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Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

8p ET Mondays

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Two dancing judges... Two dancing crews... Only one winner.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Drew Lachey
Coaches: Carrie-Ann Inaba & Bruno Tonioli

Arlene Phillips & Bruno Tonioli (based upon "DanceX")
John Hesling
Packager: BBC Worldwide Americas

Airs: Mondays at 8p ET on ABC


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The Outcome to Overcome the Opposition

For 3 weeks, 2 judges of "Dancing With The Stars" drafted a bunch of teenagers and young adults, and recruited on their own terms. Now we're at the halfway point. The war continues on to see who won the first battle, and who lost a soldier.

On the chalkboard is R&B and the music of Motown. All 12 are dong "Land of 1000 dances" by Wilson Pickett, and dressed in their 50's garb. At the end of the spectrum, a recording deal with Hollywood Records. Let's go!

The first half starts with Team Bruno. Bruno chats with Lacey who got let down, but on stage, she let her spirits up doing "Think" by Aretha Franklin. The girls were in a Supremes get-up while the guys backed up as dancers. Bruno could be proud of them, but Carrie Ann called the mic stand a prop and some of which is out of balance. Mic stand as a prop? Objection!

Team Carrie Ann is up next and the mob of girls gather around Chris despite the audio failure. Carrie Ann decided to get together and play some football. Obviously, nobody got hurt. They'll now do "Papa Was a rolling stone" by The Temptations. Dressed as gangsters, 2 girls had their hats on the mic stands and the rest did a dance break. 1 guy even did a beatbox. So cool! And at the end, all of them drop their hats, but Bruno dropped in her 2 cents saying the synchronization is not desired. Look that S word up on Google.

The 2nd half is underway. Bruno wants to work with Charity for improvement. Let's see how she and her team does to "Caught Up" by Usher. Tony was off at the start, but the rest joined in. At the break they danced with canes and getting near the end, the guys did a break dance. Vruno called it slick & tight, and Carrie Ann said it was a little pitchy during the dancing.

Team carrie Ann will be the last up. She wants to have a sit down with 3 of her teammates for help. Will that come in handy? We'll see as they do "Upside Down" by Diana Ross. The 3 girls were situated behind giant picture frames, and then they went out. There were even great lifts at the break. Carrie Ann said it was a little but under, but Bruno says they need to get it together. But we go together as we reach a verdict.

Last week, you guys wanted to see who came out on top, and the verdict is in. The winner is.............................................TEAM CARRIE ANN! That means Team Bruno must get rid of one guy or girl. TO do so they must pick 4 people. His first choice goes to......Lacey. Second choice.......Phillip. Next up......Tony. And the final choice.......Zack. Charity & Kelsey must do or die to survive elimination. To do that, they must sing "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston. That, unfortunately applies to the title of one survivor which is..............................Kelsey. And with that, Charity is deleted from the war. She may have lost the battle, but there's 2 weeks left. The recording deal is at stake. Will Team Carrie Ann make it 2 in a row, or will Team Bruno come from behind to tie it up? We'll see how it all goes down next Monday. When the war ends, the real game begins.