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The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race
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Today is

Race 2 - June 10

Welcome to Episode 2 of Young Guns - and welcome to the second qualifier. Who's qualifying this week?

Tony Hawk - 6 time X-Games Gold Medal Winner. Can he pick up a med...uh...what are they awarding here?

Ty Murray - He's got the Rodeo Blood in him. 9 World Championships worth of Rodeos. Trust me on this one Ty, you do NOT want to be knocked off or out of a bucking car.

Krista Allen - She's an actress - and she had the best female practice time. Is she in the wrong bracket or can she be the first female to advance?

Young Gun: Jimmy Johnson - Defending Nextel Series Champion.

Driving Instructor Corey Lacosta gives them the rules of driving as all three of them practice. Tony, apparently wasn't listening that well, because he starts his practice by stalling out his car. Nice move, Tony. he did get the car going and he wants to push his car. Tony's first lap - 151.43! He is already faster than anyone in Round 1, and he doesn't slow down in Round 2 with a 151.64 MPH speed. Hawk's wife Lhoste looks on as Hawk finishes with a 146.92, 151.43 MPH and shatters anything we've seen in the first episode.

The crowd cheers on Hawk - will they do the same to Ty Murray? He'll give them a reason to - his WARM UP lap was 146 MPH. He has a first lap time of 150.46 MPH. His second lap is 151.63 and it's a nice score, but it won't catch Hawk. Despite a 151.46 MPH speed in the last lap, he'll just miss Hawk with a 147.03 time. That's still a great time and Krista Allen has got her work cut out for her. Watching Ty is his girlfriend...Jewel, who will be racing in the other side of the bracket later on this season. Wouldn't that be interesting to see them both in the 6 person finals? Hmmm...

Of course, Allen could wreck that right now if she can beat 147.03. Krista's son, Jake comes out to hug her, and Tony thinks that she could be a shark - especially because she beat both of them in the practice run. her first lap though is 147.4 - great if she was in any other round, but it's not nearly good enough here. She picks it up with a 149.63, but it's still considerably behind both Hawk and Murray. Allen needs to average around 152 MPH to make it up - but she loses control of her car and she won't be able to make it up. With a speed of 149.24 MPH, her final time is 148.94, only 2 seconds away from Hawk. She defeated John Elway and Laird Hamilton outright, but she's not in a bracket with Hamilton and Elway. She's stuck against Murray and Hawk instead, and that time puts her in third place and eliminates her.

Next week - John Cena, Jewel and John Salley. Join us in 7 days to see who joins Serena Williams and Krista Allen in the junk heap.


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