Fast Cars and Superstars:
The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race
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Today is

Race 4 - June 14

Today on Fast Cars - we see the end of the first round of the tournament (and probably also the last game of the NBA season, but that's a different story altogether). We have 3 more racers, and one of them will have to go. Who?

Gabrielle Reece - Volleyball Player. Supermodel. Laird Hamilton's Wife. Nepotism much?
Bill Cowher - Led the Steelers to the Superbowl Championship
William Shatner - James T. Kirk. T.J. Hooker. Denny Crane on Boston Legal. Played the bonus game using only himself and threw furniture around on the Pyramid.

Young Gun: Ryan Newman - 2002 Rookie of the Year.

In practice, Gabrielle barely missed the wall - and then spun out. She realizes that she can't make that same mistake when she's actually competing. Will she? She wont - but because she's going too slow for it to happen. She only goes 131 MPH for the first lap. She goes better at 134 MPH in the second lap and 137.58 MPH on the last lap, but it was way under the 147 she was averaging during practice, and the 2:00.58 time is not very good.

If Reece was scared, Cowher should be terrified, because he actually did hit the wall during practice. After being called 'Crash Cowher', Bill is looking to redeem himself. Bill does so with a 140 MPH in the first lap, and while the second lap isn't as fast (139.79 MPH), he's still blowing Reece out. He goes back over 140 (142.3 MPH) for the final lap, and a 1:55.11 score is good enough to move him into the next round.

We are used to showing Shatner the money. Can he show us the mileage? If he does, Reece is a goner, but Shatner has also had problems - but of a different nature. Shatner has been yelled at for going too fast, and while William wants to get as much distance as he can, if he gets too far under the white line, he will veer off the track and be disqualified. but now, he's going too slow - 134.73 and 134.26 for the first 2 laps. He's gotta go faster, but he has to stay on top of the white line. His final time - 1:59.56. That's good enough to beat Reece, but did he veer off of the course too many times? The answer is...YES he did, and Shatner is disqualified. Shatner even admits that he didn't even see the lines. Does Shatner even have a driver's license? No matter - Reece and Cowher advance to the next round.

Thats it for the first round of play. Join us in a few days to see who makes it to the finals.


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