Teen Tournament 2006
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Today is

Preliminaries: James/Klein/Romero - February 7

Fifteen of the brightest teenagers from all across the country have descended upon Los Angeles to compete in the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament, where one will walk away with $75,000 cash money and the mantle of Teen Champion.

Another standard two-week affair awaits as the first runner-up receives $25,000 at least, while the second runner-up wins at least $15,000.

Semifinalists are guaranteed at least $10,000, while quarterfinalists are guaranteed $5000 for participation (info corrected from today's show with our apologies. As always, any and all winning accrued depends on how far up the ladder a player goes.

Yesterday, Andrew Kreitz picked up a berth in next week's semifinal. Who will join him today? One of these three, that's who...
Winchester, VA
Pittsford, NY

Jeopardy! Categories: Mythology, Dinner & A Movie, Fill In the Novel Title, Science & Nature, Travel Fun, You're Such an "Imp"

Daily Double: the last clue in the round, $1000 Science & Nature. Lauren ($7000 over Matt's $3400) fronts $2000. The clue: the absolute temperature scale with its lowest point being zero is named for this scientist who introduced it. Lauren's response: "Who is Celsius?" Correct response: Who is Kelvin? Lauren, who had since been tearing through the clues, begins the next round at $5000. Katie, still at zero, will start.

End of round:
Katie: $0
Matt: $3400
Lauren: $5000

Double Jeopardy! Categories: History, Phys Ed, Social Studies, Geography, Language Arts, "Bio".

(C-Note: Looks more like a "Make the Grade" board to me)

Daily Double #1: $1200 Social Studies. Matt ($8200 over Lauren's $4200 and Katie's $800) bets $3000. The clue: insert a letter in "teen" to get this newer word for a preadolescent. Matt's response: "What is W? What is 'tween?" Correct for $11,200.

(Other C-Note: Matt proves that pinstripes work on anyone... seriously. But really, he should've been counted wrong, because W was his first response, and they were looking for the word, not the letter. Oh well. Not like it'll hurt him. You'll see why... right now)

Daily Double #2: $1200 History. Matt ($18,800 over Lauren's $4200 and Katie's $3200) wagers $3000 again. The clue: around 11:40pm on April 14, 1912 it was traveling at about 21 knots, nearly its top speed; oops. Matt's response: "What was the Titanic?" Correct for $21,800.

End of round:
Katie: $3600
Matt: $23,400
Lauren: $5400

Final Jeopardy! Category: 20th Century Books. The clue: in a classic book, this title phrase precedes "which had swept through Georgia". Correct response: What is "Gone with the Wind"?

Katie's response: "What is 'Gone with the Wind'?" RIGHT. Wager: $3599. Total: $7199.
Lauren's response: "What is 'Gone with the Wind?" WRONG. Wager: $1801. Total: $7201.
Matt's response: "What is Gone with the Wind?" RIGHT. Wager unimportant. SEMI-FINALIST

With his performance today, it's safe to say that Matt is an early favorite to take it all, after ripping through the board in Double Jeopardy!. But there can be that time where it can be a detriment, as you only have so much time to recollect the information before Alex moves to someone else. But still, there's strength in numbers, and there's strength in buzz-ins!

With today's match, all four runners-up are still in the hunt for the wild-card, but Loren Loiacono, with $5498, is now in the danger zone.


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