Fast Cars and Superstars:
The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race
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Today is

Race 3 - June 12

Welcome to Episode 3 of Young Guns, as we see the next three celebrity contestants. Will we finally get a woman or a minority into the semi-finals. This match-up guarantees that one of those two things will happen...

John Cena - Not a minority of a women, but he is a WWE Belt Holder.

Jewel - There's the woman. She is a famous singer and current squeeze of Ty Murray

John Salley - There's the minority - and reality series Media Ho, as he has appeared on the stinker All-American Girl and other disasters.

Young Gun: Carl Edwards - Another NEXTEL and race winner.

We start with John Salley. Salley, who's being teased by both Cena and Jewel for his lack of speed in the practice round, promises to bring it in the competitive round. Said round...not so much, as his puny 133 MPH average and his weak 2:05 is worse than even Serena William's time.

Jewel, who's line of work isn't really dangerous or has had a speeding ticket, claims to be competitive. You would think that she would get that from Ty Murray, but a 144.85 MPH first lap is sort of questionable. Her second lap is also 144.85 MPH. She does the best in the third lap, with a 145.08. and that gives her a 1:51.78 finish. It will almost certainly not beat Cena, but she is guaranteed to advance to the next round because she defeated Salley, who should start looking in the Classifieds now for his next celebrity television gig.

Next week - John Cena, Jewel and John Salley. Join us in 7 days to see who joins Serena Williams and Krista Allen in the junk heap. His practice time is 147 MPH, and unless Mr. McMahon spiked his engine, Cena will advance easily. However, he may not beat Jewel, because his first two laps are 144.6 MPH and 144.6 MPH - trailing Jewel. The final lap - 144.89 MPH, which is a total time of 152.52. That does not beat Jewel, who becomes the first person to win a preliminary heat. That is good enough, however, to give John Salley his walking papers.

Next show - Ryan Newman tells Gabrielle Reese, Bill Cowher and William Shatner how to drive and one of them will be telling Ryan Newman off. Join us to find out who.


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