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The best moments in game show history come out of the woodwork as they are coupled with audience members playing the same games for prizes. Talk about bananas!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Ben Stein
Announcer ("Mr. Gameshow"): Randy West
Todd A. Barton
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Episode 4 - June 11

'The only thing more fun than clueless game show hosts is clueless game show contestants', says Ben, and with that, we start with Family Feud, as a contestant names a part of their body starting with the letter N with Knee, a noisy bird with chipmunk, a farm animal that people has as a pet as turkey, and a famous robber with 'Cops'.

On The Price is Right, Emma tries to change places with anther contestant and screams at Barker's Beauties. On Family Feud, we have a famous Bond Lady as 'Julie'... and then 'Carol'.

Super Password. The clue is Eats. Phyllis Diller - Masticates. Contestant - Fornicates. On Distraction, we get people opening their mouth while soap bubbles go flying. Jimmy Carr - 'Don't worry about bubbles coming in your face. You can make your own Michael Jackson joke later'.

This week's Top 5 -- The Top 5 Guest Celebrity Moments, narrated by Star Search's favorite host, Ed McMahon. #5 - David Letterman trying to get Boobs on Password Plus. The clues were bosoms, tube, and friend. It's no wonder that after that and The Riddlers that Letterman got out of game shows and into Late Night instead.

We get to relive the music hits of the past. We start with 'Hit me Baby 1 More Time' as Ray Combs gets smacked, and 'Oops I did it Again', as Jack Lemmon has a montage of him accidentally saying the clues in Password. We get 60's with 'The Sound of Silence' as 2 contestants don't answer to Richard Karn, who asks to name an animal who's legs are featured on a restaurant menu. We continue with 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' as Gene Rayburn calls a male contestant a lady. Finally, on Feud - 'Name Your favorite country music artist of all time. Answer - Van Waylon.

What pisses off Bob Barker? When people start looking under the shells in the Shell Game. There was nothing there, and the contestant keeps the shell there. Bob yells at her again and tells her to move it. Fast Forward to later on in the game, where she has chips with all of the shells - except the one that she looked under. Bob gives her the business before awarding her the prize.

Family Feud - Name a city in Georgia. Answer - Alabama. Name a sport that husband and wives play together. Answer - Kickball. Name a sport that uses a black ball. Answers - Hockey...and then darts. Name something usually worn only by children. Answer - Clothes.

It's time to play the studio version of Feud with Kayla Miranda. The prize for getting 100 points? Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive! Here we go...

Question #1 - Name a type of Bear. Kayla - Koala (24). Contestant - Papa

Question #2 - Name a real person who made a living scaring people. Kayla - Ronald Reagan (0). Contestant - Red Skeleton (That would be Red Skelton - which would still be wrong).

Question #3 - Name something that falls from a tree. Kayla - Leaves (38). Contestant - Bird Poo

Question #4 - Name a department in a supermarket. Kayla - Produce (23). Contestant - Lingerie

Question #5 - Describe a word or phrase that could also be used to describe your wife. Kayla - Cold (20). Contestant - Wet. Kayla wins the Poligrip! Being that she's in her 20's, she may have to wait awhile before using it.

Top 5 Celebrity Moment #4 - Kirstie Alley - who at this point was an interior designer. Her Match Game Question - My Husband always brings home leftovers. Unfortunately, he works in a _____. Kirstie's Answer - Hospital, which was good. She eventually won the game as well.

Jill, a trade show hostess is looking to play Match Game, and is looking to win a carpet. She will win instead... Poppycock Popcorn! The clue is Bull ______. Her answer is Bullpen. Ben's answer is...Bullpen! She wins the Poppycock, which you can put on a carpet, I guess.

On Tattletales, we get a practical joke from Bert Convy, who tells the male contestants to give up a phony name to this question to ask their wives - what is the husbands full name? The results are hysterical as we see.

In the American Gladiators version name a body part that women try to enlarge. Sabre rings in and says breasts. Sky, the female gladiator, on cue, shakes her boobs, and if you've ever seen American Gladiators, then you know that those boobs are.. let's just say supple. Another question from Feud that isn't as naughty - Name something your car can have 2 of. Answer - Wheels.

What's My Line - A product can be taken internally and it's a type of pill. Jerry Lewis butts in and says diet pills. She then asks the obese contestant if she has ever taken them - and then is told that she has lost 40 pounds. Oops.

Name something that comes in pairs. Answer #1 - Bananas. Answer #2 - Lovebirds. Richard Dawson - 'You both need help'. We then get to the rest of the family with... children. Something that you associate with the sea. Answer - Deck Chairs. Answer #2 - Coughing. Name the first thing you take off after work. Answer - Underwear! Richard - 'The next question - what time do you get off of work?'

Distraction - if you buzz in, an electric current goes through your body.

We get to the Child's Play segment of the show, who describes 'Baby' as something that starts out as an egg. Another kid asks the interviewer out to a date.

Celebrity Moment #3 - We get a What's My Line appearance from...Ronald Reagan. Based on how he disguised his voice, I'd have to go back to the contestant from earlier on this hour and say yes, he's scary.

It's time to get potty mouthed, as we hear cursing in the UK's version of the Dating Game, as well as a misnamed contestant. Family Feud. Tell me a slang word for wife. Answer - Bitch. We have a cursing German host in Sale of the Century.

Super Password. The word is Whip. The Clue is Bull... and Betty, who's mind is in the gutter, can't hold it together, as she finally says frog. We need Burt Convy to help her out - and then again to censor himself when he says that the Bonus Round went down the crapper.

Double Dare - The more horizontal this thing is kept while in action, the more likely you'll get what you're after. Clue #2 - In the film 'walkabout', the lead male straps one against his thigh with his loincloth. #3 - To use one properly, grip it firmly with 3 fingers at the curve near the tip. #4 - If you're weigh more than 8 ounces, don't expect it to arc back when you're done using it. The contestant rings in and says Boomerang. He's right. What were you thinking it was?

Distraction - We have a sister team who are acrobats, and Jimmy calls them lesbians. Nice guy, that Jimmy Carr.

Family Feud - Name a birthday you dread the most. Answer - Wife's. Name a polite word or phrase that people use to curse. Answer - Hooker

The Price is Right - Rachel takes 5 years to get a bid. When she happens to be right, she mugs Bob.

Distraction - If you get a question right, you get to pop a snail in your mouth.

Stacy and Todd are going to play Beat the Clock. All they have to do is pop 4 of them using their bodies in 45 seconds. If they can do that, then Gold Bond's medicated lotion (which they may need to use after the stunt) will be their prize. The team completes the stunt with seconds to spare, and they win the lotion! Todd wants it - then sheepishly says that he's willing to share. Heh. (C-Note: I just noticed this, but they use the BTC2K2 music for stunts... Interesting)

Celebrity Moment #2 - 'America's Sweetheart' Meg Ryan gets sour by talking about how she painted obscene signs on her blinds to dissuade a peeping Tom from looking at her.

Family Feud - Name something you keep handy near your front door. Answer - Spittoon. Name a kind of attraction you see in almost every parade. Answer - Merry-Go-Round. Name something you stroke. Answer - A Match.

Distraction - All you have to do is to retrieve numbers - which are hung around naked people. By the way, they have to get them with their teeth.

I'm With Stupid - How many years in a decade? 144!

The Price is Right (Australia) - We had an identity crisis, while Jane almost suffers an emotional breakdown. The gets the obligatory glass of water and then gets a family member up on stage with her. She loses the Dice Game for a holiday trip, but the host decides to give it to her anyways, which brings more tears.

The #1 Celebrity Moment - Johnny Carson! He gets to the Lightning Round and gets flustered to the point where he uses hand signals and uses the word 'Tonight' for 'Motel'. Ed - 'Thanks for all the laughs, Johnny.' That was touching and poignant, and that got a tear from me.

And with that, we are all done for this episode. Awww =(. Join us in 7 days for another wacky episode.

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