Teen Tournament 2006
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Today is

Preliminaries: Johnson/Kreitz/Loiacono - February 6

Fifteen of the brightest teenagers from all across the country have descended upon Los Angeles to compete in the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament, where one will walk away with $75,000 cash money and the mantle of Teen Champion.

Last year's Teen Champ, Michael Brain, went on to compete in the Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions.

Another standard two-week affair awaits as the first runner-up receives $25,000 at least, while the second runner-up wins at least $15,000.

Semifinalists are guaranteed at least $5000, while quarterfinalists are guaranteed $2500 for participation. As always, any and all winning accrued depends on how far up the ladder a player goes.

But first, game one...
Tacoma Park, MD
Huntington Beach, CA
Setauket, NY

Jeopardy! Categories: The Civil War, Celebs, What's in a Name?, Emoticons, Flag'em Down, "Teen" Scene

Daily Double: $800 What's in a Name? Sebastian ($1200 over Loren's $800 and Andrew's $600) says, "True Daily Double." The clue: this Welsh form of "Margaret" was among the USA's top 10 girls' names of the 1990s. Sebastian's response: "What is Margo?" Correct response: What is Megan? Sebastian starts again at zero.

End of round:
Sebastian: $2800
Andrew: $2400
Loren: $2200

Double Jeopardy! Categories: Not a Current National Capital, US Winter Olympians, Science, Words of the Writer, At the Mall, From the Greek

Daily Double #1: $800 From the Greek. Sebastian ($3200 over Andrew's $2400 and Loren's $2200) bets $1000 this time. The clue: a bowl-shaped depression, as from the impact of a meteorite, it's from the Greek for "mixing bowl." Sebastian's response: "What is crater?" Correct for $4200.

Daily Double #2: $1200 Words of the Writer. Loren ($7000 to Sebastian's $8200 and Andrew's $7600) wagers $1500 for the lead. The clue: "'Do all lawyers defend N-negroes, Atticus?' 'Of course they do, Scout'." Loren's response: "Who is Harper Lee?" Correct for $8500.

End of round:
Sebastian: $6600
Andrew: $7600
Loren: $6900

Final Jeopardy! Category: Famous Ships. The clue: on December 27, 1831 it departed Plymouth, England, to map the coastline of South America. Correct response: What is the HMS Beagle?

Sebastian's response: "What is the HMS Beagle?" RIGHT. Wager: $4100. Total: $10,700.
Loren's response: "What is ?" WRONG. Wager: $1402. Total: $5498.
Andrew's response: "What is the HMS Beagle?" RIGHT. Wager: $3600. Total: $11,200. SEMI-FINALIST.

Andrew moves forward thanks to some quick thinking and even wiser wagering, but don't be surprised if you see Sebastian again. Certainly anything over $10,000 is a lock for wild-card.

Join us next time, won't you?


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