Fast Cars and Superstars:
The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race
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Catch it: 8p ET ABC Tuesdays

Today is

Race 1 - June 7

Who is the fastest celebrity? Six Gilette Young Guns will help 12 celebrities at the Lowe's racetrack when we watch Fast Cars and Superstars!

Gee, Product Placement much?

Kenny Mayne (ESPN News Anchor and former game show host) and Brad Daugherty (ESPN Auto Racing Analyst) are the hosts. Here are your week 1 celebrities:

Serena Williams - Tennis player and multiple title winner.
John Elway - Superbowl MVP and Two Time Superbowl Champion.
Laird Hamilton - Surfer. I have no clue what awards he's won

This week's Young Gun: Kurt Busch, 2004 Nextel Series Champion

The event itself is divided into 3 categories - Time Trials, Accuracy Competition and the Finals. This week, we get the first round of the competition, which is the Time Trials.

Time Trials - Each celebrity will get 3 laps around the track. The person with the slowest time will not get to see any more episodes in this series.

All of the celebrities get a free ride with Busch. Serena gets her ride to try to learn something, and instead she spends all 3 laps closing her eyes and screaming. This does not bode too well. Her fastest time so far? 70 MPH. That REALLY does not bode well.

The commentators are thinking that she has to go around 140 MPH and come under 2 minutes in the three laps. At the end of Lap 1, she's at 123 MPH. She's better at the end of Lap 2 - 129 MPH - but at 2:05 and 136 MPH to finish, that's not looking very good. I haven't seen what anyone else has done, but that can't possibly be a good time.

Next up - John Elway, who finishes lap #1 at...146.02 MPH?!? Wow. He has to be careful not to come too close to Busch, but another 146 MPH showing is looking great and he shows no signs of doing anything illegal. He's not showing any signs of slowing down either - he finishes the last lap at 149 MPH and 1:50.23. Based on Elway's time, Williams better hope that Laird Hamilton somehow finds either an oil slick or a surfboard shop somewhere on the racetrack.

Laird Hamilton, who finished behind Elway during practice, says that he has something to prove. The first lap - 148 MPH, which was better than Elway's first lap. He does even better on Lap 2, which is a whopping 149 MPH. Serena better be packing those bags, because I don't see how he comes anywhere near 2 minutes. He doesn't - a 148 MPH third lap gives him a final time of 1:48.98, which beats Elway by a little over a second. When Laird finds out that he beat Elway, he gives a little laugh. This is no laughing matter for Serena, who is eliminated.

Join us in a few days to see who joins her.


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