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Three chefs are taken out of the comforts of their kitchens and forced to work under extreme pressure to win $10,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Marsh Mokhtari
Creator Craig Plestis
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Packager Smart Dog Media & Mannahatta Productions for Food Network
Origins Various locations in SoCal
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Airs 10p ET Thurs, Food

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Beach Blowout
July 14

Another three chefs will be thrown out of the kitchen and into the fire for a shot at $10,000.

Today's unfortunate threesome are...

Raja Shortell
Maui, HI
executive chef, Feast on the Beach
Francis Dimitrius
Beverly Hills, CA
executive chef, Villa Blanca
Meg Hall
Hermosa Beach, CA
executive chef/owner, Made by Meg

It all starts... with a 30-second ransack of a ship for ingredients and supplies. That is all they will have as they are abandoned on a nearby beach.

EXPRESS CHALLENGE: 30-Minute Raw Seafood Dish

We've already mentioned that you're going to be cooking on the beach with whatever you've managed to take off the boat. You'll also be given your choice of three maritime proteins: shrimp, scallops, and ahi tuna. Raja has the shrimp, Francis the scallops, and Meg the tuna. The winner of this challenge will have an extreme advantage in the next challenge. And you have only 30 minutes to a) get overboard, b) get on shore, and c) cook.

Did we mention that the water is 48 degrees? And shark infested? And awaiting them on the other side are only minimal utensils and a hunting knife? AND THERE'S NO FIRE?

Today's judge for this challenge... food critic & author of "Eat My Globe" Simon Majumdar ("The Next Iron Chef").

- RAJA: Shrimp Poisson Cru
- FRANCIS: Scallop Kiwi Sashimi
- MEG: Ahi Tuna Poke with Asian Guacamole

WINNER.... CHEF RAJA. His advantage... his prep station will already be ready for him... For the others... They will have to build THEIR OWN STATIONS FROM SCRATCH.

EXTREME CHALLENGE: Island Castaway Meal

Once we're done with the building, you will have to run down the beach and break open crates to discover your ingredients and cooking utensils, including three traditional island proteins: wild boar, turtle, and mussels & clams. You will have 90 minutes to plate a castaway lunch for two judges.

The guys are fighting for ingredients while Meg is keeping cool. Raja finds the mussels & clams and heads back. Francis wants the turtle... Meg is looking for pots and pans first.. then the boar ribs. And while Raja is working on his dish, the other two chefs are starting to build. Oh, and one more thing. Your only heat source is an open fire pit.

Joining Simon on the sidelines will be owner/chef of the Foundry on Melrose, Eric Greenspan ("The Next Iron Chef").

The chefs will only be given a 12-inch curved butchers knife.

Meg is the last chef to the beach, but she is the first chef to start cooking on her makeshift table. Raja realizes that he put his shellfish on the heat too soon. Meanwhile, Marsh has an X up his sleeve...

X-FACTOR #1: Run down the beach, grab four coconuts, break'em open, and incorporate the meat and the juice into your dish.

A lot of wild cards in play. Meg's meat is cold, so she's going to reheat them. Francis is plating his stew in the coconut, Korean hot pot style. The broth of Raja's dish is coming up nicely.

Nothing's too nice for this, though... Got some good news and some bad news...

X-FACTOR #2: The good news is, you're going to have serveware. The bad news... you're going to have to dig for it. It's an old fashioned treasure hunt!

Francis is the first to find his serveware. That'll work. It's important to have your plates, because you have to plate if you want to win. The other two chefs find their plates.

Three minutes left, and Raja's starting to show off. That might be his downfall, because he's yet to start plating. Remember, if it's not on the plate, it will not be judged.

And... TIME! And Raja forgot to plate his coconut mango!

- MEG: Crunchy Grilled Boar Ribs with Woody Mushrooms & Grilled Asparagus.
- RAJA: Tropical Mussel & Clam Cioppino.
- FRANCIS: Turtle Hot Pot

Meg's ribs were pretty much ruined, but her vegetables were delicious. Raja had some flaws with his cockiness. Francis had a spot-on dish with a major flaw... the turtle was tough.

ELIMINATED... MEG. Raja didn't plate his coconut meat, but Meg's inedible boar chop was a fatal flaw.


This will be the biggest dish you'll ever make... and also the smallest. One spoonful... $10,000. Break into the safe and retrieve your four ingredients. They must be incorporated into your one bite. You will have a very limited pantry and a very limited coal pot.

You are 20 minutes from $10,000.... GO!

The four ingredients... squid, dragon fruit, red jalapenos, and vanilla bean.

- FRANCIS: Stuffed Squid Tempura
- RAJA: "It Takes Two To Tentacle" - Fried Tentacle Salad on Dragon Fruit

Francis' batter is crunchy, but the soy is overpowering. And the squid is a little rubbery. Raja's bite is fresh, the tentacles are perfectly cooked. The watery fruit and bok choy washed away the salinity. It's going to be a tough one to decide today. Simon liked Raja... Eric likes Francis...

And the winner of $10,000... and the title of Extreme Chef today... FRANCIS DIMITRIUS! Raja had this, and then he lost it. Francis didn't think he had it... and now he does.

Next time, another three chefs and another three rounds... and maybe we'll crack a coconut with a few heads.

To see extras from this episode, visit the show page at foodnetwork.com/extremechef.