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Ballroom dancing gets a fierce forum as 12 of the medium's best meet up with 12 celebrities... and YOU'RE the ultimate judge!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Hosts Tom Bergeron & Brooke Burke
Judges Len Goodman
Carrie Ann Inaba
Bruno Tonioli
Announcer Alan Dedicoat
Creator Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
EP Conrad Green
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/dancing
Airs 8p ET Mon & 9p ET Tues, ABC
@Dancing with the Stars

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Week 8: Magic Flamenco Piano
May 7

Things come in threes: the line in basketball, the wise men in the bible and the trio challenge on DWTS. For you, you may wonder, what is that challenge? We'll find out as the night progresses, but for now, we play the first half.

Starting things off, Donald & Peta doing a tango to "Higher Ground" by the Red Hot Chili, er, Stevie Wonder. They got up from the front row to dance and by the end, she pushed her to the floor and held her by her foot, now we get a hold of the judges. Carrie Ann says he's in the zone, Len said it was a first round knockout and Bruno said it had plenty of drama. Let's traumatize the scoreboard!

LEN: 9
Round 1 score: 27

Next is Maria & Derek doing a Viennese waltz to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. Fog & Candles were on the floor most of the time and both did arm work and Maria ended it with a nice twirl. Now we twirl over with the judges. Carrie Ann said it heard angels sing when she danced, Len said it threw cold water on gushing and Bruno said of was heavenly fluidity. Flowing out the scores:

LEN: 8
Round 1 score: 28

We have Melissa & Maks doing a foxtrot to "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. Melissa put the fgeather boa on bandleader Harold Wheeler and prompted Maks to drop the books and glasses and get to dancing...and it did. Let's drop by the judges. Carrie Ann said it was the best dance ever for her, Len said there was one or 2 incidents and Bruno said the cougar got her prize. Let's see what numbers she's got....

LEN: 8
Round 1 Score: 24

Next is Katherine & Mark doing a Viennese waltz. Mark asked Katherine to come out of a window and started to dance. Nearing the end, she did a floor sweep. Now let's clean up with the judges. Carrie Ann said she lost her balance, Len said it had plenty of content and Bruno said it was a tale of upstairs/downstrairs. Next floor: The Scoreboard:

LEN: 9
Round 1 Score: 26

Up ahead, Roshon & Chelsie doing a foxtrot to "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee. Roshon ask her for chocolates while Chelsie read the newspaper and after all this dancing, we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said it made the grannys proud, Len said it was like 2 dancing munchkins and Bruno said he's teh sweetest of sweethearts. Let's make it even more sweeter....

LEN: 9
Round 1 Score: 29

And to end teh half, William & Cheryl foxtrot to "Stray Cat STrut" by of course, the stray cats. Let's all pretend we're in Paris. With the dance over with, we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said meow X 3, Len said it was flair in the technique and Bruno said it was a heartbreaker. Let's breakaway to the scoreboard....

LEN: 10
ROUnd 1 Score: 30

So far, WIlliam & Cheryl is perfect through round 1. But the second half gets interesting, it's the Latin round, but....we've added another dance pro in the mix to make things more....interesting. Here it is.

Donald & Peta will join....Karina Smirnoff for a jive to "Rip it UP" by Little Richard. Donald picked a song out of a jukebox and took off his jacket while the girls went through him, he leapfrogged over the girls. Now let's jump into the judges. Carrie Ann said she loved her 3-way, Len said it was fun X 3 and Bruno said it handles it beautifully. Let's handle the scoreboard...

CARRIE ANN: 10 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 Round 2 Score: 28
Overall Score: 55

Maria & Derek pick.....Henry from the dance troupe to do a Bollywood Samba. One person was split into 3 and both guys jumped into teh floor. Maria did a double go through move. We go through to the judges. Carrie Ann said there were a few little slip-ups, Len said there was no connection with the samba and Bruno said it was incredible. Now we turn our attention to the scoreboard...

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 7 BRUNO: 9 Round 2 Score: 25
Overall Score: 53

Mel & Maks, meet....Maks' brother Val for a samba to "Hard To Handle" by The Black Crowes. Both guys did a machine-like move for her, but she pushed the guys to make room for her. With Maks alone, Val rejoined, but Maks quickly backed out for a few seconds. Now we back away to the judges. Carrie Ann said it gave a holla for a sandwich, Len said it was her best dance and Bruno said it was either Melissa or Rita Hayworth. Choose wisely on the numbers....

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 Round 2 Score: 27
Overall Score: 51

Katherine & Mark get.....Tristan McManus to do a cha-cha to "She's A Lady" by Tom Jones. They're all dressed in MIB outfits and Katherine is the one who reveals the dress behind an outfit, and even killed guys out with one power push. Wow. On to the judges. Carrie Ann said it brought on the fire, Len said it was clean & clear and Bruno said it caught a thief. Let's catch the scoreboard....

CARRIE ANN: 10 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 10 Round 2 Score: 29
Overall Score: 55

Roshon & Chelsie have for them....Sahsa Farber doing a paso doble. Roshon did knee drags and Sasha joined in later. Both men did knee slides and Chelsie knocked Sasha out of here to get to Roshon by the end. What night is this? ? A trio challenge or a roller derby? Maybe the judges will explain. Carrie Ann said it was conflicted, Len said it was like 2 skinny fries and Bruno said it had strength & Artistry. Test your might on this....

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 Round 2 Score: 27 Overall Score: 56

And lastly, William & Cheryl will be getting....Tony Dovolani to do a paso doble. Guys played with capes and Cheryl came in. After a few knee slides by the guys, Tony got gesteure kicked by William to get her. Ouch. On with the judges. Carrie Ann said it was insanely fun to watch, Len salutes them for that routine and Bruno said it couldn't ask for more with performance value. Let's ask for a score check. Shalleth we?

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 ROund 2 Score: 27
Overall Score: 57

There you have it. William is the top man on the pole with everyone else scoring in the 50's. This proves 3 people can dance, but tomorrow, only 2 couples, yes, 2 couples will be gone. You'll see why in 24. Goodbye.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/dancing.