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The best moments in game show history come out of the woodwork as they are coupled with audience members playing the same games for prizes. Talk about bananas!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Ben Stein
Announcer: Randy West
Todd A. Barton
Packager: FremantleMedia North America for Vh1
Airs: Saturdays at 10p ET on GSN

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Episode 1 - May 21

Game show moments do very very well.


They are SO well, that VH1 has given us a game show on the best of those moments. Your host, which should be very familiar to you, is Ben Stein (from Win Ben Stein's Money, of course).

We start with Stein, who talks about how his most favorite job was being a game show host. He talks about how much fun it is to be a contestant, where even if they lose, they get some sort of consolation prize. Other people are... well, they are fun to make fun of, as we see in the following clips...

Card Sharks - 80 year old Maury calls Madonna a he.

Family Fortunes (The British version of Family Feud) - Why do people stand up quickly? Answer - To go to church.

Whammy! - What sort of vehicles are used in the Tour de France? Alan - SUV's

Family Feud - Name a vegetable you marinate. Mark - Grapes

Distraction (UK Version) - Kuldeep admits to having sex in front of 50 people. Oooh la laaaaa.

Next up - a highlight on the late Bert Convy, as we get a montage of him giving out the clues on Super Password by actually SAYING the words. That's a great clue, Bert - but not legal. Ben - 'The Password is...Blunder'

Next up - The Top 5 Host Screw Ups of all time, by Chuck Woolery. #5... Match Game '90, when Ross Shafer tumbles down his flight of stairs. I thought Jim Peck's tumble on The Big Showdown was more impressive, but that doesn't make the Top 5. I guess we don't have the copyrights to that one.

(C-Note: The show is from FremantleMedia, so this show will only cover G-T, Fremantle, and Grundy shows. Too bad, as there are a lot of fun stuff out there. but this can still be fun).

With that, we go to more blunders...

Family Fortunes - The host can't understand a contestant when he says 'Bake' (and it sounded like Bick). An Americanized Feud clip shows someone hitting the buzzer - before the question is asked.

Then we get to a pair of classic clips - 1. the classic Match Game clip where Gene Rayburn talks to a woman who doesn't remember her husband's name - and then has to apologize to her husband of 5 years. Next classic clip - Patricia Bernard, on whom when hearing her name on The Price is Right, immediately runs to the bathroom, while Bob Barker does the play-by-play.

Back to Distraction UK, where we see a montage of people hitting a buzzer - surrounded by cacti. To make things worse, the contestants are then blindfolded and the cacti are rotated. Ouch!

Scrabble is next. Can you spell Mosquito? These contestants can't as they screw it up 4 times. Masquito? Misquito? Musquito? Mosquites? This could be the reason why the spelling part of the show was eliminated.

Family Fortunes (UK) - Name something made of wool. Answer - Sheep

Puzzlers - What letter fills in this word _art? _all? _able? _arzan. The answer, of course, is T, but I'm sure you were thinking something else.

Family Feud - Name a time most people wake up? Answer - In the morning. Name a time most people go to bed? Answer - At night. We get an extension of the game, where college student David Selsby can win a prize. If he can get 100 points on 5 Family Feud questions, he wins.... Capsazin Foot Cream! Well, it's good to see that the budget for most Fremantle shows easily passes into specials about Fremantle shows.

Question 1 - Name a part of the body that everyone only has one of. David - Brain - 31 points. Blooper contestant - Big Toe.

Question 2 - Name a game played in the dark. David - Hide and Seek - 7 points. Blooper contestant - Charades. (Sort of hard to do in the dark)

Question 3 - Name a vocalist with only one name. David - Bono - 28 points. Blooper contestant - Michael Jackson. Wha? Even the emcee laughed at the contestant

Question 4 - Name a noise that your partner might make in the dark. David - Cough - 31 points. Blooper contestant - Fart.

Question 5 - Name something a dentist says. David - Open up wide - 6 points. Blooper contestant - Just a small prick. The dentists office is on 42nd street?

David's Total? 103 points! He wins the Capsazin!

Game Show Host Screw Up #4. On Blockbusters, Leland answers the question with 'Ear'. Bill? That's wrong. The right answer is ear.' This does get fixed, but it's pretty funny.

We're not done giving away prizes. We will give away Meghan some Citrucel is she can match Ben on Full of _____. Meghan says 'Crap'. Do you really think you are going to match conservative Ben Stein with Crap? No, as Ben says 'Hot Air'.

We see a Price is Right montage with overexcited contestants who bang the podium and shake Ruby Jean comes up on stage, and Bob asks Ruby Jean to tell her why she can play and the other people in Contestants Row don't. Ruby quickly realizes her error and scurries back down the stage.

Blind Date - How can you change her? Answer - Plastic Surgery.

Family Feud - Something done slowly during the weekend, but rushed during the week. Answer - Making love, of course. Then we get, during the Fast Money round, the question of 'Something to which you often lose your key', which Richard has to explain to both teen celebrities.

Distraction (UK) - A drinking competition where you get to drink your own urine. Yum.

Super Password - Richard Moll gets 'Hairy' and 'Palm' as clues. 'Is it dates.. or lack of dates?' Ouch.

Family Feud - Name something you should do in moderation or you'll be sorry later. Answer - Sex (Duh).

Match Game - The agent said to King Kong, boy do I have a deal for you. You're going to be the 8th dwarf in Snow White and the 8 Dwarfs, and you're going to be named ______. Scoey Mitchell's (who is around as Pro-Black as you can get without being anti-White) response? Whitey.

To Tell The Truth - A child African explorer says his name is Peter Ogubobby Pilangian. Child #2 - 'My name's the same as his.'

Your Face or Mine (UK) - A person is making his judgment based on ...breast size. Well, at least he's doing what we are traditionally thinking.

Scrabble - Chuck Woolery wants to 'recrap' the scores. We segue-way to Woolery discussing the Top Host Bloopers #3 - Art James doing a live commercial for Peter Pan Peanut butter, as he sticks a knife through the jar. Oops.

After a Bob Barker calling out a contestant who is acting too much, someone who matches John F. Kennedy to a penny and calls it a 'Pennedy' and a Blankety Blank (you know, that's what they call Match Game in the UK) quip that features 'Sausage' written as 'Saugage', we get a Family Feud montage that forces Richard Dawson to stop asking questions. 'What Month do we first get to see a woman pregnant?' 'September'. 'Name a Yellow Fruit' 'Orange'. And of course, the clip of an excitable woman squeezing Richard Dawson's... assets.

Match Game - 'I just married the school teach and on our honeymoon she gave me a _____' David Bosley - 'Oral Exam'

To Tell The Truth - You operate a multi-spindle machine. What do you make?' Answer - '$2.68 an hour.'

Family Feud (Ray Combs) - 'Name something that women borrow from each other.' Contestant - 'Their husbands' Only 20 years ahead of his time.

Distraction UK - We get to see people hit buzzers - placed in mousetraps.

Family Feud - 'Name part of a telephone' Answer - 'The bottom part'

Match Game - 'Did you hear that Ronald McDonald has a picture in Playgirl Magazine? That got a great shot of his ______.' Contestant - Quarter Pounder. Bert - Big Mac.

We get a montage of kids in Child's Play that cuss (which is too long to recap here). After that, we get more contestants to play a game! This one is beat the clock, where one person is blowing up a balloon and another person has to pop it using a pin, which is embedded in a piece of cork. TO make it more fun, the person holding the cork is blindfolded and the team only has 45 seconds to get this done. The prize? A package of Little Debbie Honeybuns! Ooooooh. The couple attempts this stunt as we here the theme of the 2000's Beat the Clock in the background. Nice touch. They complete the stunt in time and the couple decides to share the honeybuns. AwwwwBarf.

Contestant screw up #2 - Chuck Woolery himself, as he asks a obviously Jewish contestant what he got for Christmas. He then asks what he got for Hanukkah. Contestant - 'It hasn't happened yet'.

Blockbusters (UK) - What O is the generic word that includes any living material. Right answer - ' Organism'. Contestant's Answer - 'Orgasm'.

Family Feud (Dawson) - This family is nuts. The first person is asked to name an animal with 3 letters, and we get 'Frog'. We need a brand of gas and we get 'Regular'. We need something that comes with a summer storm and we get 'Snow'. His family teammate comes out and we still need an animal with 3 letters. Richard - 'You can not and you do not want to duplicate any of his answers.' Well, he doesn't duplicate it as we get the animal answer of 'Alligator'.

Family Fortunes (UK) - Name an occasion or a place where you will be noticed if you came late. Answer - 'Funeral' Ouch.

To Tell The Truth - The panel is given a dish of beef stroganoff, which they dig in and eat. We get an 'Uh Oh' from Bill Cullen when they find out that the beef is coming from dog food. Gene Rayburn responds by almost decking everyone with the stroganoff.

After we get an outed contestant in Distraction (UK) and someone who wants nipple piercings (Whammy!), we get this classic clip from the pilot of Match Game '90 (with Bert Convy hosting). The question - 'At the Cannibal Halloween Party, they don't bob for apples, they bob for _____.' Marsha Warfield's Answer? 'Boobs'. We get down to Gloria Loring, who fights with Bert Convy to not show her answer. Bert wins the fight, and the answer is... 'Balls'. The audience goes nuts, and Brad Garrett clips that they will be having a party at his place that night. Heh.

Screw-up #1 - The classic Match Game segment where Gene, instead of saying she has nice dimples, says that she has nice nipples! That gets riotous applause - and that also ends the show as we fade out.

My take? Very entertaining. It would be better to have more shows that aren't Fremantle, and it would be fun to have reality shows, like American Idol bloopers, but we could have those later on. Either way, this was a lot of fun.

Do you mean we have a series of these shows? Yes we do. Join us in 7 days to see the next episode of it.

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