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Online amateurs take on the best of the best for up to $1 million. It's time to Face the Ace!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Steve Schirripa
Co-Hosts Oliver "Ali" Nejad
Megan Abrigo
Announcer Matt Vasgersian
Creators Mori Eskandani
Bob Wolf
Joe Medeiros
EP Mori Eskandani
Eric Drache
Pierre Moossa
Packager Poker PROductions for NBC Sports
Origins Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV
Airs 9p Sat, NBC
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episode 6
December 12

Las Vegas brings the heat. We bring the dough. And yet, no one has brought their game big enough to win anything more than $40,000. Will that change today.

Our first qualifier today is THAN THANGAVEL, a graduate of law school from Beverly Hills, CA. He runs an investment advisory by day. By night, he's a playboy jet-set man-about-town. But how will he do against our Aces?

Than chooses the Ace of Clubs for being at the club. He's a former WPT Player of the Year. The Ace of Clubs is... E-Dog, Erick Lindgren!

$40,000 Round: Erick Lindgren

As always, we start with $20,000 a pop, and blinds are at $200 and $400.

Erick has Q-J to Than's 7-6. Flop: 3-5-5. Erick bets $1000 more... Than with a gust-shot draw... calls it. Turn: Qd. That's a pair for Erick. River: 4c. Gin for the qualifier. Erick bets $2000. Than raises $10,000. Erick smells 7-6.... and lays it down. First pot goes to the qualifier.

Erick has 4-2d. Than raises on A-9 and takes down another pot. Then he calls on 9-7 to Erick's J-7. Flop: 3-2-5. Both players flop top pair, but Erick has top kicker. Than raises... and Erick goes all-in. Than has three outs, all 9s. Than lets it go. Good lay-down.

After three, Than leads. He ends up folding the next hand. Erick does the same hand after. So nothing really changes there. Than calls with 10-6s to Erick's K-3. Flop: 3-Q-10. Check. Turn: 9d. Check. River: 5h. Than wins with a pair of 10s.

Erick makes it $800 to 7-5h. Than calls with A-3. Flop: 4-A-9. Erick bets... and Than calls. Turn: 6d. Flush draw for Than. River: 9h. Than wins another pot, playing passively.

Blinds raised to $400/$800. Than starts with a big hand, A-K. He raises to $2500. Erick folds. Next hand, Erick raises on K-5. Than calls with K-10. Flop: J-A-6. Than gives up his hand.

Still a slight advantage to the qualifier. That may change if Erick continues his aggressive play. Erick plays 6-5d next to Than's A-10. He goes all-in there. Erick folds, and Than picks up his money. Than picks up jacks. Erick makes it $2000 on A-Kh. Than chips it all-in. Erick calls. Flop: A-3-A. Turn: 10d. Than needs one of two jacks to win $40,000. The river card... 3s. Erick doubles up on Aces full of 3s. Than's left with some $5000.

And Ali raises the stakes again, $600/$1200. Erick's all-in with Q-6. Than has 9-6h... mucked. Than next plays all-in with J-3. Erick calls with 10-9. In comes the crowd... Flop: 6-9-K. Turn: 10d. Than needs a queen to stay alive. River... 7s, and Erick eliminates Than.

Next up in the qualifier seat, BRIAN TWITTY, a real estate appraiser by day, a bassist by night from Cypress, CA. He'd love to play against Phil Ivey. Cocky much? Well, he has to beat the best in order to win some money for his upcoming baby.

Brian chooses the Ace of Hearts... One of the best mixed games players in the circuits. The Ace of Hearts is... Jennifer Harman! No, this is not a repeat from last month, folks.

$40,000 ROUND: Jennifer Harman

So far, the bassist for the Twitty Committee raises on A-K. Jennifer folds, and the qualifier picks up the first pot of the match. Jennifer then makes it $1700 on K-4. Brian calls on A-K again. Flop: 6-5-3. Checks. Turn: 10c. Jenn bets on the straight draw and Brian folds.

Brian picks up 4-2c and raises. Jen calls on Q-3c. Flop: 3-9-4. Middle pair for Brian, as he bets $2600. Jen calls. Turn: 2h. Big bet on Brian's end. Jen folds and Brian picks up the pot.

Q-9 for Jen, K-8s for Brian. Flop: J-10-2, flush draw for Brian. Jen bets $4500 on a straight draw. Brian just calls the $4500. Turn: 4s for the nut flush. River: Ah. Brian moves all-in and picks up a nice pot.

Brian picks up K-4, limping in. Jenn checks with 7-5s. Flop: 4-4-10. Trip 4s for the qualifier. Turn: Jd. River: 6s. Brian's all-in again, and he picks up even more of Harman's money.

K-J on Jenn's hand. Brian's all-in with A-9. Jenn has to go. She calls it. Flop: 8-3-7. Turn: 7c. A king or jack will keep the pro alive. River... Ks. Jennifer Harman doubles up. Ouch.

Brian goes all-in again with A-Q. Jennifer calls with A-3. "Susie Q, I love you." Flop: 8-Q-5. Brian's sitting pretty. Turn: 3c. Never easy. One more 3, and it's over... River... 5d, and Brian doubles up.

Next, Brian folds 5-2. Then Jen goes all-in with Q-8d. Brian calls with K-J. He needs Kojak. "Who loves you, baby!" Flop: 10-10-10! Turn: J. Brian has 10s full, but he needs to dodge a queen or a 9d. River... Ad. Brian wins $40,000 with a full house!

The question now... does he want to risk that for $160,000 more OR does he want to take the $40,000 and go home? Brian Twitty is going to... GO HOME! Hey, he's got money for a good cause, you know.

We're back on January 2 to wrap the run.

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