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June 1

June 2

Celebrities are left to their own devices in the Costa Rican wilds. Who will be named King/Queen of the Jungle?

Recaps by Agent Josh, GSNN

Hosts Damien Fahey & Myleene Klass
Creator ITV Productions
EP Jayson Dinsmore
Chris Brogden
Natalka Znak
Packager ITV Studios
Origins Costa Rica
Airs 8p Mons-Thus, NBC
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Day 3
June 3

The celebrities are happy to wake up without Spencer or Heidi. They aren't happy with Janice's water retrieval skills, especially John Salley. His boots got wet. Janice apologized for the accidental water in the boot, but Salley is not being forgiving. His feet hurt. And a game of one-upmanship is starting. Thankfully, Lou and Stephen are willing to break up the fight.

Frangela comments that it's John's turn to snap....

After a recap of why Spencer and Heidi quit, the hosts are saying that the two want back in, confirming reports that... the two want back in.

Back at camp, Janice is breaking down for not getting an apology. She had wanted to borrow Salley's shampoo. Lou, looking out for John, is warning John, but John believes that Janice has punked him, and she has set him off.

"When I see her, I will apologize with my whole heart and move on from that point" --John

On the girls side, Janice may be on the verge of quitting herself. John regrets lashing out, and is going to be the big man and apologize, but Janice will hear nothing of it. Gotta wonder how this will affect the game. John hopes that Janice will forgive him, eventually. Next trial for the celebs, the Rocky Horror Trial...And I bet no one wants to do the time warp.

Now it's time for a Food Trial. Men v. Women...

Dear Celebrities, you will soon face your food trial, "Rocky Horror" for tonight's dinner.

Janice is not feeling really good, so she is pulling out of the competition.

John admits to not feeling invincible. He hasn't slept well, and the spiders are still freaking out.

Tonight, it's pork, mangoes, apples, and other fruit. The celebs are salivating like Pavlov's dog. One member of each team will face the rock wall and retrieve a star out of a hole in the wall. Some are loose, some are tied, some are screwed in, but all are guarded by creepy crawlies. First one to retrieve a star will get to keep it. First to four wins.

John vs Frances....Spiders guarding the star. It looks like Salley is facing his fear of spiders. While John's blabbermouth got to Frances, he psyched himself up and won the first star.

Lou v. Torrie...Oh Rats! Lou is taking every rat bite, and the star is tied down. Torrie bails, while Lou gets the star, and eaten in the process. Lou thinks the Rat Teeth were sharpened. Lou needed to get medical attention, but he is fine.

Jungle Boy Sanjaya v. Patti...some sort of aquatic life. Patti wins. (Boys 2, Girls 1)

Stephen v. Angela...With Cow Doo Doo and Earthworms to boot. YUCK, as if my pizza needed to revisit. Stephen succeeds by moving the star around.

John v. Frances, Round 2... And we have toads. Frances is not having fun. She doesn't even want to get the hand in there amongst the slimy textures. John wins the round and the food challenge goes to the men for the third straight day. Men eat the pork dinner, while the women eat beans and rice...yet again!

Storms are beginning to roll in.

Torrie needs to lay down, she's in shock from being bit by the rats. Janice actually is helping Torrie and being a good mother hen. John is proud of the fact that he has broken his fear of spiders. Lou's hand is severely bandaged.

Baldwin is breaking down, as snakes are getting near the water supply, and he burns his hand on a pan. Then Twist number 1.... His brother Daniel. "I turn and see my brother. It was such a gnarly Jedi Mind Trick. All I can say now is one thing. Now, only one person here can mess with me!"

Daniel has come in to replace Spencer.

"I like this one better....I think I'm in love" --Janice about Daniel

Heidi and Spencer are now back at camp. Heidi talks about the experience and the charities. It took them getting out of there to clear their heads, according to Spencer. JEEZ! How do we know they are on the level? Spencer says he was selfish, and the two are saying that they are here for good. It's not going to be easy for them. Holly will have to spend the night in the Lost Chamber...ALONE! Then it's going to be up to the camp-mates. So holy heck.

Damien is going to go in soon to poll the celebs on whether they want Spencer and Heidi back. I hope they are sent home.

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