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Thousands of dollars are up for grabs if your wife can get you to do things you'd rather not...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Debi Gutierrez
Actors Michelle Carano
Joe Amato
Creator Keshet Broadcasting & Kuperman Productions (based on an original format)
EP Michael Davies
Avi Nir
Elad Kuperman
Ran Telem
Packager Embassy Row & Sony Pictures TV for GSN Originals
Origins The Tri-State Area, New York City
Web gsn.com/hiddenagenda
Airs 8:30p Thurs, GSN
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The Giacomellis
February 11

Neil Giacomelli is a total germophobe. Kids are too germy. Dog is too dirty. Hand sanitizer... his only friend. So what happens when his wife decides that he's in need of a Hidden Agenda?

The person on the giving end is his wife Cheryl of Ridgewood, NJ.

TASK 1: Dirty Dog

Get Neil to wash his dog Lucy in the kitchen sink for $1000. FAIL. TWICE. Third time's the charm ($1000). Cheryl wins a L'oreal beauty package on top of that.

TASK 2: Shake?

Neil will have to give up cleanliness to help a delivery guy in need. He has three items in his filthy delivery bag. For each item he passes to the delivery guy, he will win $1000. On top of that... he's going to have to go boom-boom.

The deliver guy... come on, at least a courtesy flush, dude... Come on... Stuckey the Delivery Guy needs to get a magazine ($1000), a book of matches ($1000), and a plunger ($1000). That's a total of $4000 so far. And we have a courtesy flush.

Meanwhile, Neil is getting more and more suspicious...

FINAL TASK: Face Your Fears...

Two actors with colds and Cheryl's mother-in-law will come in with fake colds, discussing merging the businesses.

- For $1500, get Neil to have his face painted.
- For $3000 and $4000, get Neil to play TWO party games with Joe & Michelle.

Neil laughs every time that he's uncomfortable. He's laughing up a storm by now.

First up, face-painting... Neil gets into the dirty, germy painted fingers for $1500.

Now... to play pass-the-orange with Typhoid Mary. With no hands.... and Neil takes the ball for $3000.

Final game is Who Does Neil Kill First? Right after Neil partakes in a pie-eating contest. And... he does it for $4000 after a couple of fakeouts, taking out all of his frustrations on that pie. Call it a sweep!

Now... you think that night is a little crazy? It's about to get a little crazier. But it's about to get a lot richer, too, by $12,500.

More hidden cameras and more Hidden Agenda next week. ... Oh dear.

Stats so far:
Tasks completed this week: SWEEP!
Tasks completed this season: 28-2-1
Money won (money possible) this week: $12,500 ($12,500)
Money won (money possible) this season: $56,600 ($62,500)

To see hidden footage from this episode, go to www.gsn.com/hiddenagenda.