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Thousands of dollars are up for grabs if your wife can get you to do things you'd rather not...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Debi Gutierrez
Actors Michelle Carano
Joe Amato
Creator Keshet Broadcasting & Kuperman Productions (based on an original format)
EP Michael Davies
Avi Nir
Elad Kuperman
Ran Telem
Packager Embassy Row & Sony Pictures TV for GSN Originals
Origins The Tri-State Area, New York City
Web gsn.com/hiddenagenda
Airs 8:30p Thurs, GSN
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The Coppolas
January 28

Close cameras. Narrow couples. Split-second tasks. And over $10,000 in cash. It's a combination guaranteed to make you say... "WTF?" Today, Lisa Coppola's going to have to coax her hubby Andrew to lay off the diet and the three jobs for one night.

Andrew is a workaholic. Lisa knows that he works hard for him, but she feels that her hard work goes unnoticed. Will Lisa get Andrew to show a little love an affection to the house AND to herself? It's worth cash money if he does... just as long as he doesn't find out about it, because Andrew is the subject of today's Hidden Agenda.

We go to South Plainfield, NJ, where we await Andrew coming home... and the start of our game. Daughter Harley and stepson Justin will be watching from the room of non-importance.

Once we meet actors Michelle & Joe, we get right into...

TASK 1: Hugs for Money

Simply put, every time Andrew hugs Lisa up to 10, it's $250.

Lisa knew that she had to set the stage for a romantic evening. It's good for two... But we may have a problem, as Andrew happens to notice one of the hidden cameras. Folks.. if you're going to do a hidden-camera show, don't half-ass it.

Hug-o-meter is up to 3... 4... 5... So that's $1250.

TASK 2: Floored

Andrew has to mop the floors with gloves for $1000.

But perhaps the bigger challenge: waking Andrew up. Once he does, he promises that if Lisa gets his coffee, he'll mop up... with fingers crossed. Booo. Going to plan B, trying to bring Andrew into the infomercial game that Lisa does.

It works for $1000. And he's not done yet. He's cleaning the chairs as well. No need to do that, you're not getting paid for that. We will pay him for four more hugs. They're up to $3250

TASK 3: Life's a Masquerade

For $2000, Andrew has to dress up like a caveman for a costume party. And because he's on the phone, it's rather easy for her to dress him up without noticing.

FINAL TASK: Eat, Kiss, and Be Merry

- For $1000: Andrew and Lisa have to Eskimo kiss.
- For $2000: Andrew has to eat a chocolate-covered strawberry.
- For $4000: Andrew has to sing karaoke.

And... 10th hug. That's $2500.

Andrew chooses to opt out of the action. Until Lisa tells him that they're actually bigwigs in the multi-level marketers. They're actually touchy-feely MLMs. But it gets Andrew and Lisa to do it ($1000).

Now for the strawberries... And Andrew eats the whole berry.

But can he sing? Doesn't look like it. He leaves as soon as Joe starts singing. I would've done the same thing, brother.

Andrew comes back as he changed his clothes. Lisa busts out the mic... and she's not any better. How's Andrew's singing? It's worth $4000. It's a sweep. And Debi, can you please come in and stop this? No seriously, stop this.

More hidden cameras and more Hidden Agenda next week. ... Oh dear.

Stats so far:
Tasks completed this week: SWEEP
Tasks completed this season: 16-1-1
Money won (money possible) this week: $12,500 ($12,500)
Money won (money possible) this season: $34,100 ($25,000)

To see hidden footage from this episode, go to www.gsn.com/hiddenagenda.