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Today is

Double Shot - January 20

Last time, Rocco blindsided the slicks as he cut TWO people - Ryan and Kimberlie - at the campfire after not giving their all. Now only six remain in the quest toward the ultimate rodeo.

Day 10, 8:45a. Kalia and Gina still can't believe that six people are left after the double elimination. Meanwhile Anthony and Joe believe that they are doing enough to save themselves. The rest of the crew aren't that sure.

Day 10, 11:45a. Wild steer riding. We have a roper, a mugger, and a rider. We're going to have two of these... Fastest time wins. And it's raining. We're going to ride anyway.

Gina picks Joe and Trish, while Dan picks Anthony and Kalia. Kalia is chosen as the holder... big mistake. Kalia gets her rope back, while Anthony just nholds on for dear life. Dan rides the cow for all its worth. "Danimal" set the bar.

Trish, thinking it insane, decides to ride, while Gina holds and Joe mugs. The first two parts... well, the first part is taken care of... Spoke too soon. Joe gets wrapped in the rope and as a result gets mugged himself. But he's not giving up. HE's riding the cow ... well, he's WAS riding the cow. Gina has no time. Meanwhile, with 1:06, Team Danimal wins.

Trish is taking the loss hard, as she now believes that she's the next person to leave the Flying W.

Day 11, 10:45a. Goat milking. Teams of two will get three billy goats to go into a pen, then take a nanny goat and milk it past the red line. Fastest time wins $25 and control of the messiest game on ... no, wait, that's something else entirely. Two other things...

1) There is a six minute time limit.

2) Per Judd, if you accidentally milk a billy goat, in Oklahoma, it'll get you five to ten.

First up, Anthony & Kalia. Or Anthony. Kalia just stands around acting like a jackass. Anthony wrangles all three, and Kalia has 10 seconds to milk a nanny... Doesn't happen. No time.

Danimal & Trish are next. Both put everything into getting milk out of a nanny... Doesn't happen, though.

Joe & Gina get their penned billies. And the milking? No problem! Winner winner!

Day 11, 1:30p. If you remember, Anthony's a hairstylist. Guess what? He found some shears, and offers the guys, who couldn't stop complaining about their hair, get new haircuts...

Meanwhile, Joe thinks that Gina is a lock for the rodeo.

Day 11, 4:15p. Lunge Line contest. We've added a hay bale to jump over. They'll be judged on a scale of 1 to 10. Anthony hits a wall in the lunge line. He doesn't want to do a dismount. He doesn't want to get back on the horse. Definite dockage. He gets a 4.

Trish is next. She gets everything right, except the dismount. She gets a 5.

Kalia gets on the horse... and then gets off. She gets a 0.

Joe ... perfect! He gets a 7.

Gina... also perfect! She gets an 8.

Danimal gets a nice try, a few slaps, and a 8. Tie ball game! If Gina's a lock, then so is the Danimal.

Dan thinks that Kalia is going home, while Gina thinks it's Trish. Anthony hopes he won't, but there's nothing he can do about it... Right now.

Although if you've seen the commercials, you know he's done enough. And if you haven't, sorry, I just spoiled it five lines early.

Night 11, 8:30p. Rewards/Elimination. First up... we have effort all around, but the reward goes to Dan. His form in bull riding is improving, and he's won two of the last four contests. He gets a full-body massage.

Now the bad news... Who's going home. No one's completely safe, and a few are teetering on the brink. "Kalia... Trish.... Anthony... But tonight we're not going to cut any body." Kimberlie saves these three, but they need to cowboy up and soon, because the next campfire, one person IS going home.

Something Trish hasn't stopped thinking about.


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