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January 14


Thousands of dollars are up for grabs if your wife can get you to do things you'd rather not...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Debi Gutierrez
Creator Michael Davies
EP Michael Davies
Avi Nir
Elad Kuperman
Ran Telem
Packager Embassy Row & Sony Pictures TV for GSN Originals
Origins The Tri-State Area, New York City
Web gsn.com/hiddenagenda
Airs 8:30p Thurs, GSN
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The Thompsons
January 21

It takes a real man to take care of a real baby. Unfortunately, we get this guy. He doesn't know it, but his baby-rearing skills could add up to thousands of buckaroos tonight.

Let's meet Tichanda Thompson, a full-time mother and a full-time model. Her husband Vaughn is a full-time principal, a full-time husband, a full-time father, and from what we gather, a full-time burden. When faced with the prospect of changing a poopy nappy, he retreats to his man-cave. Don't we all. He also has a thing about Tichanda's wig collection.

That may change tonight, because Vaughn Thompson is the subject of Tichanda's Hidden Agenda.

First up, we meet their best friends (that's the last we'll see of them) and our actor Joe, who'll be a commercial producer for the festivities.

First item...

TASK 1: Give Me a Head with Hair...

Vaughn has to wear some of T's hairpieces. She'll get $250 for each wig up to $2500. This is a running challenge.

By the way... Baby Caleb is being cared for, in case you're wondering. So far, Vaughn is wearing one... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... eight wigs. And we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight incriminating photos.

... Nine.

TASK 2:  Big Baby Gerber

For $1000, Vaughn has to test three different bottles of baby food for Caleb... soft egg, chunks of fish, and liver cream. Hey, if it's good for RoboCop....

Did we mention that Vaughn is still wearing the afro wig?

Vaughn has an iron stomach. Tichanda has $1000 more, $3250 total.

TASK 3: Invading the Man Cave

For $2000, you have to get Vaughn to turn his man-cave into a koala day care.

There's a stuffed animal in the closet. Interesting. It's a very big stuffed animal. Very interesting. And the wig is off... very VERY interesting. Vaughn.. caves. Pun intended. That's $2000 right there, $5250 total.

... by the way... TEN. That's $5500.

FINAL TASK: Set It and Forget It!

Joe's about to come in and cast you two for a commercial demoing three products.

- For $1000, get Vaughn to change a diaper.
- For $2000, get Vaughn to wear a real-milking man-bra... a man-ssiere... a BRO, if you will.
- For $4000, get Vaughn to dress and act .... like a baby.

First up, the baby doll is a little dirty. Let's change him. It's Vaughn's job... and we're not making it any easy. It's basically what Vaughn ate in the earlier challenge... with blue cheese and pudding added. For texture, of course. Vaughn even wipes. That's nice ($1000).

Next is the bra... from California. Sure, blame the Californians for everything. Vaughn just says that it feels... really... weird. At least he has it on ($2000).

Vaughn is starting to wise up. And if we were any wiser, we would've changed the channel by now. Joe's basically selling Vaughn the idea by telling him to shame the baby for being bad. If only there was a "network mirroring costume" so we can shame GSN for this. Tichanda tries to get in the suit.. but this is clearly Vaughn's scene... and he acts it up. I hope that onesie with the feet on it comes with a broom, because the Thompsons just SWEPT for $12,500!

And of course... there's the little matter of the reveal. Which shouldn't be a problem, because... well, Vaughn's already in a baby costume. How bad could this be? Oh yeah, hundreds of thousands watching on national basic cable.

More hidden cameras and more Hidden Agenda next week. ... Oh dear.

Stats so far:
Tasks completed this week: SWEEP
Tasks completed this season: 10-1-1
Money won (money possible) this week: $12,500 ($12,500)
Money won (money possible) this season: $21,600 ($25,000)

To see hidden footage from this episode, go to www.gsn.com/hiddenagenda.