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Online amateurs take on the best of the best for up to $1 million. It's time to Face the Ace!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Steve Schirripa
Co-Hosts Oliver "Ali" Nejad
Megan Abrigo
Announcer Matt Vasgersian
Creators Mori Eskandani
Bob Wolf
Joe Medeiros
EP Mori Eskandani
Eric Drache
Pierre Moossa
Packager Poker PROductions for NBC Sports
Origins Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV
Airs 9p Sat, NBC
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episode 5
November 14

One million dollars doesn't come without a fight, and so far, the Aces have made sure of that. Who'll be the first to put it all on the line against a tough foe playing heads-up? Time to Face the Ace again!

First up, a tax attorney from Seattle, here's ANDREW WEINSTEIN. He looks like Jim Cramer, but will be boo-yah all over the poker table?

His $40,000 ace first is the Ace of Clubs... a 33-year-old poker pro from Las Vegas... and was named 2008 WSOP Player of the Year. He is... E-dog, Erick Lindgren!

$40,000 ROUND: Erick "E-Dog" Lindgren

Andrew starts with 10-5 off, betting $1200. Erick calls with K-J off. Flop: 2-8-A. Andrew bets, and Erick folks. Andrew wins $3900.

Erick has K-10, and bets $1000. A-K for Andrew. He raises. Another $3900 for the tax attorney.

Andrew raises with A-6. Erick says take it. Another $1600. After the break, Andrew lead, $20,400 to $19,600. Blinds go up to $400 and $800.

Andrew steps it up with 7-3d to Erick's 5s. Andrew gives it up. We're back even.

K-2d for E-Dog for $2000. Andrew reraises for 6s. $8000 to the contestant.

Andrew picks up 6-2s and raises. Erick is all-in on A-9. False alarm for the crowd as Andrew insta-folds.

Erick has 6-4s. Andrew calls with A-5. Flop: 3-3-K. Andrew bets rainbow. Erick calls. Turn: 6d. Andrew bets some more... and Erick gives in for $8200.

Andrew has Q-6 and tosses it. Erick does the same one hand later with 7-3. For the third straight hand, the players have a lot of junk.

Then Ali comes in with $1000 and $2000 blinds. Erick hits 7-6 and throws it away. Andrew finally hits something: A-7, making it $6000. Erick's all-in with A-4. Andrew insta-calls. A 28% chance at a tie. FLOP: 8-A-10. Up to a 64% chance at a tie, but Andrew has a 7 kicker. Turn: 8c. Chop it up.

Erick's all-in with K-Qd. Andrew has A-10. Right now, the qualifier is in front, but if he loses this hand, he loses the match. FLOP: A-7-3. TURN: 2h. Andrew has $32K now.

Andrew has J-5h. Erick is all-in with 6s. FLOP: K-Q-6. Erick flops a set of 6s. TURN: 9c. Andrew needs a 10 to win $40,000.... it's a 7, and Erick doubles up to $16,000.

Andrew folds the next hand. Erick then goes all-in with Q-7. Andrew calls with A-6, the best hand. FLOP: 5-4-10, two clubs. TURN: 8c. RIVER: Jc. Andrew wins $40,000 on an ace-high flush!

Now comes the big decision... Will Andrew decide to take the money and run or play a second Ace for $200,000? Remember... If you lose, you lose everything. HE'S GOING FOR IT!

Andrew chooses the Ace of Diamonds... a long-time pro... The $200,000 Ace is... JENNIFER HARMAN!  Andrew's somewhat of a fan of hers, but now they're rivals for $200,000.

$200,000 ROUND: Jennifer Harman

We start with $100,000 a pop, blinds are at $500/$1000.

Jen has 5-2 to Andrew's A-4s. Flop: 8-Q-5. Jen bets $4000. Andrew raises .. and Jennifer folds it. He gets $28,000.

Jen raises on 10-8 to Andrew's Q-9. Flop: J-Q-5. Jen bets. Andrew calls it. Turn: 3s. Jen bets again. Andrew calls again. River: 9h... That hurt. Andrew has two pair, but Jennifer hits a straight. She wins $64,000.

Andrew tosses J-3 next hand. Jennifer picks up pocket kinds. Andrew raises on A-7. Jennifer reraises over Andrew's reraise. Andrew calls. Flop: 10-6-Q. Andrew folds it, and Jennifer takes the pot. Currently she holds a $151K to $49K lead, with Ali raising the bar to $1000 and $2000 a hand.

Andrew plays 9-8 to Jen's A-2. Flop: 7-3-6. Two way straight draw for the qualifier. She folds, and $15,000 goes to Andrew.

Andrew raises on A-9. Jennifer raises with A-Kh. Andrew goes all-in. Jennifer calls. Andrew needs to get lucky. FLOP: 5-2-Q. TURN: 6h. Andrew needs a non-heart 9. RIVER... 8h. GAME OVER. Jennifer wins with a heart flush.

Next qualifier is a futures trader from Bethesda, MD... ADAM DRESCHER. He has been playing for 6 months. Will that be enough to take down the first Ace?

Adam picks his first Ace, the Ace of Diamonds for his two kids. From Las Vegas, the 2009 National Heads-Up Poker Champion... the Ace of Diamonds is... HUCK SEED!

$40,000 ROUND: Huck Seed

Each player gets $20,000. Winner gets $40,000. Qualifier gets the button.

Adam folds the first hand. $1200 on 10-3s for Huck. Adam throws that one again. Adam... not willing to mix it up. He finally hits a hand and goes all-in with 10-9 against Kings for Huck. That's the bad news. FLOP: 3-7-2. TURN: 9s. He's got five outs, a 9 or 10 on the end. RIVER... 3. Huck wins on kings up.

Face the Ace returns December 12. We'll see you then.

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