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The best moments in game show history come out of the woodwork as they are coupled with audience members playing the same games for prizes. Talk about bananas!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Ben Stein
Announcer ("Mr. Gameshow"): Randy West
Todd A. Barton
Packager: FremantleMedia North America for Vh1
Airs: Saturdays at 10p ET on GSN

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Episode 3 - May 21

Welcome back to classic comedy Game Show Moments from FremantleMedia (nee Pearson Television). Will we get another 30 minutes of Family Feud, or will we actually have some diversity? Let's find out...

"The first game show was called '____ of Fortune' because they didn't invent the wheel yet.' says Ben. Apparently, they had Family Feud, because we start with this. Host Richard Karn - "Name an animal who's eggs you'd probably never eat for breakfast." Contestant - "Hamster." Karn - "I hate to tell you, but those little pellets aren't eggs."

More Feud - Name something you add boiling water to. Answer - A Kettle.

After getting a contestant who curses for giving the clue in Password, a contestant on the Australian version on The Price is Right who brays for a minute (C-Note: it is federal law and edict that any moment involving TPIR from Oz include Larry Emdur and a glass of water) and a guy who talks about sexual experiences using a toilet, we get another Feudism... Name something you write about on a holiday postcard. Answer - Send a postcard home.

We get the pantomime show "Showoffs" where we have Dick Gautier humps the floor to get the word "Honeymoon", right into this week's Top 5. The category - Top 5 Wardrobe Malfunctions. The star on this segment - America's Next Top Model's Jay Manuel. #5 - A contestant's underwear is falling off on Family Feud. Oops.

There's no doubt what #1 has to be, as someone's breasts make a cameo appearance on the beginning of The Price is Right. I'd be shocked if that wasn't there...

It's time to go back to the 60's era where we see an armadillo pooping on Bud Collyer - the host of To Tell the Truth. We then see a pooping cow - also on the show hosted by Bud Collyer. Poor bud. Then we have a UK Distraction clip with pooping pigeons - except they are supposed to be pooping on the contestants - who have their mouths wide open thanks to dentist tools. Ewww.

We get another overanxious contestant on TPIR who is waiting to leave her husband for Bob. We also get contestants falling on the set of Password Plus, as Allen Ludden explains that the female contestant fell 'in his hole'. We also get a firefighter rescuing a woman stuck on the toilet, using KY Jelly and tongue depressors to get her off. We also get a Distraction skit where the contestant's money is burning in a toaster, and the contestant is fanning the flames - which actually makes the money burn quicker.

Of course, we've gone five minutes without any Family Feud clips, so let's have some of those. A slang word for money... Monet. (C-Note: Beats some of the answers I've heard). Something you wash once a week... Yourself. Something that comes in 7's... fingers.

Time to play the in-studio Feud! Today's contestant is Kendall Swenson, an assistant to a musical attorney. After saying that the can't sue Yanni for sucking, we get to see her questions. The prize this week is... 7 Ounces of Wheat Nuts! Mmm, mmm, good...

Question #1 - Name a famous Willie. Answer - Willie Mays (32), Contestant's answer - Willie the Pooh. Apparently, the contestant didn't get enough of the pooping animals earlier.

Question #2 - Name a job that helicopters are used for. Kendall's answer - Traffic Reporting (4). Contestant's Answer - Tuna Fishing.

Question #3 - Name something a woman wouldn't be caught dead leaving the house without. Kendall - Purse (31). Contestant's Answer - Tampon.

Question #4 - Name an invention that has replaced stairs. Kendall's Answer - Escalator (17), Contestant's Answer - The Wheel.

Question #5 - Name a part of the body that gets bigger as adults get older. Kendall - Ears (6). That totals 90 and she doesn't get any Wheat Nuts. Contestant's Answer - Penis! No Wheat Nuts for Kendall, but apparently, the contestant was thinking about nuts, so to speak...

Wardrobe Malfunction #4 - In a classic Tattletales spot, Gary Burghoff is asked if he would pose naked. He is in the booth with the camera off. When the camera comes back on, Gary has no shirt, and his stunned wife - as well as the other female contestant - come out to take a peek.

The Name's The Same - the name is "A. Maid", and when the panel asks if a man can get pleasure form it, the audience applauds in laughter. "When you press one of these things in the dark, does it light up?... Would you say that they are pleasant to sit on?... I pass before I get arrested."

We get a pratfall on The UK version of Blind Date, while a contestant thinks that an animal with good sight is a bat. Match Game - Charles Nelson Reilly gets into it with a cameraman, which prompts host Gene Rayburn to come down and manually move the camera.

Distraction - (UK) A girl says that her boyfriend used to pay her for sex. Too. Much. Information.

Family Feud/Fortunes (UK) - Name a way of toasting someone. Answer - Over a fire. Les Dennis says that if the answer is up there, he'll pay her himself, but sure enough, 12 people said it. The host is out 12. Let's swing over to the U.S. version - Something twins might share while growing up. Answer - A mother's breast. Name a character from Alice in Wonderland. Answer - The Tin Man.

We get a "Your Face or Mine" where we find out that the guy in a straight relationship likes to kiss men and enjoys drinking pee. He then kisses the host Jimmy Carr. Jimmy's response? "I don't want to be unpleasant, but that tasted like piss."

Wardrobe Malfunction #3 - In Family Feud (Combs) Tawnni Cable hits the buzzer... with her boob. Ray - "I need an answer...probably 2."

We get a silly montage of Bert Convy being French-kissed, while Allen Ludden chats about 'doing it' on Password and a Playboy Bunny claiming that it took her all night to lose her virginity. Gene Rayburn has to do his duties and kiss a 70 year old woman - on the lips - and she seems a bit too eager to do it.

Family Feud - Name a specific food with an edible skin. Answer - Banana. Something your neighbor has that you wish you had. Answer - A beautiful wife. Well someone had a bad divorce, eh?

Name something that has a hole in the middle, and the contestant says something so unintelligible that Ray Combs has to hit her in the head. Name something that you jump on and ride. Answer - Your partner.

The Price is Right - we have a contestant with very shaky knees - shaky to the point that Bob has to comment about it. We get more Child's Play clips and then...

...oh look, more Feud. Name a bad habit do you have that you most like to lose. Answer - 'Picking My Nose'. Name a place where you would keep a pen. Answer - Zoo.

Password Plus - we have people asking in the form of the question, which gets an admonishment from Allen Ludden - who then asks if the answer to the puzzle is Jeopardy. We get a contestant who slips down the stairs in "Atinale al Precio" (the Mexican TPIR) and Bert Convy mistakenly calling the guys on the stage ladies.

Family Feud - Name a reason why you would be on your knees. Answer - To be beheaded.

Distraction - We get a clip on people answering questions while attaching rubber bands on your face. That leads us to Lisa and Shawn, who will be doing a Beat The Clock stunt which had nothing to do with rubber bands, but has plenty to do with them trying to get out of a coat in 45 seconds. They successfully do so, and they win as a reward... Philips Milk of Magnesia! Shawn gives it to Lisa, who says that she needs it. What a nice guy that Shawn is...

Wardrobe Malfunction #2 - A woman on the Price is Right comes down - and busts her bra, leaving her breasts flapping in the wind.

Match Game - The police commissioner says, I think Batman and Robin are... Contestant - Queer. Family Feud (UK) Host - Name something that is bad for you. Contestant - Sex. Host - You're doing it all wrong. Contestant - No I'm not, I have 4 kids.

We get another Distraction round where the buzzers are attached to mouse traps, then we get Family Feud - Name something people take with them to the bath besides a soap and a towel. Contestant - Duck. Richard, of course, has a field day with the answer... until it shows up with 11 people saying it. Richard - "I get to retire after the show." Richard is more able to make fun of this answer - Name something strangers talk about. Answer - their mutual friends.

Match Game 98 - Susan said being married to a drill sergeant has it's drawbacks. After we make love, he expects me to _____. Contestant - Do Push Ups. George Hamilton - Stand at Attention... which gets him smacked a little. Rondell Sheridan's answer - 'Clean his Weapon', which gets him smacked by all of the women and gets a whoop from the Dawg Pound.

Wardrobe Malfunction #1...Super Password??!?!. Well, Rip Taylor does go nuts and rips off his hairpiece (while Bert Convy attaches it to his chest), which is funny, but Yolanda's boobs popping out of her dress in The Price is Right should have been number one.

There's no time for that discussion though - this episode is over. Join us in seven days as we get to debate on another Top 5.

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