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Today is

A Stinky Situation - January 13

Last time, Rocco had some hard words to deliver our city slickers as he noticed some of the worst horseplay around. But it's all for good as Gina gets the reward of a day of fishing with Trish.

Day 4, 9a. Bull Riding Lesson. A huge part of the rodeo. But first, a practice run with a horse. After eight seconds, it's just follow your high elbow out. Kimberlie, after some initial fears... still doesn't want to ride her "bull". Dan senses some "bull" of his own as she finally gets up and off with no problem. She's a natural. Too bad we can't say the same about the rest of these characters. Joe, also. He's a natural as well.

Ryan gets a fresh horse to ride! It's a wee bit bigger than the rest. Ryan.. lasts all of one second.. swearing. He lasts longer on his second, but he doesn't get the hang of clasping with his feet. "He's still horrible with his form."

He's still horrible with his taunting, as Joe gets a bit tired of it.

Day 4, 3p. Horse Relay Race. At the start, four girls will mount and ride to the guys, touch their teammate. They race back. First one to touch the line, yay, winner. The teams are... Dan/Gina, Ryan/Kimberlie, Anthony/Kalia, Joe/Trish. Joe and Trish think that they're underdogs. We'll see. Time to Cowboy Up...

On your mark... getsetGO! Kalia's the first on her horse, but Gina's the first out of the gate.... Too bad she can't kick her horse for beans. She's the first to her partner... And Dan ... needs to gas it... Ryan takes the lead, while Trish finally tags Joe. Ryan's the winner... but he can't stop his horse! Rocco notes that fast riders give up safety for speed. Luckily the wranglers are there to stop him.

Trish is doing badly on horseback. "I think she might be trying to give up on me," Rocco says.

Day 4, 5:15p. Rocco herds the slicks into the stock trailer, which needs to be mucked and cleaned. This job is usually done by the person deemed the weakest link. So now, it's time for the team to play Anne Robinson and decide who is, indeed, the weakest link. Trish steps up and volunteers... but everyone plays it off.

The guys vote for Trish. Trish votes for herself... That's five. That'll do it. Start mucking. Dan wants to hope that she'll grow from this experience. Trish: "I just really want to show Rocco I can do this."

Day 5, 11a. Steer wrestling. Another event for the rodeo. Grab the horn, turn the head sideways, twist the head, all four feet are parallel with the ground, time stops. Whoever leans the technique the fastest will win over brute strength. It's all about leverage.

Kalia is first... and she gives up with little effort. Dan gives it his all.. None. Anthony.. same thing. Ryan.. lost it. Kimberlie... lost it. Joe... GOT IT! Time to beat: 13.04. Gina... get'er done... and she lets go too soon, but it's the size of the fight in the dog. "I feel like I let Rocco down. I let myself down." Now it's time for Trish. Will shoveling (^_^) prove valuable? HAMBURGER! YES! "I told you dynamite comes in small packages!" Time: 18.09. But she finished!

Winner: Joe. Runner-up: Trish.

Night 5, 7:30p. A song on the guitar. Trish meets Rocco outside in five minutes.

Night 5, 7:35p. Rocco leads Trish into a barn, where Whitey awaits. Whitey just needs to be fed, and while he's fed, Rocco tells Trish how proud of her he is.

Night 5, 9p. Rewards. No contest, Joe gets a reward. He gets a hot steamin' bubble bath. But Rocco warns that the contests are going to get harder... and so is he.



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