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August 1


Online amateurs take on the best of the best for up to $1 million. It's time to Face the Ace!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Steve Schirripa
Co-Hosts Oliver "Ali" Nejad
Megan Abrigo
Announcer Matt Vasgersian
Creators Mori Eskandani
Bob Wolf
Joe Medeiros
EP Mori Eskandani
Eric Drache
Pierre Moossa
Packager Poker PROductions for NBC Sports
Origins Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV
Airs 9p Sat, NBC
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episode 2
August 8

Last time on the felt, Don Topel took out two poker stars for $200,000. Now he's going to face a third for his shot at a million, but if he loses, he loses everything.

Don decides to pick the Ace of Clubs... He wants it to be Jennifer Harman. Well, it isn't. He's the WPT season 4 player of the year.... GAVIN SMITH.

Round 3: Gavin Smith.

Both players are starting out with 500K in chips, with 2K and 4K blind. Don starts with A-J, betting $15K. Gavin has Q-2d. He folds it, giving the first shot to Don.

Gavin picks up K-8. Don checks with J-10. Flop: 5-Q-K, top pair for Gavin, open-ender for Don. Gavin calls. Turn: 7s. Eight outs. River: 6c. Not one of them. Gavin bets $21,000. Don folds and Gavin takes the lead.

Don has A-5, raising. Gavin has 7-6 and calls. Flop: K-4-Q. Don bets $25K. Gavin folds and Don retakes the lead.

Blinds raised to 3K and 6K. Don has K-7. Gavin, A-5. Flop: 3-4-4, two diamonds. Turn: 9d. Both players pick up a flush draw. River: 10c. Gavin shows Ace-high and takes the pot.

Gavin limps on K-5, while Don has 8-4. Flop: A-2-5. Don calls on a gut-shot. Turn: 4d. River: Jd. Gavin stings him for another pot.

Then Steve orders pizza and like the gentleman he is, offers a slice. Don has Q-4. Gavin has 8-3. Flop: 2-10-A. Gavin folds, giving another $22K to Don.

Don is sitting on Queens to Gavin's Q-10. Flop: 10-8-K. Checks. Turn: As. River: 7s. Don bets out and wins $130,000.

Gavin picks up A-7 to Don's K-5d. Flop: 6-10-Q. Turn: 10h. Gavin bets out, and Don folds.

Don has 9-2, and folds to Gavin's Kings. Then Gavin picks up 8-K to Don's 5-4d. Flop: 6-3-6. Gavin bets $15K. Don calls. Turn: 4s. River: 3d. Don plays $35K, and Don collects $85K.

Don picks up Q-9 to Gavin's Q-10d. Flop: 5-Q-10. Gavin check-raises. Turn: 3s. Don is drawing dead here, and he knows it. Gavin gets $192K.

Blinds are up to 10K and 20K. Gavin limps with 9-4. Don checks on 5-4. Flop: K-4-A. Don bets. Turn: 3s. A 41% chance of a tie. River: 6d. Two checks, and Gavin's kicker wins him another pot.

So far, Don is losing ground, 725K to 275K. Don's got K-J to Gavin's Q-5. Flop: 6-Q-9d. Turn: 7c. Gavin bets $30K. Don needs to hit a diamond, a King or a 10. River: Js. Gavin bets and wins $250,000.

Don has seven big blinds left. He calls on K-5. Gavin has A-6 and puts Don all-in. Don pulls the trigger for all the marbles. Win and he doubles up. Lose, and it's all over. Flop: A-3-4, two clubs. Turn: 9s. Don needs a deuce and a deuce ONLY. The miracle card... 4h. And Don Topel loses the $200,000 he won earlier, while Gavin takes down $10,000 for his charity.

Next up to face the ace is a poker amateur and registered nurse from Troy, IL, MARCIA OWENS. She says she plays 60% live poker and 40% online.

Her first Ace... is the Ace of Diamonds. Her first pro... is from Denmark. He won three WPT open titles... It's the Great Dane, GUS HANSEN!

Round 1: Gus Hansen

Blinds start at 200 and 400, with each player bankrolled $20,000. Marcia's first hand goes into the muck. The second... 9-2 to Gus' 8-6. Flop: J-Q-3. Gus bets. Marcia raises and wins the pot on 9-high.

Marcia calls on Q-10h. Gus raises on A-8. Marcia insta-calls. Flop: 6-7-A, top pair for the ace. Turn: 2h. Marcia has a heart draw. River: 3d. Gus bets... Marcia folds, giving Gus $8000.

Gus draws 10s and makes it $1900 to Marcia's A-10. She raises... He calls. Flop: 3-3-10. Gus is riding on a boat, doo-dah, doo-dah... Turn: 6s. Marcia leads out drawing dead. Gus calls. River: Ah. Marcia has top two pair to Gus' 10 full. Gus raises to $10,000. She... CALLS?! WHA?! HUH?!

Marcia is down to only a few chips and an Underdog card protector. She is severely short-stacked against the Ace here. She only has $2400. Blinds go up. She limps with A-8. Gus puts her in with 5s. Marcia pulls the trigger. She's a wild woman. Flop: 3-9-7. She needs an Ace or an 8 still. Turn: As. Now can she avoid a 5? Yes! She doubles up to $4800.

Ali just raised the blinds to 600 and 1200, meaning that Marcia is down to four big blinds. She folds the next hand. Gus lands A-4 next. Marcia has Q-8 and goes all-in. She needs help. BADLY. Flop: K-6-6. She needs an 8 or a Queen. Turn: 9c. River... 6s. GAME OVER. That was rather quick.

Well, come on back to Vegas next month for more big poker and more big money. See you then!

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