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Three chefs are taken out of the comforts of their kitchens and forced to work under extreme pressure to win $10,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Marsh Mokhtari
Creator Craig Plestis
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Packager Smart Dog Media & Mannahatta Productions for Food Network
Origins Various locations in SoCal
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Airs 10p ET Thurs, Food

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Rock the Block
June 30

So you want to be a four-star chef somewhere. You're given top of the line equipment, the best ingredients, and state of the art cutlery to create masterpieces in haute cuisine.

This show... has none of that. This is Extreme Chef, a show for those of us who think Iron Chef is for sissies.

Our three cheftestants will be given whatever we can throw at them, and they'll have to create a three-course dinner with an elimination after each round. The players will have to face not only the pressure of the clock, but ever-changing environments in order to create their dishes. And in the end, it will all come down to one silver spoon and one bite to see who will pocket $10,000.

Today's unfortunate threesome are...

Leather Storrs
Portland, OR
executive chef, Noble Rot
Kristi Richey
Beverly Hills, CA
executive chef, Greenleaf Chopshop
Sydney Hunter
Los Angeles
executive chef, Bastide

EXPRESS CHALLENGE: 30-Minute Canned Food Meal

Our three chefs meet in the most extreme urban landscape.... Suburban America. For this challenge, they'll be making something that's in almost every suburban household... a chef's worst nightmare... CANNED FOOD. They'll have to use whatever means of transport they can find to truck a load of unmarked canned food back to their stations, where they will have half an hour to cook something up using only plastic spoons and knives. The winner according to the judge will have a pivotal advantage going into the next round.

Leather's first back with cherries, soup, some meat of some kind. Sydney has sardines, more fish, hominy, French onion soup. Kristi has veggie soup, hominy, and... something else.

Today's judge for this challenge... food critic & author of "Eat My Globe" Simon Majumdar ("The Next Iron Chef").

- LEATHER: Southwestern Chipotle Ham
- KRISTI: Spicy Hominy Stew with Marinated Sardines
- SYDNEY: French-Marinated Sardine Cassoulet with Raspberries

WINNER.... CHEF KRISTI. Her advantage: she will get to choose one of three grills that you'd find in a backyard AND assign her competitors theirs. The choices...

- The deluxe propane grill with sideburners
- The kettle charcoal grill
- What Marsh calls "a hibachi that's seen better days."

Kristi picks the propane, Sydney, the charcoal, and Leather the hibachi. Arigato.


Time to cook for a block party. But you have to source your ingredients and utensils from the homes around the neighborhood. You will have 90 minutes to come with a dish.

Kristi finds a ground pork and butter. Leather gets greens and beef short ribs. Sydney gets some salmon, bell peppers, and that he has a thing against ransacking. Kristi is working on a pork burger with quinoa. Sydney goes with salmon with pickled vegetables. Leather... might make leather.

Joining Simon on the sidelines is author & TV food personality Candice Kumai ("Pretty Delicious").

Now this wouldn't be "Extreme Chef" without some wrinkle thrown in... In-game, they are called...

X-FACTOR #1: You must cook a hot appetizer - a flank steak, a shrimp, or a pork sausage - on an ENGINE BLOCK.

Leather gets a flank steak... with yogurt. Sydney adds garlic to shrimp. Kristi is left with pork sausage, using a hobo meal, marrying potatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, and the sausage.

Oh, the weatherman has a message for you....

X-FACTOR #2: The forecast is calling for HEAVY RAIN.

You will get some umbrellas if you want one. And we have an injury on the field. Sydney and Kristi get theirs, while Leather... doesn't need a stinking umbrella. Portland native!

Okay, that's enough rain. A weather update... Leather is making short ribs on a hibachi and yogurt-marinated flank-steak on his car. Kristi is working on pork burgers on quinoa hash with panko to sop up the water from the rainstorm. She also has a pork sausage hobo meal on her car which is still raw. Sydney has grilled salmon on a grill the wrong way down and shrimp marinated under the hood.

Running out of time... and Kristi will NOT serve her hobo meal. It's raw. Up against it, and remember, if it's not on the plate, it will not be judged.

- KRISTI: Pork Burger on Quinoa Hash Brown (no hot appetizer)
- LEATHER: Yogurt Marinated Flank Steak Salad and Grilled Short Ribs on Crunchy Salad
- SYDNEY: Shrimp & Tomato Basil Salad and Grilled Salmon & Pickled Vegetables

Leather's beef was raw, while Sydney's salmon vegetable dish had a little bit of protein in it... his hair. And Kristi... had no appetizer.

ELIMINATED... SYDNEY. And while he's good to the rest of the contestants, he swears that hair wasn't his. Well it sure as heck wasn't Simon's. He's bald and sexy.


This will be the biggest dish you'll ever make... and also the smallest. One spoonful... $10,000. And your ingredients are what you would find in a child's sack lunch: a ham sandwich, raisins, carrots, string cheese, and beef jerky. Your only tools are whatever's inside a personal grooming kits: cuticle scissors, nail files, and tweezers among them.

You are 25 minutes from $10,000.... GO!

- LEATHER: North African-Fired Sweet N' Sour Chutney
- KRISTI: Grilled Ham & Cheese Salad with a Beef Jerky Vinaigrette

And a surprise gust of wind sends some hotel pans AND a few strings of cheese off of our chefs' tables.

Leather brought in some smart North African flavors, but the spices was overpowering. Kristi produced a safe bite of food but stayed true to herself.

And the winner of $10,000... and the title of Extreme Chef today... LEATHER STORRS! To win this is to win a little something for his family.

Next time, another three chefs and another three rounds... and maybe we'll cook a corned beef hash sandwich using a band saw.

To see extras from this episode in its entirety, visit the show page at foodnetwork.com/extremechef.