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Thousands of dollars are up for grabs if your wife can get you to do things you'd rather not...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Debi Gutierrez
Creator Michael Davies
EP Michael Davies
Avi Nir
Elad Kuperman
Ran Telem
Packager Embassy Row & Sony Pictures TV for GSN Originals
Origins The Tri-State Area, New York City
Web gsn.com/hiddenagenda
Airs 8:30p Thurs, GSN
Available Streaming Online

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The Bulinskys
January 14

Housework. The most evil and the most necessary of necessary evils. After all, who wants to live in a dirty house, wear filthy clothes, and eat off of crappy dishes?

Now it's been made into a hidden camera reality game show by the same man who gave us "Millionaire" and "Power of 10". On "Hidden Agenda", every task you can get your significant other to perform gets you cash money. Do it right, and thousands can be yours. There are only two simple rules...

1) You may not divulge to your partner that they're on TV.
2) You can't tell him that he's getting money to do the tasks.
3) The second the "mark" opens the door, the game begins.

Today, we meet Trish Bulinsky, a mother of three from Middletown, NJ. Her husband John enjoys his kids more than most men his age. In fact, if it's not fun, he doesn't want to do it. He's often referred to as "the fourth kid". But if he wants to win cash money for her, he's got some growing up to do.

Trish will be receiving task updates from Debi via the house phone.

TASK 1: Casting a Spell

There are 10 flash cards in the kitchen. Trish is tasked with getting John to spell the words on the cards YMCA style (gestures, not speech). For each word he spells, he'll win $200.

Trish tells John that it's a homework assignment. That's an easy in, right? Wrong.

TASK 2: Can't Cook, Won't Cook

John has to make a pizza from scratch for $1000. If he wears the uniform to go with it, we'll throw in an extra $500.

Trish figures that the best way to John's heart.. the bottle. While he makes pizza, we're going through the spelling again. With his fingers. Not exactly YMCA, but we'll take it.

Only managed to spell "Feather". The card says "feathers". ... and we have an "S" for $200. And the pizza's done for another thou. After that, two more words for $400. They're up to $1600, when Trish decides to get John to wear the outfit for a bonus $500. That's $2100 so far out of a possible $3500.

They take a game break to enjoy the fruits of HIS labor, when the phone rings with...

TASK 3: Clear Down

John has to wear mittens and shoes and clean the floors AND the table... for $2000.

Trish gets ideas from trying on the gear herself. That... doesn't work. So Trish decides to be proactive, put the things on his feet, do the whole mushy mushy "I love you, I'm sorry I'm such a clown"... and she forgot the mittens. No money. $2100 out of a possible $5500.

... Sponge feet. Really... You know, this is really unprofessional for me... But screw this. I'm... I'm done here. Call me when the Newlywed Game starts (shuts off computer, takes a walk outside)

(after about an hour or so...)

... Fine, I'll continue. Geez, the things I do for this site.

THE FINAL TASK: I Am a Bird...

The final challenge is tiered...

$1000: Get John to clear the bird's cage.
$2000: Get John to sing the bird a song.
$4000: Get John to dress up like the bird.

Trish makes a fake phone call to her mom for a bird whisperer. And here comes the bird whisperer... and clearly, she's not playing with a full deck. John doesn't budge... until Trish opens up the cage for him. ($1000).

Now the song. John... clicks. And then sings ($2000).

Now will John become the bird? By dressing LIKE the bird? And by that, we mean like someone whose nana obviously doesn't love him? Trish decides to take the initiative and dresses him. John's getting a little pissed, but he finally gets up and gets dressed... Sure, we'll count it ($4000).

So in total, she won $9100, and all she had to do was play coy to the hubby. Could this be the beginning of a thing? I sure hope not. But in any event, we'll be back next time.

Why Mr. Davies... Why.

Stats so far:
Tasks completed this week: 4-1-1
Tasks completed this season: 4-1-1
Money won (money possible) this week: $9100 ($12,500)
Money won (money possible) this season: $9100 ($12,500)

To see hidden footage from this episode, go to www.gsn.com/hiddenagenda.