Teen Tournament 2006
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Today is

Preliminaries: Ansley/Hoffelmeyer/Watkins - February 10

Fifteen of the brightest teenagers from all across the country have descended upon Los Angeles to compete in the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament, where one will walk away with $75,000 cash money and the mantle of Teen Champion.

Another standard two-week affair awaits as the first runner-up receives $25,000 at least, while the second runner-up wins at least $15,000.

Semifinalists are guaranteed at least $10,000, while quarterfinalists are guaranteed $5000 for participation. As always, any and all winning accrued depends on how far up the ladder a player goes.

Yesterday, Papa Chakravarthy earned a spot in the final, but Allison Pea made her case as well. Both will return, but with three slots still up for grabs, one, two, perhaps all three of today's players could be seen again.
Twinsburg, OH
St. Joseph, MO

Jeopardy! categories: Literary Characters, TV Casts; Red, White or Blue; Famous Names, American Products Abroad, "Yo"!

Daily Double: $800 Literary Characters. Laura, the only one in money with $3000, bets half. The clue: in an 1897 novel, he's described as having pointed ears, a cruel-looking mouth & peculiarly sharp white teeth. Laura’s response: “Uh, who is Dracula?” Correct for $4500.

End of round:
Laura: $7900
David: $6000
Andrew: $2800

Double Jeopardy! categories: A Young Person's Guide to Art, Bowling for Dollars, Did You Read Your Bible?, Islands, Golden Ruler, 13-Letter Words.

Daily Double #1: $800 Golden Ruler. Laura ($8300 over David's $6000 and Andrew's $2800) bets $2000. The clue: the sands of the River Pactolus are fabled to contain gold because Dionysus once told this king to bathe there. Laura's response: "Who is Midas?" Correct for $10,300.

Daily Double #2: $2000 A Young Person's Guide to Art. David ($12,800 to Laura’s $14,300 and Andrew’s $12,400) fronts level for the lead. The clue: Cezanne used this style in the 1870s but found it mushy; he wanted to make it "solid and durable." David’s response: "What is cubism?" Correct response: what is impressionism? David drops to $10,800.

End of round:
Laura: $13,500
David: $10,000
Andrew: $14,000

Looks like wagering and knowledge will separate the automatic semi-finalist from the asterisks as we approach...

Final Jeopardy! category: Americana. The clue: originally beardless, Uncle Sam got his chin whiskers depicting this real-life man. Correct response: Who was Abraham Lincoln?

David’s response: Who is Abe Lincoln? RIGHT. Wager: everything. Total: $20,000. At this point, he is guaranteed a spot next week.
Laura’s response: Who is Hearst? WRONG. Wager: $5500. Total: $8000.
Andrew’s response: Who is Samuel Adams? WRONG. Wager: $6000. Total: $8000.

And David's the automatic semi-finalist from this round! The other two could have made wild-card were it not for their responses, because this was a tight game all around. David will have to do more than his fair share of buzzing in if he wants to stay around for the final.

But look at the leaderboard from yesterday... That's the board for next week. Take a gander...

Wild Card: $21,000

Winner: Game 4

Wild Card: $11,000

Winner: Game 3

Winner: Game 5

Wild Card: $10,700

Winner: Game 2

Winner: Game 1

Wild Card: $16,400

Next week: the semi-final stage. And you know what we always say here... this time, it's win... or go home.


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