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June 30


Three chefs are taken out of the comforts of their kitchens and forced to work under extreme pressure to win $10,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Creator Craig Plestis
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Tim Puntillo
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Mountain Chefs
July 7

Another three chefs will be thrown out of the kitchen and into the fire for a shot at $10,000.

Today's unfortunate threesome are...

Jean Paul Labadie
Las Vegas
executive chef, Marche Bacchus
Christine Avanti
Malibu, CA
executive chef, Passages
Jerome Brown
Rocky Mount, NC
private chef, Cooking with Rome

And to answer your question... Yes. THAT Passages.

EXPRESS CHALLENGE: 30-Minute Striped Bass Dish

Welcome to the great outdoors. For the first challenge, you'll be cooking fish. Fresh fish. As in, caught, trapped, and waiting for you to SWIM out to get them. You will be limited to what you can carry with your hands. The winner of this challenge will have an advantage in the next challenge.

We start with... a near-drowning, as Jerome is caught in weeds. Let this be a lesson, swim light. Anyway, because of the assistance given him, he will have to incur a five-minute penalty from when the last swimmer/canoer returns. Small price to pay for your life.

The chefs are given citrus, garlic, and several aromatics. And the blueprint music from the earlier "Minute to Win It" starts playing.

Jerome's PT expires, and he's given his fish and cooler to start cooking... in 14 minutes. And then he makes the cardinal mistake... mistaking sugar for salt.

Today's judge for this challenge... four-star chef and "Chopped" grand champion Madison Cowan.

- JEAN PAUL: Citrus & Shiitake Striped Bass
- CHRISTINE: Mediterr-Asian Striped Bass
- JEROME: Sautéed Bass with Citrus Reduction

WINNER.... CHEF JEAN PAUL. His advantage: he will get to choose one of three proteins AND assign his competitors theirs. The choices...

- Rack of venison
- Duck breast
- Baby back ribs

Jean Paul gives himself the duck, Christine the ribs, and Rome the venison.


You'll be cooking for 12 hungry hikers AND two judges. Everything they need is in their hands AND in the pantry. The challenge itself will take place a mile and a half up a mountain trail. They are only allowed one backpack's worth of items, so pack wisely. You have two hours to hike and cook.

Jean Paul is the first to head up the trail. Christine is the second... and Jerome is the last, but he passes Christine on the trail. Army strong.

Jean Paul is the first to his station, with Jerome not far behind. Jean Paul's making a seared duck with couscous. Jerome will have a potseared venison over Asian slaw. Christine will have a baby back ribs number. The chefs will only have access to one Bowie knife.

Jerome's the first to plate.... but here comes the first X-factor...

X-FACTOR: You must cook a dessert... using dehydrated ingredients found atop trees back on the mountain trail.

Jean Paul got the easiest bag, Jerome the middle bag, and Christine the highest. Jean Paul has a carrot cake with vanilla pudding. Jerome has a chocolate candy apple with berry compote. Christine is foregoing the dessert to concentrate on her not-cooking ribs.

The hikers are en route with one minute remaining. Jerome is the only one with dessert ready. And... DONE! Remember, if it's not on the plate, it will not be judged.

Joining Madison on the sidelines.. Lesley Suter, food critic/editor for LA Magazine.

- JEAN PAUL: Seared Duck Breast with Couscous (no dessert)
- CHRISTINE: Baby Back Ribs with Sweet Potatoes (no dessert)
- JEROME: Pot-Seared Venison with Asian Cabbage Slaw and Chocolate Dipped Apple with Fruit Compote

Jean Paul's duck was overcooked. Christine's ribs are massively undercooked. Jerome makes up for his earlier blunder with a perfect dish.

ELIMINATED... CHRISTINE. She felt she did justice to women chefs everywhere, but the fact remains... her food didn't cut it.


This will be the biggest dish you'll ever make... and also the smallest. One spoonful... $10,000. And your ingredients are in the crate ahead, and all four must be used. And the only cutting implement... a Swiss Army knife. The pantry is stocked with all the ingredients that were not taken in the last challenge.

You are 25 minutes from $10,000.... GO!

The four ingredients... ramps, blackberries, lily bulbs... and wild boar.

- JEROME: Wild Boar Stew
- JEAN PAUL: Wild Boar Ramp Wrap

Jean Paul has one big bite. It's refreshing with a subtle hint of garlic, but there was a lack of flavor. Madison says that he took a massive step backward. As for Jerome... a lot of blackberries and olive oil.

And the winner of $10,000... and the title of Extreme Chef today... JEAN PAUL LABADIE! He didn't want to come back to Vegas a loser. And he isn't.

Next time, another three chefs and another three rounds... and maybe we'll prep an eel we're going to have to swim for and catch with our bare hands.

To see extras from this episode, visit the show page at foodnetwork.com/extremechef.