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Ballroom dancing gets a fierce forum as 12 of the medium's best meet up with 12 celebrities... and YOU'RE the ultimate judge!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Hosts Tom Bergeron & Brooke Burke
Judges Len Goodman
Carrie Ann Inaba
Bruno Tonioli
Announcer Alan Dedicoat
Creator Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
EP Conrad Green
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/dancing
Airs 8p ET Mon & 9p ET Tues, ABC
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Week 6: Instagrams from Detroit
April 23

This week, we go back to a time when groups of soul music all made their mark on a record label titled "Motown.". It's Motown Week on the program. These 8 survivors will dance to the company's hits for your pleasure. Let's get to it.

First, Gladys & Tristan doing "My Girl" by the Temptations. With the Temps on stage, they did well. Let's have a score check.

CARRIE ANN: 7 LEN: 7 BRUNO: 7 Round 1 Score: 21

Next is Maria & Derek doing"Jimmy Mack" by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Martha Reeves was in the ballroom and Both danced around the steps and followed it with a hop, but near the end, Maria did a floor sweep. Score check time!

CARRIE ANN: 8 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 Round 1 Score: 26

Roshon & CHelsie will now do "Crusin"" by SMokey Robinson. Smokey comes in and by the end, Chelsie did a slow split. Let's split to the scoreboard....

CARRIE ANN: 7 LEN: 8 BRUNO: 8 Round 1 Score: 23

Next was Katherine & Mark doing "I Can't get next to you" by Al Green, er, The Tempations. The temps returned again and it was a party. Let's collect the empties and count teh numbers.

CARRIE ANN: 10 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 10 Round 1 Score: 29

The temps do it once again, this time with "The Way You Do The Things You Do" danced by Donald & Peta. They did an interesting move and they even danced in front of the judges table. Near the end, Peta did a foot drag and we drag race to the scoreboard.

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 Round 1 Score: 27

Melissa & Maks dance to "Ooh Baby Baby" by Linda Ronstandt, er, Smokey RObinson. Here he is once again and one highlight you might find is Melissa with a floor sweep. Let's mop up the scoreboard.

CARRIE ANN: 8 LEN: 8 BRUNO: 8 Round 1 Score: 27

Jaleel & Kym dance now to "Ain't too Proud to Beg" by TLC,er, The Temptations. The group comes in once more and after Kym did twirls, she did a kick in the groin gesture. At least it was cartoon-ish. Now the scoreboard....

CARRIE ANN: 10 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 10 Round 1 Score: 29

Last up, William & Cheryl doing "Being With You" by Smokey Robinson. He comes in once more and Cheryl did twirls like a baton and more later on. We spin out to the scoreboard....

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 8 BRUNO: 10 Round 1 Score: 27

That's the end of teh first half. Katherine & Jaleel are tied with 29, DOnald and William have 27, Maria with 26, Melissa with 24, Roshon with 23 and Gladys with 21. But things are about to change. It's time for a motown Marathon. What that does is this. When the judges call out a couple, you get points. Last place gets 3, next to last gets 4 and so on until 1st get a big fat 10 points. Looks like the gun is fired. You know what happens at the start line....RUN!

The song is "Nowhere to Run" by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and Gladys & Tristan ran away with 3 points. The spotlight have turned on so that they cannot cross another one's spotlight like the aggro crag with another player's path. Not only did Gladys get 24 for that effort, but Maria got the boot with 4 giving her 30. Everybody else is still in it.....and Roshon is next to stractch. Add 5 to get 28. And it looks like....Melissa & maks are next. 6 points will give you 30, tied with Maria. The spotlights are gone and they have the whole floor to themselves. 7 goes to.....Donald & Peta giving them 34. 3 are lefrt....4 times 2 is 8 and that goes to.......Jaleel & Kym giving them 37. 2 remain and the 9 points go to.................................Willaim & Cheryl giving them 38 which means Katherine & Mark with 10 gvining them a nearly perfect score of 39.

What a night it was. Would you expect The Mary Jane Girls, DeBarge, Thelma Houston and Switch to come out next year? I'd doubt it, but one couple is expired. The results show will have it in time tomorrow. See you in 24.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/dancing.