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Hundreds of determined athletes have come to Los Angeles for their chance at total victory atop Mt. Midoriyama.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Jimmy Smith
Alison Haislip
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Holly M. Wofford
Vittoria Cacciatore
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions & Monster9 for G4 Media
Origins Los Angeles
Web g4tv.com/anw
Airs 8p ET Wed, G4

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Part 1: Qualifying Round 1
July 31

Mt. Midoriyama. The last great summit on Earth. It was attempted 2600 times... with only three successes. No American has yet to plant the stars and stripes on the Final Tower of the Sasuke course. But with a $500,000 K-Swiss endorsement deal and ad campaign on the line, is this the year that an American will be crowned king of the Mountain and represent the red, white, and blue as... an American Ninja Warrior?

Three hundred will start. All we need is ONE to finish.

Last season, 10 people were chosen to go to Japan to compete on the Sasuke course. The goal: total victory. A new tournament begins today with the Venice Beach auditions. Just as in seasons past, the American qualifier consists of three heats...

- The Beach: an eliminator course is set up. The fastest 15 times move to...
- The Mountains: a boot camp assault course. The ten fastest move on to...
- Sasuke: The main event.

And just as last year, if you eat it JUST ONCE (with the exception of the Warped Wall, in which you get three tries), you're done. But first... The Qualifiers. Season 3's Beach Course will start out with ...

- Quad Steps
- LOG GRIP - New this season, it has been a mainstay of the Sasuke course since Makoto Nagano beat the game.
- Bridge of Blades
- JUMP HANG - A longtime favorite of NW fans, it makes it premiere this season in America as well
- Jumping Bars - Season 3's version has been made harder; the bars have been spaced an extra six inches
- Warped Wall

The 30 best times will advance to the next stage in the competition, the final Beach Course.

If you recall, FOUR Americans - Paul Kasemir, Brian "NoSole" Orosco, Brent Steffensen, and David Campbell - made it to Sasuke Stage 3. Speaking of threes, it's time for Season 3 to GO LIVE!

KOLE STEVENS (36; Carlsbad, CA; firearms instructor) - FAIL (Quad Steps)
MIKE MOH (27; St. Paul, MN; martial arts instructor) - FAIL (Quad Steps)
THOMAS HYLAND (36, Los Angeles, gym owner and "Deadliest Warrior" stuntman) - FAIL (Log Grip)
RUDY McCLEARY (26, San Diego, MMA fighter) - FAIL (Bridge of Blades)
"Captain" AMERICUS ABESAMIS (40, Jersey City, NJ, sumo) - Yes, the same guy from "On the Cover" and "Extreme Dodgeball". FAIL (Quad Steps)
STEPHANIE WILSON (28; Brooklyn, NY; teen counselor) - FAIL (Quad Steps)
MIHAI "The Romanian Monkey" HETEA (27; Ft. Lauderdale, FL, auto service advisor) - FAIL (Jump Hang)

And during the commercials, a rite of passage for any G4 employee...

CANDACE BAILEY (29; Birmingham, AL; co-host of "Attack of the Show" and former gymnast) - FAIL (Log Grip)

Back to the competition, which so far has claimed all who have attempted it.

CHRISTIAN "The Blue Runner" RAMIREZ (21; Los Angeles; cable technician) - FAIL (Jump Hang)
TIM HANDLEY (49; Wichita, KS; mail carrier) - FAIL (Bridge of Blades)
DAVID MONEY (38; Hailey, ID; jerky maker) - He had the second fastest time in Qualifying last year... FAIL (Jumping Bars)
ZAC "Horse" GORDON (24; Harrisburg, PA; daredevil) - He gets "kicked in the balls for a living". FAIL (Jumping Bars... technically afterwards when his foot grazed the water).
PHILLIP KINGSLEY (26; Sacramento; student) - FIRST FINISH! (1:35)

And Phillip is on the board after having wiped out last season on the Spider Jump.

NATALIE STRASSER (26; Washington, DC; gymnastics instructor) - FAIL (Jump Hang)
ALDWAYNE SIMPSON (28; Richmond, CA; professional boxer) - 1:36

Next, one of last year's finalists...

EVAN "The Rocket" DOLLARD (29; Fox River Grove, IL; writer and website host) - 1:01. They don't call him the Rocket for nothing!
ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ (32; Anaheim; PhD student in physics) - He emigrated from Cuba. 1:26
MICHAEL DASALLA (26; Mountain View, CA; student) - FAIL (Jump Hang)
RYOGA VEE (31; Sunnyvale, CA; computer programmer) - FAIL (Jumping Bars)
ANDREW KARSEN (31; Waterford, MI; building manger) - Last year, he was out on the round of 30... This year... FAIL (Warped Wall)

An additional two players, Luis Moco (1:06) and Victor Rivera (1:07) have added their name to the board...

AMOS RENDAO (28; Boulder, CO; parkour instructor) - 1:00 DEAD, beating Evan Dollard.

Another NW vet is in the blocks...

SHANE DANIELS (25; Tustin, CA; stuntman) - This year, he has the toe shoes... AND HE WIPES OUT ON THE QUAD STEPS!

Finally... Another NW vet...

BRENT STEFFENSEN (30; Sandy, UT; stuntman) - Last year, he made it as far as the Stage 3 Ultimate Cliff Hanger. This year... 55:60 and FIRST PLACE POINTS!

The board so far has eight names on it...

2) AMOS RENDAO - 1:00
3) EVAN DOLLARD - 1:01
4) LUIS MOCO - 1:06

But the season is just getting started. More qualifying round action is coming up, but first, we must pause 10 seconds for station identification. This is "American Ninja Warrior" on that network with the video games on it.


For more information on the contestants, including never-before-seen footage, go to g4tv.com/anw.