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Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

8p ET Mondays

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January 7
January 14

Two dancing judges... Two dancing crews... Only one winner.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Drew Lachey
Coaches: Carrie-Ann Inaba & Bruno Tonioli

Arlene Phillips & Bruno Tonioli (based upon "DanceX")
John Hesling
Packager: BBC Worldwide Americas

Airs: Mondays at 8p ET on ABC


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Strategizing the Opposition

A game show known as "Trivia Trap" always has a battle of juniors & seniors. Here on "Dance War," we have 2 experienced seniors and a ragtag team of juniors. Last week's show saw the makings of a cross-town rivalry and now it's all about the fans. The public will vote to see who'll prevail. The war marches on!

All of the dancers/singers get to do "Spice Up your life" by the Spice Girls to get things started. We start with a journey of the past 7 days to see the makings of 7 guys & girls each cut to 4. The coaches come out for the winning plans, and it is game time!

Team Bruno is up first. They go to an all-red dance studio. In practice, Phillip was sidelined with a voice loss. Bruno tried to help, but Mauli B., the vocal coached backed up. Now they'll perform to "A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis Presley. The girls danced in the intro, and behind the curtain, the guys came out with a leaped by one. After that, Bruno said it nailed it, and mentions Tony for the first solo.

Team Carrie Ann is next. They arrive in a sky high studio and she got to work on both genders. They'll now work on "Run It" by Chris Brown. There was an audio problem, however, and it was Chris. Not to worry, because Carrie Ann said it was paid off. In live TV, anything can and will happen. That was the first act, here comes the second.

Team Bruno is next. A vocal coach helps a girl out. But the help came thanks to "S.O.S" by Rihanna. The girls came out with Chinese fans, while the guys donned black karate garb. Sweet! Bruno said it was irresistible, but Carrie Ann said it wasn't a lot of lead coming out.

Team Carrie Ann will close it out. She asks Mariel for help from her Grandma, and she does. Now they'll perform to "Call Me" by Blondie. Guys leap to the stage by the introduction. Carrie Ann said they nailed it. Bruno said the girls took this number. Now a segment on elimination. Bruno wants to break his heart to let anyone go, Carrie Ann's dream team cannot afford to lose one member.

For the final gun, they'll close it out to "Don't Stop Me Now" by all 14 combatants. And speaking of stop, it's time to cease fire. next week, 1 has to depart and ship back home. When the war ends, the real game begins.