Midoriyama AND compete for one of only 10 spots on the delegation that will travel to Japan for the $500,000 K-Swiss deal that comes with total victory. G-d said that He would spare Sodom if He could find 10 righteous men.... For the gods of Mt. Midoriyama... that's not enough anymore. We're looking for ONE MAN.... A CHAMPION.

As was the case last season, each day in Boot Camp is divided into three stages, each designed to train you physically and mentally for the Sasuke course.

- PRESSURE CHALLENGE: One member will represent each team in a physical challenge inspired by a Sasuke obstacle. Fail, and you will earn a punishment for the entire team. That's more demanding physical work... and less time to train on the Boot Camp obstacle course.

- TEAM RELAY: Two challenges from the Sasuke course will be offered. Individuals will be timed and penalties will be assessed for failure. Slowest total team time heads to...

- HEAVENLY ROPES: Inspired by the final Big Tower climb in Sasuke stage 4, two members of the losing team in the Team Relay stage will compete against each other. The first to ring his bell will be safe. The second will turn in his warrior tag and see his dreams of total victory go up in flames.

First, though...NEWS. The 14th seed Michael "Frosti" Zernow was injured in training, so his spot goes to the last semifinalist to be ousted on the Beach Course, Jake Smith. Take advantage of this second chance, my friend.

Now... the team assignments. The top seeded players are your captains.

1) Ryan Stratis - Captain
5) David Campbell
7) Travis Rosen
13) James McGrath
15) Alan Connealy
2) Chris Wilczewski - Captain
4) Drew Dreschel
6) Brent Steffensen
10) Brian Orosco
12) David "Flip" Rodriguez
3) Paul Kasemir - Captain
8) Travis Furlanic
9) Dustin Rocho
11) Brandon Douglass
16) Jake Smith

The teams are set... Let's see what you can do.


This challenge requires stamina and agility. Playing are Brian for the Tigers, Paul for the Monkeys, and Travis Rosen for the Dragons.

There are 25 flags attached to the cargo net. You have 60 seconds to grab as many flags as you can. If a flag touches the ground, it doesn't count. If YOU touch the ground, your turn ends. Least flags faces punishment. If there is a tie, the slowest time will face punishment.

First is Paul Kasemir... He grabs... 14.

Next up, Brian Orosco, the five-time Japan veteran. He grabs... 16. The White Tigers are heading to the course.

Travis Rosen needs to beat 14... but he falls with nine seconds left. He's going to have to hope he grabbed enough. And .... 16 is enough. Blue Monkeys are enduring punishment... Today, it requires taking apart a log fence and transporting it to the training ground.

TEAM RELAY #1: Ultimate Cliffhanger/Warped Wall

The two obstacles to be tested on today are...

- ULTIMATE CLIFFHANGER: the third generation of the Cliffhanger obstacle from stage three. No one has EVER made it past this obstacle. Fall before reaching the red ledge, and you will incur a two-minute penalty.
- WARPED WALL: Instead of the 14-foot Beach Course wall, this wall is a regulation-sized 17 feet AND are the exact specifications of the wall found on the Sasuke course. Fail before reaching the top, and you will incur a one-minute penalty.

Each team relay will also test endurance. In this relay, you will also be required to carry one of the logs brought by the Blue Monkeys. The first player will carry one log, while the subsequent runners will carry heavier loads... "until the final runner is pretty much screwed." Strategy is important.

The team with the slowest total team time will send two of their own to the Heavenly Ropes, where one will be eliminated.

Smith: 2:48
Furlanic: 2:55
Kasemir: 2:36
Rocho: 5:09
Douglass: 5:35
TOTAL: 19:05

Stratis: 4:26
Rosen: 2:44
Campbell: 2:43
McGrath: 3:02
Connealy: 2:58
TOTAL: 15:54 - SAFE

Rodriguez: 2:13
Steffensen: 2:24
Orosco: 4:51
Wilczewski: 2:52
Dreschel: 2:40
TOTAL: 15:02 - SAFE

For the Blues, the game is over before it begins, as one Monkey will say goodbye to the others on the FIRST DAY of Boot Camp. And for the team, it's no contest... the two weakest times are going to the ...

HEAVENLY ROPES #1: #9 Dustin Rocho vs. #11 Brandon Douglass

Very simple. In the final stage, you race against the clock. Today, you race against each other. Make it to the top, you live to fight another day. Lose... you're going home.

Brandon and Dustin volunteer themselves (they want to earn their spot).

The first up to the top... BRANDON. For Dustin Rocho, the road to Sasuke ends here. But props to him for finishing out.

Ten spots... 14 Ninjas... The road to total victory continues.


For more information on the contestants, including never-before-seen footage, go to g4tv.com/anw.