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Celebrities are left to their own devices in the Costa Rican wilds. Who will be named King/Queen of the Jungle?

Recaps by Agent Josh, GSNN

Hosts Damien Fahey & Myleene Klass
Creator ITV Productions
EP Jayson Dinsmore
Chris Brogden
Natalka Znak
Packager ITV Studios
Origins Costa Rica
Airs 8p Mons-Thus, NBC
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Day 4
June 4

Men dominating the "Rocky Horror" food challenge.
The Men gave Patti B. immunity.
Fireworks between John and Janice.
Daniel Baldwin (Stephen's brother) arrives.
And Spencer and Heidi want back in.
But the decision lies with the camp.

NOW to live action...

A tease to tonight's live elimination. One things for sure, no one wants to leave, but Heidi and Spencer want back in. (Reports say that they went as far as putting decoys at LAX)

Quotable: "The thing of it is they weren't bad...THEY'RE HORRIBLE!"--Janice

Janice actually thinks she could reform Spencer. Patti admits that Heidi did very well on the sole food challenge. Angela says she would quit.

Daniel, the only neutral party, thinks that they should be given strict rules. Lou says that they have to deal with the consequences and it would be unfair, as Spencer admitted he wanted to be the villain.  Frances says that the show was too real for the reality stars (Personal note: Agreed), while Salley liked Spencer's initiative, comparing him to P.Diddy. Janice says beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wants them back....But we're back to Damien and Myleene, and they will reveal the result....when we come back.

Reminder: The longer the celebrity is in camp, the more money they make for charity. We still don't know if they want Spencer and Heidi back, but Daniel Baldwin wants to get right in.

Daniel's work ethic is pretty nice. Reminds me of my dad. That's a good thing! Torrie or Janice, according to Daniel, do not have good work ethics. The ladies seem to like him, and the Brotherly love is abound. Obligatory shot of the two clowning in confessional.

Uh-oh....Janice's getting rid of her cold the old fashioned way....She's coughing and hacking it up. It's nasty, but that's the best way to get rid of a cold. Janice is sick, but spit into where no one will walk, PLEASE! Fran says that she wants to build a section 8 project for Janice while she is sick!

New scroll mail!

"Dear Celebrities, Select two people from each team to represent you in today's food challenge, "On your knees". It requires Brain and Brawn."

John and Daniel will rep the men, while Torrie and Patti will rep the women. I don't see any sign of Spencer and Heidi....This oughta be interesting. Will it be four in a row for the fellas?

Today's meal prize: Vegetarian Dish. Portabella Mushrooms, And other assorted fruits and veggies. The losers will eat Rice 'n Beans.

Here's the challenge:

On the host's signal, one person from each team will race through the swamp and collect a piece of the puzzle cube, go under the bamboo grid and then bring it back to their star and tag their partner, who will repeat. After all the pieces are there, build the cube again. First team to complete the puzzle cube wins the food.

Of course if someone says, "I'm a celebrity, Get me out of here!", their team forfeits the game.

The celebs are basically going through the mud on the surface. The guys team has the lead early going. Torrie realizes that the puzzle pieces are made of sponge, so getting the piece across becomes a problem of weight. But the men are disadvantaged because of the grid lowering and the fellas' tall frame. The men complete the challenge first. Close one for the women. For the fourth straight time, the Men will eat well, while the women will eat rice and beans.

Quotable: "The thrill of victory and the agony of no eat" --Daniel

The women are getting despondent, but Daniel gave credit publicly, while Salley gives it privately to confessional cameras and to camp leader Lou.

Now the decision for who will compete in the next food trial. Here's a preview

"Flash Flood".

Think of Houdini's Water Torture Cell inverted. You are locked fast to the floor, and water will pour in. Your job, unlock yourself. But as the water comes in, it looks like baby alligators will come in as well.

It looks like there is a camp kleptomaniac. Angela's Shower kit goes missing, and Janice has it! Best thing to do is to have the camp community know. Torrie lost hair ties and underwear, and John Salley's Pillow has gone AWOL as well. Janice has the pillow and she's sleepin' on it. HM!

Patti has good advice: treat her like a kooky old aunt, roll your eyes and move on.

I wonder why all the bumpers are all animals eating other animals.

The four are definitely worried about getting eliminated. Janice regrets not doing more challenges. I know sickness is one thing....Torrie is happy that she can hack it in the jungle., and all of them plead their case that they are not ready to leave, as they all want to do better.

It's time to reveal the two who will stay....

Lou says that he's Wacky Uncle Lou (Oh no!) and would miss them all. It wouldn't matter who was eliminated.

Daniel I think is holding a picture of his mom, who is the basis of the cancer fund that he is raising money for.

Janice is safe for another round, as is...Frances! Angela and Torrie might be going home. The hosts leave, and Janice celebrates.

Now, the decision must be made on Heidi and Spencer, as their time inside the Lost Chamber is almost done. A huge amount of rehab is going to be done if the two are let back in....

They will not reveal if Heidi and Spencer are back in until Monday Night's recap of the weekend. The campers share a ceremonial last meal. Stephen lightens the mood with an aria to John Salley. Sanjaya, who has remained quiet this series, is sad that the "Family" is breaking up. John breaks down the family roles for them, and each is a compliment to everyone's personalities.

Wow, I think I saw a bumper that didn't include an animal being eaten.

Now it's time for the moment we've been waiting for.

Quotable: "The public has decided that the very first celebrity to leave the jungle will be...Angela!" --Myleene

It must be bittersweet for Angela. The other celebs want her to call them up for a reunion of sorts.

(Another recap of the Flash Flood food challenge)

The final shot is of Angela making her way across the suspension bridge to leave camp for the final time. She shouts words of encouragement to her fellow campers, as her highlight reel plays over the credits. Angela was very funny, and I think she will be missed. She was a good person with a sense of humor. I hope Angela does well for her.

The show is actually picking up, WITHOUT Spencer and Heidi. I hope the celebs vote them out of the game for good. However, Monday, the show returns to a two-hour format to cover the weekend events. At least there will be something to talk about. See you Monday!

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