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Three chefs are taken out of the comforts of their kitchens and forced to work under extreme pressure to win $10,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Tim Puntillo
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Ice House
July 21

Another three chefs will be thrown out of the kitchen and into the fire for a shot at $10,000.

Today's unfortunate threesome are...

LJ Klink
Decatur, IL
Edie Robertson
Santa Barbara, CA
Luca Rutigliano
Rome, Italy

Today, it's getting cold in herre as the chefs are blindfolded and sent to an ice factory.

EXPRESS CHALLENGE: 25-Minute Cold Appetizer

Create an appetizer using red snapper, lobster, or salmon. The best dish will earn its chef a pivotal advantage in the Extreme Challenge. And just as a warning... the forecast calls... for hail.

LJ picks up the salmon. Edie goes for the snapper. That leaves Luca with the lobster.

The chefs are given one curved skinning knife.

LJ is going for an amuse-bouche rather than using his electric burner. Edie is working with a height disadvantage being five-foot-nothing. Luca... he's working with lobster, which handled on the best day, is like buttered rope.

And while we're not in an Extreme Challenge with an X-Factor... We do have some hail falling. It pretty much ruins everything. Now to regroup. And... TIME.

Today's judge for this challenge... food critic & author of "Eat My Globe" Simon Majumdar ("The Next Iron Chef").

- LUCA: Bacon, Lobster & Tomato Salad
- EDIE: Thai Snapper Ceviche
- KLINK: Seared Salmon with Balsamic Reduction

WINNER.... CHEF EDIE. Her advantage... in a moment.


The chefs are going to create an arctic entree inside a freezing cold factory. To get to your pantry, you'll have to slide along a giant block of ice. The first one there will have their choice of protein: buffalo tenderloin, elk strip steak, or rabbit. You'll be cooking on microburners. You have one hour to complete your dish. The worst dish will be eliminated.

Back to Edie's advantage. She will get ... a down vest. You will need it.

Just so you know... the temperature... 25 degrees. Klink gets the elk, Luca the buffalo, and Edie the rabbit. Klink is cooking an elk loin au poivre, covered in peppercorns. Luca is making a seared chili-dusted buffalo. Edie tries rabbit lollipops.

Joining Simon on the sidelines... cookbook author and Food Network star Marcela Valladolid ("Mexican Made Easy").

And things are about to get really cold, because it's time for...

X-FACTOR #1: Grab a block of ice, drill into it, and create a glass for a frozen drink to be served to our judges.

Luca has obviously never worked a block of ice before. He shatters both on his first go.

The temperature has lowered to a bone-chilling 18 degrees.

Edie is working on a berry-papaya smoothie, Luca a berry jalapeno smoothie. Klink... a watermelon berry smoothie. They still have to focus on their entrees.

More cold coming...

X-FACTOR #2: The chefs must make a completely-frozen edible garnish using LNO. Just one drop can cause serious burns.

Luca tries frozen olive-oil beads. Edie will make a frozen mousse quenelle. Klink goes for a frozen egg yolk. Which he knocks over with a bottle of rum. and he has ONE egg left. So it's over to a frozen Hollandaise instead. Klink is also making a beautiful sauce to go with his elk... that he also knocks over. He's like a bull in a china shops. He's got enough to plate, but will it be enough to survive?

Two minutes left, and it's down to 17. Edie looks like she may not finish. And neither does Klink...

And... TIME!

- KLINK: Elk Strip Loin Au Poivre with Frozen Hollandaise and a watermelon berry smoothie
- EDIE: Poached Rabbit Skewers with a Frozen Tomato Quenelle and a berry papaya smoothie
- LUCA: Seared Buffalo with Polenta & Figs with Olive Oil Pop Rocks and a berry jalapeno smoothie

Luca had a very busy plate. His drink was far superior from the other two. Edie's presentation was lacking, but the rabbit was expertly prepared. The smoothie was lacking a wake-up factor... not seeds, though. Klink's dish was classical, but the elk was dry.

ELIMINATED... EDIE. She's disappointed that she's not moving on...

FINAL SHOWDOWN: One Bite... at 12 Degrees

This will be the biggest dish you'll ever make... and also the smallest. One spoonful... $10,000. The four ingredients - blood oranges, ginger, broccoli, and rack of lamb - are housed inside blocks of ice. You must incorporate all of the ingredients into your one bite.

You are 20 minutes from $10,000.... GO!

Klink is the first to start cooking.

- KLINK: Braised Lamb with Blood Orange Glace
- LUCA: Paprika Crusted Lamb with Broccoli Couscous

Klink's flavors all came together, but he was heavy-handed with the salt. Simon's mouth is on fire with the spice. The meat was perfectly cooked, though.

And the winner of $10,000... and the title of Extreme Chef today... LJ KLINK! This is going to help his five-year-old. And he loved every second of it.

Next time, another three chefs and another three rounds... and maybe we'll crack a coconut with a few heads.

To see extras from this episode, visit the show page at foodnetwork.com/extremechef.