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Online amateurs take on the best of the best for up to $1 million. It's time to Face the Ace!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Steve Schirripa
Co-Hosts Oliver "Ali" Nejad
Megan Abrigo
Announcer Matt Vasgersian
Creators Mori Eskandani
Bob Wolf
Joe Medeiros
EP Mori Eskandani
Eric Drache
Pierre Moossa
Packager Poker PROductions for NBC Sports
Origins Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV
Airs 9p Sat, NBC
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episode 3
September 12

Last time on Face the Ace, Don Topel put his $200,000 at risk against Gavin Smith... and lost everything. Meanwhile nurse Marcia Owens played a round against Gus Hansen and lost.

Now it's a new day and a new challenger. First up is a stock trader from Philadelphia who has a degree in economics. His name... is ADAM EHRLICH. When he wins the million, he's going to do something for his girlfriend. His first pick... and no, Megan's not an option. Shame on you. The Ace of Diamonds. Behind that door is a winner of the National Heads Up Poker Championship and of five bracelets overall.... CHRIS "JESUS" FERGUSON! He's playing for New Root International, fighting poverty in Kenya.

Round 1: Chris Ferguson

Both are starting with $20,000 in chips. Blinds are at $200/$400.

Ehrlich raises on Q-10 and gets $1800 back.

Ferguson has K-6 to Ehrlich's 5s. He reraises $2500 more. Ferguson throws it down, and the qualifier takes $4500.

Third hand up, Q-8 for Adam, 9-4 for Chris. Chris folds, and Adam aggressively plays for $1200.

Chris raises for K-Q against Adam's A-9. He calls. We see a flop: Q-4-10. Chris has top pair. Bet and a call. Turn: Ac. Chris now leads with aces. Check. River: 2c. Both bet $3300, and Adam wins $15,600.

Chris is going all-in on Q-8. Adam calls with A-K. The flop: 2-6-Q. Chris has top pair. Turn: 9c. No help. Chris will double up if he can dodge a King or Ace. River... 5d. Chris doubles up to $12,800! Match continues.

Adam has K-4 to Chris' J-5. Raise and a call. Flop: K-5-A, and Adam outflops Chris for middle pair to bottom pair. Adam forces Chris all-in again...  Turn: 5s. Chris now has trip 5s. Adam needs a king or else Chris will double up again for $22,600.... The river... 2c. Chris Ferguson doubles up again to $22,600.

New blind level: 1000 and 2000.

Chris puts Adam all-in with Q-5. Adam has A-7. He's trying to read him up. And he can't. $19,400 goes to Chris.

Next, Adam calls his girlfriend Karen to help reverse his fortune. Adam's 9-3 isn't a good reversal. Chris collects blinds to 5-4.

Chris leads by about $10,000. He has K-5, putting Adam all-in. Adam has A-7 again. And he's all-in. For $30,800. Flop: K-A-4. Both pair big, but Adam pairs bigger. Turn: 6d. No help. Adam could double with anything but a King or a 5. River: 7c. Adam doubles up to $30,800!

Chris has 9-5h, moving all-in. Adam... has K-2. He calls! Flop: 9-3-8. Chris has the early lead with top pair. Turn: Kh. Adam out-turns him. All he needs now is to avoid a 9 or a 5. River.... Ah. Kings beat nines, and Adam Ehrlich wins $40,000.

But the question now is... will he keep it or risk it for another $160,000?

He's going for two!

His second ace is the Ace of Clubs... He's known as the host of Celebrity Poker Showdown. He's a best-selling author... He's PHIL GORDON!

Round 2: Phil Gordon

Each player gets $100,000 in chips and the blinds are at 500/1000.

Adam starts with 7-6. He raises to $2500. Phil has 6-5. He folds, and Adam wins the first pot.

Phil raises Q-J. Adam has K-7h... raises again. Phil calls. $12,000 in the pot. Flop: 4-5-A. No help to either. Adam bets $7500. Phil... raises to $17,500. Adam folds the better hand and Phil wins $37,000.

Blinds raised to 1000/2000. Next, Adam plays Kings. Phil plays K-10. Adam raises. Phil folds and Adam takes another $45,000. He has a lead of about $10,000 now.

Phil has 8-5. He raises. Adam calls with 4-3s. Flop: K-4-5, and Phil has 5s. Adam raises to $17,000. Phil reraises to $37,000. Adam goes all-in... and Phil folds. Adam now has $132,500 in front of him.

Blinds are up to 2000/4000. Phil, the owner of two llamas, has A-5h against Q-8 for the qualifier. Flop: A-2-9. Turn: 5d. Phil bets $8000. Adam reraises to $23,500 drawing dead. Phil raises to $48,500. And Adam folds to give Phil the chip lead.

Adam plays 3s, raising to $12,000. Phil has J-8d. Flop: 7-2-4. Adam still leads. Both bet and call $12,000. Turn: 8c. Phil spikes the pair on the turn. He checks. Phil goes all-in. Adam... folds, leaving him with only $48,000.

Blinds going up to 3000/6000. Adam folds 6-4 to Phil's K-6. Phil has $54,000 coming back.

Adam goes all-in with A-10. Phil has K-7. Flop: 5-Q-2. No help. Turn: 4h. No help. Adam needs to avoid a king or a 7. for $84,000.... River... 10d. Adam doubles up.

Just a reminder... Face the Ace returns October 31. Will Adam make it that far?

Blinds are frozen at 5000 and 10,000. Gordon goes with J-9. Adam calls with A-5. He's all-in.

Flop: 7-9-Q. Phil has middle pair.

Turn: 10d. And Adam needs that ace to double up. Otherwise, it's all over.

River.... 5s. It's over, and Adam Ehrlich goes home with NOTHING.

Remember... one new qualifier and four new aces October 31.

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