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Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

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Two dancing judges... Two dancing crews... Only one winner.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Drew Lachey
Coaches: Carrie-Ann Inaba & Bruno Tonioli

Arlene Phillips & Bruno Tonioli (based upon "DanceX")
John Hesling
Packager: BBC Worldwide Americas

Airs: Mondays at 8p ET on ABC


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Ready... Aim... Fire!
January 7

There have been many wars in the real world: North vs. South, Coke vs. Pepsi, Yankees vs. Mets, Mario vs. Sonic, but there has never been a war like this: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. Dance War. A battle in which all dancers/singers fight for glory. Each week, our 2 "Dancing With The Stars" judges wage battle, and in the end, the viewers vote to see who's on top, and have 1 dancer lose in the infantry. With that being said, let the battle for dancing supremacy begin!

To make it into the show, you have to do 2 things: Dancing & Singing. Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli are experienced in those. For that, we hit our first audition city which is New York. It's been a few weeks since "Clash of The Choirs" charged on and the coaches, and even our host Drew Lachey was ready for a fight. The auditions began in Central Park, and there were many people by the ton. They had to split into groups and did their own freestyle dancing. After that, the solo round began. How did that happen? They had to cut people to end a journey for 1 person. Monica from Long Island got things rolling with her nice voice and her nicer dance moves. Quandrell from Buffalo was hot like the Sabres (And the Bills, of course) with his dancing, but his singing is so-so. There were so many dancers so can't sing, and vice versa, but then Anthony from North Carolina did ok in singing, but his dancing took a tumble...actually, dance-wise. Samuel was next and his dancing was tore up from the floor up, but his tenor style melted hearts of women. (Chocolate Rain, anyone?) Sasha from Fort Lauderdale sang a hymn, but ran off like a sprinter. Carrie Ann tried to help, but nothing doing for her. After that fear, it was cutting time again. 1 group gave it the shaft, but another group got the golden ticket. So we leave Yankee City and head for Dodgertown. One highlight was Drew auditioning for fun. Way to go, writers on strike!

The next stop was Los Angeles and it was a weird bunch, from people in costumes to people taking off their clothes. Weird, huh? Then, Shari came from the Jordin Sparks dept. whose dancing & singing skills were subpar. Casey was next, and she can sing, but her dancing was average. Zack is up next and with his average dancing, his singing skills hit the sweet spot. Afternoon came and rain fell in Los Angeles. After a delay, Angela was up to her worst singing....and her best dancing. and with her, she, along with a few others who made the cut stay in Hollywood for the callbacks. It's time now for our last stop.

We head to Titans City, Nashville, and Carrie Ann was milking a cow, but the coaches milked in some talent in the trailer. After that, it was game on, with 3 girls from Louisiana and 1 guy with a family of 13. No, we don't want that to happen on "Family Feud." As I said, there are 3 girls who are best friends from the Bayou State. First off is Kelsey who is not good at singing, but Megan did better than her. However, Mary Alice who butchers a Bob Dylan song does not survive, but the other 2 did along with Maxx from my hometown of Bartlett, along with 1 girl from Jackson, Ms. and another one from Antioch, TN. Talk about southern hospitality.

After a lot of traveling, we head to Hollywood for the callback round. They started by doing voice lessons. Believe me, it's not easy when you're someone who nails the auditions try and make it this far. They all practiced a song entitled "Dance To The Music" and boy they gave it a shot. After that, the bell rang for dance class. Bruno whipped this group into shape. Talk about a guy whipping shipmates to row. Day 1 was done and Day 2 began with a final performance from only the coaches. Some were good, others weren't. After that, it was cutting time for the 14. Angela did good at dancing, but her singing wasn't and that was it for her. Zack wowed the judges with his dancing and he's in the final 14. Some said their goodbyes while others said hello, and with that, we say hello to the final 14, and they are:


After a quick chat with the coaches, it was time for the 14 to show what they can do. Unfortunately, because it's 8:58, the party's over. Tune in again next week as the smackdown for Dance War's best begins. When the war ends, the real game begins.